5 Outbound Lead Generation Advantages in Your Outbound Marketing Strategy

What is your top three list of desires? You know what we mean. The top three things you want most in the world. Think of things on a personal level. 

Do you want wealth, fame, renown? Maybe you want a healthy family, a healthy mind and a healthy body. No matter what you want, material or otherwise, you have valid desires and aspirations. 

Okay. Now think of your business aspirations. As a business professional or owner, what are your top three desires for your business? Do you want a better workplace for your dedicated team members, a solid healthcare benefits package for them and a high level of customer service? 

Maybe better customer retention efforts, clear-cut brand values and top-of-mind awareness for your target market? 

That’s great. But you can be honest here. You want money, right? More cash flow? You want more customers and you want them to be happy so you can improve customer retention rates. And the only way to do that is to build your outbound lead generation efforts. And we are here to help you do that. 

What is Outbound Lead Generation?

Outbound lead generation is the approach you need to take for outbound sales. It is proactive as it merges your sales department efforts with that of your marketing department. The two separate teams become one to qualify your outbound leads far more quickly than before. 

There is a process you take for outbound lead generation. 

First, you reach out to your target market ahead of time. Second, you offer your audience content that will be of value to them. Your purpose here is to teach your prospects something that will benefit them. 

Third, analyze how much interest your prospects have in your brand. Fourth, show off. Demonstrate to your outbound lead how much you and your team know about what they need. How can your company benefit them, with both insider intel and your products or services? 

Fifth and last of all, you need to qualify your outbound leads. Then, introduce them to your sales department so they can close the sale. Make sure they shape their outbound sales strategies to work for your prospects. 

Another simple way to explain outbound lead generation is to compare them. That is, to look at them in the scope of inbound vs outbound. 

Inbound leads, or inbound marketing leads, are the type of leads where you do not contact them first. You put out targeted content for your audience and then they come to you. They may have heard about you from their friend or found your content on their social media feed. 

But outbound lead generation happens when you take part in “cold” tactics, like cold-calling or cold-emailing. You are the one who initiates contact with your prospects. 

What is an Outbound LeadWhat is an Outbound Lead?

You need to understand what an outbound lead is on its own to understand how outbound lead generation works. 

An outbound lead is proactive work. You are the director of contact here. You dictate when you will reach out to your leads. This is different from an inbound lead, where a potential customer comes to you. 

So technically, an outbound lead never said (in explicit terms) that they wanted to do business with you. This may make it a bit more difficult to tell if you are making the most of both yours and your customer’s time. But if you carry it out in the right way, you still can have very effective outbound lead generation. 

The way you find an outbound lead varies on several factors. But it really depends on your target audience, who they are, and their traits. Where are they hanging out? What social media platforms do they prefer? 

Some prefer LinkedIn or Facebook. Others yet spend the most time on Instagram or Twitter. It all depends on that at the end of the day. You and your lead qualifying team may perform a simple search on any of these social media outlets. Or you might use a top-tier scraping process

What Makes Outbound Marketing Effective?

Like we said above, you need to make sure you are going about outbound lead generation the right way. So what makes it effective? You have already chosen outbound lead generation over inbound marketing leads, but how can you be sure you are doing it the right way? 

Follow some steps and you can be sure that you are. 

First, ensure that your sales and marketing departments are working together. Then, they can pinpoint who your ideal buyer is and how they should communicate with them. 

You want to use an inside sales rep to keep an eye on how effective your strategy is. They will check out your open rates for emails, see who is engaging with your brand and identify what is not working. Then, you can improve from there. 

This way, you can keep their attention and retain them as customers. That is the name of the game. 

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is a critical part of outbound lead generation. Without it, you cannot get anywhere. It is how you bring your products or services into your market’s line of sight. 

Back in a land before time, customers knew what they wanted and where to get it from. But we live in a digital age since the advent of the Internet. This is why advertising is so important. Your competitors are all hanging out on the various social media apps and boosting their brand visibility that way. 

