6 Truly Effective Ways to Boost Sales Effectiveness

Listen up: what if we told you there was a propellor out there that can move your business exactly where you want it to go? 

We’re talking about higher staff-productivity levels and organizational motivation. We’re talking about your sales teams meeting goals and surpassing them. It leads to higher revenue and more closed sales than ever before. 

We know it sounds far-fetched. Your managers always want to find ways to boost sales team performance. Your sales reps themselves want to grow as professionals. Everyone wants to contribute to business development. But how can you do it all at once? Is it possible? 

It sure is. You improve those areas and more with a boost in sales effectiveness. And we can show you the steps it takes to become pros at it. 

What is Sales Effectiveness?

Like your sales cycle, sales effectiveness is a process that has many phases and facets. 

Have you already researched the concept with a quick search engine query? You might find a lot of different ideas of what sales effectiveness is.

This is because it looks a bit different for everyone. But we scoured through those same search results for the most accurate definition. 

Sales effectiveness is the process that discovers the right sales tasks for you. It is how you perfect the best practices in sales to give you top-tier sales results and output. 

Develop your sales effectiveness strategy specific to your company goals. 

First identify what sales “effectiveness” is for your business. Also, remember that you need sales metrics to measure sales success and see if you are meeting critical goals. This is another metric for success. You have to measure sales effectiveness to know if you are making progress. 

Sales Efficiency vs Sales Effectiveness

Now, we come to a crossroads. 

You hear the words “efficiency” and “effectiveness” a lot in the business world. A lot of people throw them around without much thought to how they are different. But it is important to note that they are different, even though they play into one another. 

Let’s recap to keep things simple: sales effectiveness is the tasks that you and your team perform with an overarching goal in mind. That goal, more often than not, is to drive revenue or boost sales through quality actions. 

Sales efficiency, then, falls under that primary mission. It is the idea of how you will carry out those actions or activities and the speed at which you do it. 

An even easier way of differentiating the two is by thinking of sales effectiveness as the “what” and sales efficiency as the “how” and “when.” 

6 Ways to Improve Sales Effectiveness6 Ways to Improve Sales Effectiveness

This is the moment you have been waiting for: how do you actually improve sales effectiveness? How do you focus on sales leverage to reach those goals you once thought were unattainable? 

Below, you will find the top six ways to boost your sales effectiveness. Though there are six easy-to-follow steps total, each of them is a contender in the battle to be number one in your industry. 

Implement a Client-Centric Approach

We get it. There are a lot of ways both you and your sales department have to stay on top of the game, communication efforts being a major part of it. 

You have emails, client calls, internal and external meetings. 

The key here is to keep a client-centric mission at the heart of it all. 

Provide a distinct value for your customer. Ensure there is a particular call-to-action with each piece of communication. Also, be clear with what you need from them. Tell them what you expect for a timeframe. And do not underestimate the value in a sprinkle of good humor. 

The time and place that you bring up the actual sales of your product or service carries a lot of weight. First, actively listen to your client and what they need. Wait until they start asking questions or seeking advice and solutions for their desires and obstacles. Only then should you bring to light what you are selling. 

And do not quit here once you have mastered this area. Your entire team has to be on the same page about your client-centric approach. Host a team meeting, role-play these scenarios, and open a forum for departmental feedback. 

Once everyone gets the gist, it becomes a natural approach to selling. Your target audience will trust you, believe in you, and offer feedback in return. That’s a steady cash flow you cannot beat. 

Always Gather Customer Feedbacks

Always Gather Customer Feedbacks

Speaking of customer feedback, encourage it and grow from it. You want a stream of it that you can cultivate, measure, and put into action. It will add a level of value and alignment to your total selling approach that you cannot find anywhere else. 

You are working towards sales effectiveness and its ensuing widespread strategy. Customer feedback is a foolproof way to measure it. 

Do not make the mistake of compiling feedback into a file and never touching it again. It is there for a reason. 

First, collaborate with your staff. Draft questions that you need to understand your customers. Then work together to come up with answers you expect. You can score your reps’ answers to measure how effective their sales are as well. 

Sales-Goal Alignment

Sometimes, you see a burst of sales growth that improves sales effectiveness. That’s great, but a meaningless occurrence if those numbers do not go where your company needs them most. 

This is why you have to align sales goals with an overarching business strategy. Have your leaders develop specific sales targets that focus on company strategy. Then have them double-check that every team member understands the goals. 

Then, your sales department can start the process with a view of the bigger picture and end goal. Everyone can head in the right direction together, with no lag from any “weaker” links. 

Practice Pareto Principle (The 80/20 Rule)

The Pareto Principle is also known as the “80/20 rule.” It says that 20 percent of your sales reps drive 80 percent of the sales revenue. 

So study that 20 percent, those top performers. What invaluable assets do they bring to the team? How do they do it? 

Qualify that 20 percent that brings in that whopping 80 percent. They show you how effective your sales department is. You can figure out if they get sales from the right sources (as mentioned above) and make a quick fix to adjust if that is not the case. 

If they do drive sales from the right places, pinpoint their processes and ask for their advice to share with the rest of the team. You have an internal resource to draw from for training purposes with the rest of your sales staff. Use it to everyone’s advantage. 

Sales-Enablement Function

Sales enablement is your time to shine. It is when you provide your sales team with the tools, data, and materials they need to drive success. 

As far as data, you give them sales research data and buyer information. The buyer information allows them to engage with your audience and give them solutions to match their needs. 

The sales research data teach them the best practices in sales It tells them about upcoming industry events that engrain those practices in their repertoire. 

Continuous Improvement Using Sales AnalyticsContinuous Improvement Using Sales Analytics

Sales moves. This industry does not remain stagnant for any significant time. And no sales rep can ever know everything all the time. 

Luckily, sales analytics tools show you where there is room for improvement. You can determine the right steps to take to actually improve those areas. 

Not only will you have a massive uptick in revenue and profit margins, but also company success across the board. 


Keeping a sales company up and running is hard enough as it is. You have to account for everyone’s input and whether they contribute to effective sales in the long run. You spend countless hours developing sales-marketing strategies. You take up your personal time reviewing the budget and customer satisfaction concerns.  

You must determine that everything is up to snuff. Then, you have to circle back and look at the quality of leads and hiring efforts to make sure everyone is able to follow up with those leads. Sales training, people-pleasing, and important things coming at you from all angles; where does it end? 

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