10 FREE Digital Marketing Online Courses

You have a bow. You have an arrow. You have a bullseye and you have a pair of two fully functioning eyes. 

You’re in the right spot and you’re ready to start letting some arrows loose. 

But where’s your target? Do you have it in sight, or are you just going to shoot your arrows and pray that they land where they’re supposed to? 

We can only hope that you don’t do the latter. First of all, imagine the chaos that would ensue. Arrows flying wherever the wind takes them, people shouting, mayhem, mayhem, mayhem. 

That’s sort of what your marketing plan would start to look like if you were to start marketing without a target audience. Who are you marketing to? What do they like, what are they into? What are the demographics at play here? What specific marketing techniques and tactics are you going to put in place to ensure your efforts land in the right laps? 

You can’t start adopting your marketing mix without marketing classes to teach you the basics. After the basics, you need to start really mastering the concepts of marketing. 

One of the best ways to go about learning the necessary skills, in real-time, is through free digital marketing courses. 

You have a lot of options when it comes to digital marketing courses. People phrase these classes in many different ways, too, which can get a bit confusing. Here are some of those aliases for free digital marketing courses (some of which aren’t really free): 

  • Online course on marketing 
  • Online marketing courses
  • Marketing courses online 
  • Digital marketing online course 
  • Online marketing classes

… And you get the gist. But let’s get into the details. 

How Do You Learn Marketing Online for Free?

The process for learning marketing online, often for free, depends on a lot of different factors. Different free digital marketing courses, which different companies offer, are going to vary. That’s something you can always count on. 

But regardless of who you turn to in order to earn a digital marketing certificate, there are several touchpoints you want to find in a digital marketing course. 

Most notably, you want a course that will help you to identify your target market. Recall the target-shooting scenario we talked about earlier. You cannot shoot without a target to land on. Thus, the importance of your target market, or target audience. 

Here are some things you want to learn how to do with your chosen free digital marketing courses… 

First, you want to figure out who your current customers are. Why are they buying from your company? What interests, goals and hobbies do all your current customers share? What other group of people would fit in with these customers, in some way or another? 

Second, analyze your competitors. Who are your competitors’ customers? Why are your competitors targeting this customer base? Most times, you don’t want to go for the same vertical as your competition. You should find your own niche, to corner an otherwise-uncornered market. 

Third, learn how to turn the features of your products or services into benefits for your audience. What does your product or service do, functionally? How are those functions irreplaceable benefits that will help your customers to achieve their goals and relieve their pain points?

Fourth, be able to understand if you are making the right decision with your marketing efforts. Know the answers to questions like… Do you have enough potential customers who meet your criteria? Does your audience need what you have to offer? Why do they need what you have to offer, if they do? What does their budget look like? How do you communicate with them?

These are only some of the many questions you should be able to answer after participating in free online marketing courses. 

10 Digital Marketing Courses Available Online for FREE10 Digital Marketing Courses Available Online for FREE

Now, we can start to talk about the best free digital marketing courses. You can find each of these online, which we will provide a link for. 

Also, where it applies and when necessary, we have the following information about these free marketing courses: 

  • How many lesson modules there are in each online marketing course, and what they may cover.
  • Length that each course takes to complete.
  • Potential pros and cons of each.
  • Who delivers the training content. 
  • Mode of delivering the training content. 
  • Who the free digital marketing courses fit best. 
  • How to get started/register for the course.
  • Any other relevant information. 

Shall we dive right in?

Google’s Digital Marketing Course

Link: Google’s Nonprofit Marketing Immersion. 

Google has always stood out, pretty much since day one. Google digital marketing is no different. With Google’s digital marketing course, you can learn marketing from the very source. 

Once students or volunteers receive training in Google Ads, they head to Google’s Nonprofit Marketing Immersion program to train you or your team. 

Through video training modules, Google offers learning material on subjects such as: 

  • Google Ads (which you might remember as “AdWords”)
  • Video networks
  • SEM
  • Mobile strategy
  • Social networks 
  • And the list goes on

Nonprofits can register for this training to match with a student or volunteer team. There is no deadline for registering, as Google offers the course all throughout the year. Then, an advisor will lead either your matched student or team of volunteers as they train you in the course material. 

CopyBlogger Marketing Email Course

Link: Internet Marketing for Smart People. 

CopyBlogger offers this one as an option when you’re on the hunt for free digital marketing courses. 

Internet Marketing for Smart People delivers lesson material on email marketing, something that many marketers who have been in their field for a while even struggle with at times. 

It takes place throughout 20 installments. To remain true to the lessons at hand, CopyBlogger actually delivers the training material via email. Meta, right? 