Below, we have some of the top ways to go about outbound marketing for your outbound lead generation approach. 

  • Facebook ads – Figure out who your ideal customer is. Then shape your Facebook ads around that customer. When you launch your Facebook ads campaign, your ads will work for both inbound and outbound marketing purposes. 
  • Google ads – Your Google ads work in a similar way to your Facebook ads above. 
  • LinkedIn ads – And the same goes for here. 
  • Commercials – A classic way to go about carrying out your outbound marketing strategy, just like the following six tactics… 
  • Print ads 
  • Billboards
  • Cold-calling
  • Direct mail 
  • TV 
  • Radio 

Advantages of Outbound Lead Generation That Can Drive Your Success

Alright. So in an industry that you can identify by its constant digital presence and efforts, outbound lead generation may feel dead. 

But it is far from it. It is alive and well. And you might also feel like your competitors are pushing you toward inbound lead generation. That might not be something that even remotely interests you. 

That is 100 percent OK. If you get the logistics down, you can experience all the below six advantages of outbound lead generation

It Shortens Your Sales Cycle

As we mentioned earlier, you can integrate your marketing and sales efforts. This lack of silos for lead qualification means that you communicate your brand value to your customer base. 

It also means you will know which of your prospects are ready to take action right now. Everyone involved in the buying process on your end is on the same page. And they can answer potential customers’ questions as soon as they ask them. This means a far shorter sales cycle. 

It Builds Brand Awareness With Less Effort

Brand awareness is an end goal for most successful business owners like you. But inbound marketing takes a lot of time and effort. That means it costs more money too. 

Outbound marketing moves this process along, though. And it happens fast. It lets you share your content with your audience in the speediest way possible. Then, more of the right people see it when they need it most. 

It Gives You Immediate Results

Not only do you get more brand awareness in less time with outbound marketing. But you also do not have to wait for any significant period of time before you get tangible results. 

You can see how quickly your prospects start to act on your ads and start buying from your company. If you start now, you will see it with your own two eyes in no-time flat. 

It Allows for Strategic Targeting With Your MessagesIt Allows for Strategic Targeting With Your Messages

This one might seem counterintuitive to you. 

“Doesn’t inbound marketing let me target my messages to my audience more than outbound?” 

That all depends. But as a rule of thumb, you are still showing your target market the content they want to see. And they get it faster than if you were to turn to inbound marketing efforts. Through PPC and other methods, you get to send it to people who you know will benefit from your marketing messages. 

It Allows Testing for New Markets

You know better than anyone else that new markets pop up all the time. And there are few better ways to test those markets out than with outbound lead generation. 

According to Symbiont Group, your inside sales reps can reach out to more than 100 prospects every day. They spend the most time engaging with your customers, prospective and current alike. 

That means they get to listen to them to find out what is working and what is hurting your team’s sales process. They get feedback when you need it more than ever. And it is feedback that comes right from the source itself: your customers! 

This means you can adjust your products’ and services’ value proposition to align with customer needs. 


Let’s recap, shall we? 

Outbound lead generation is the way you can interact with your business’s prospects. These prospects may not have known anything about your brand beforehand. It shows them the value of what you and your team are offering and how that value can improve their lives. 

What better way to appeal to a potential customer than with that technique? Spoiler alert: there isn’t a better way. 

You can use approaches like direct mail, cold-calling, and cold-emailing to reach out to your qualified leads first. And you do not have to worry about “bothering” them (a common misconception about outbound lead generation). That is, not if you go about it the right way. 

Your outbound leads are different from the more-popular category of inbound leads. But both are effective depending on what you need from your buyers and what they need from you. 

And to be effective in outbound marketing and lead generation, there is a stockpile of methods to choose from. Do not overlook the importance of “traditional” ones like television and radio ads. But also see the value in newer marketing platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn. 

We went over the advantages of outbound leads and sales. But maybe you cannot figure out how to take the first steps to reap those benefits. Not for the life of you. 

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