6 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of B2B Sales Training

What are you willing to do to succeed? 

We’re asking you this seriously. 

Now, you don’t have to think of anything too crazy. Unless you want to, of course. 

But really, in order for your business to succeed, what are you willing to do? To what lengths are you ready to go? Think especially of your sales department. What are they willing to do to reach their quotas, to surpass their quotas, to contribute to making your business stand out? 

And what are you willing to do to help them get there? Will you look up and down and all around for B2B sales training that will work for them?

You need sales training. That’s undeniable. But you need specific sales training programs to see the effects that you need for your specific sales industry. 

Maybe you want to find B2B sales training online for your team. Maybe you want B2B sales training for free. (Though we really don’t recommend that at all. You get what you pay for, my friend.)

Do you need B2B sales management training for your team leaders? 

Whatever you need, we know how you can get the most out of your B2B sales training. And we’re not going to be the gatekeepers for that information. So keep reading to learn how you can do the same.  

What is B2B Sales Training?

You could be a well-seasoned B2B sales pro, just looking for the best B2B sales training to refresh your team’s memory. 

But for those of you who are just getting into B2B sales, listen closely. 

All good stories start at the beginning, so that is what we have to do now. 

What is B2B? And what is B2B sales training? Why do you need B2B sales training at all?

B2B stands for business to business. It stands in stark comparison to business-to-consumer (B2C) sales. With B2B, you and your business are selling your products or services to other businesses. Then, those businesses you sold to are selling to customers or consumers in general. 

The businesses you sell to are examples of B2C sales models, as they are selling the products or services that they now own, right to customers. 

And as with the rest of the departments in your business, you have a team of sales reps and sales managers to contend with. You have to make sure they know how to sell. And not just any old type of selling. 

B2B sales is a competitive industry. So you need your sales team to be able to sell in a way that surpasses your competitors and satisfies your customers to keep coming back. 

That necessitates B2B sales training. Sales training for B2B will teach your sales team how to do everything they need in order to succeed individually and as a team. Everyone wins. 

What Are Examples of B2B SalesWhat Are Examples of B2B Sales?

To get a firm grasp of what you are up against in B2B sales, let’s take a look at some examples. These might help you to better understand your business model and pick B2B sales training that will measure up. 

First, think of restaurant supply stores. They might sell industrial-sized freezers and ovens. They could sell disposable paper products, like straws and napkins, and bulk. They sell these products to restaurants, which then provide them for their customers. Restaurant supply stores are B2B companies. 

Also, consider IT companies. They may sell services, instead of products like the above example. These service providers could have software that they offer to offices. The offices then use those services to provide service to their own customers. 

No matter your craft, you need B2B sales training programs to develop your sales teams’ skills. 

Your B2B Sales Training is Probably Inadequate – Here’s How You Fix it

Look, when we say that your B2B sales training is inadequate, we do not mean to offend. But in our decades of experience, we have seen the same situation over and over again, with our own eyes. 

That’s not to say that it’s your fault. There are so many of them to choose from, you cannot initially hold yourself responsible for picking the right one. 

You come across some that claim to be the best B2B sales training courses with no testimonials to prove it. Some scream at you from behind the screen: “B2B sales course FREE.” Why should a great B2B sales training be free?

So we’re going to tell you how to fix your B2B sales training

1. Develop a Skills Assessment Method

Where does your team need to improve right now? Without this baseline, you will end up wasting your money and everyone’s time. 

You need to find a skills assessment method to start. You want to be able to get accurate results, across the board, of where everyone stands. And make sure your method for assessment is as objective as possible– no playing favorites here. 

Customize Every Training Program

2. Customize Every Training Program

You may be in a competitive industry, with lots of similar general ideas as other, like-minded businesses. But you will never be the same as them and vice versa. 

You have unique needs, unique goals, and unique strategies. Make sure your B2B sales training reflects that too. We can tell you right now that you do not want to choose some B2B inside sales training course that looks at your reps the same way as your competitors’ reps. 

Customize on your own where you can. And find B2B sales training that allows you to do so. 

3. Provide Full Support, Even After Training

A lot of business owners assume their team is done with training and ready to thrive once the training modules all have a checklist next to them. 

But that would be called “magic,” and it is best left to stages in Vegas and children’s birthday parties. 

You need to support your team after training. This is how they succeed in implementing the skills they just learned. You can offer them support by providing them with tools like: 

  • Methodologies 
  • Frameworks 
  • Planners and calendars 
  • Conversation guides 
  • Checklists 
  • And more

4. Create a Post-Training Reinforcement Program

It goes farther than those sorts of tools, though. It is also a matter of reinforcement and encouragement. 

Follow-through is what it’s all about. A pro quarterback isn’t going to go to practice, play some ball and then expect everything to be fine and dandy next season. 

So you need to create a post-training reinforcement program. From there, you can hold them accountable and contribute to their success. 

Continue Coaching5. Continue Coaching

Coaching is interactive. It is not so much of “here is this lesson, learn it” as it is “here are these tools for success, let’s learn them together.” 

Coach from the beginning, middle and of your B2B sales training process. You may not be delivering the training modules with original content, but you can surely put a spin on it to coach it with your own distinct method. 

6. Gather Feedback

And as always, finish with feedback. 

What are your trainees receiving well? What do they think the program could deliver better? Are they learning a lot, or not much at all? Why? 

Send out feedback and assessment forms with clear-cut questions that you can use to develop the program further. 


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