That mode of delivering the training makes it a little bit easier to pace yourself as you learn. It also helps you to not forget where to find the content you are supposed to be learning. Major pro, if you ask us. 

Here are some of the topics you can expect CopyBlogger to cover: 

  • SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Content marketing 
  • Copywriting
  • And more

With this course, you also get access to 16 practical and relevant e-books. 

DS106 Digital Storytelling and Social Media

DS106: Digital Storytelling and Social Media

Link: Digital Storytelling and Social Media. 

You can count on an entirely unique experience with this free digital marketing course from DS106. So unique, in fact, that it falls under the category of “social experimentation.”

DS106 calls it a “non-course course.” 

Though that may feel like a con if you are more into a structured learning approach, a pro of this one is that you can start participating at any time of the year. 

DS106’s goal is for you to understand the impact that digital storytelling has on social media, its role in the world of marketing and how you can incorporate that into your own marketing experience. 

Here are the topics of each of this class’s 12 units

  • Bootcamp (Unit 1)
  • Getting Through Bootcamp and Personal Cyber Infrastructure (Unit 2)
  • What Mean Ye Digital Storytelling? (Unit 3)
  • Listening to Audio (Unit 4)
  • Telling Stories in Photos (Unit 5)
  • It’s All by Design (Unit 6)
  • Advanced Audio and Radio Show Production (Unit 7)
  • Telling Stories Within the Web (Unit 8)
  • Reading Movies (Unit 9)
  • Making Movies (Unit 10)
  • ximeR and M@$#up (Unit 11)
  • Final Project and Wrap Up (Unit 12)

Canvas Free Online Courses

Link: You have an entire range of free digital marketing courses with Canvas. Click here to browse. 

Though Canvas is not as big of a name as Google, it can still act as a sort of search engine to look for free digital marketing courses. 

There’s a bit of a con here, though. There are not any specific marketing courses available on their site. 

Instead, you end up with a ton of courses that can benefit your marketing training. 

Some of those courses include: 

  • Copyright Clarity, which discusses copyright law and ethical licensing practices. 
  • Certificate Course in Writing for a Global Market. This goes over the impact of globalization in the marketplace, and how to keep up with it. 
  • Projecting Your Brand Through New Media. This program teaches you how to craft impactful messages via social media platforms. 

WordStream’s PPC University

Link: PPC University. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a cornerstone of marketing. Luckily, WordStream offers the tools to help you understand PPC in all its glory. 

They offer classes for both novices and experienced PPC professionals. 

To begin, all you have to do is download the coursework. 

Udemy: Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy

Link: Advanced SEO: Tactics & Strategy

Udemy acts like Canvas in that you can browse and select courses as you see fit. 

In general, Udemy offers over 10 thousand courses on a broad range of topics. As far as marketing goes, though, you have a lot of choices too. 

Udemy offers paid courses, too, if you want to go for more detailed classes later on. 

Other than the advanced SEO course linked above, here are some of their free marketing programs

  • Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises 
  • Google AdWords 101
  • Zero Cost Marketing Strategies: Official Primer Course 
  • Social Media Online Marketing 

MIT Open CoursewareMIT Open Courseware

Link: There are multiple options from MIT for free digital marketing courses. Click here for an example of one, called Strategic Marketing Measurement. 

You may know MIT as one of the most prestigious academic institutes in the U.S. But did you know they also offer coursework for learning about entrepreneurship and marketing? For free?

It’s true. There are a lot of options, but some of the relevant ones include: 

  • Strategic Marketing Measurement, like we mentioned above
  • Listening to the Customer 
  • New Enterprises 
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing: Major Themes 
  • How to Develop Breakthrough Products and Services

ALISON Social Media Marketing Diploma

Link: Diploma in Social Media Strategy. 

ALISON often provides coursework that highlights the connections between business and marketing. They also offer certificates in the lessons you learn upon completion of the classes. 

Here are a couple important ones for marketing: 

  • Diploma in E-Business (which helps you create an effective marketing plan online)
  • Social Media Marketing Diploma (which touches on subjects like blogging, social media and other marketing practices)

edX: Entrepreneurship 101

Link: Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? 

edX acts as a virtual school for learning valuable marketing skills, free of charge. 

With tons of programs on a wide variety of subject matter, there are a couple you might want to look at for marketing: 

  • Entrepreneurship 101 (which we linked above)
  • And The Analytics Edge (which, as you can guess, reviews the role analytics play in business)

Social Media Quickstarter

Link: Social Media Quickstarter. 

Social Media Quickstarter stands out as a marketing-centric learning suite. 

Constant Contact offers these sources for your learning benefit. It focuses on social media marketing above all else. Quick and simple social media marketing guides allow for a self-paced learning process. 

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