7 Fairly Simple Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

Wow, cool! A new gadget! You have been looking for one just like it for ages!

So you buy your new and mysterious gadget. (What is it? We’ll never know!) 

Later on, you find out that the brand you bought it from is launching some new apps specific to the gadget you bought. (Fine, we’ll tell you: It’s a new phone.) 

But you start to experience some issues with your new phone. You cannot install the new apps that you were really excited about because of some glitches in the phone itself. Not great. When you start a live chat with one of the brand’s agents, they tell you something different from what you heard before when you encountered the same issue. 

You head to the brand’s social media pages to see if they have any information there or will respond if you comment on one of their posts. Not only do they never respond, but the content on their social media is inconsistent. 

Why are they treating you like this? Nobody is helping. You ditch your not-so-cool, not-so-new gadget. You go to a different brand for your new phone– again

That brand did not value brand loyalty or customer loyalty. But you can. Today, let’s talk about how to build customer loyalty for your own customers. 

What Exactly is Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is one of those things that you hear everyone talking about. Like, all the time. But what does it mean? And, for later on, why does it matter so much? 

Customer loyalty is when your customers buy from you. And then they keep buying from you. Over and over and over again. Then again and again. Because they want to, but also because they need to. Because nobody treats them as well as you treat them. And because what you sell provides them with a value that nobody else can compete with. 

When you know how to build customer loyalty and prioritize buyer satisfaction, you do not have to spend time and money on acquisition. You retain loyal customers instead. And new ones come your way naturally because they want to be a part of your brand too. 

Why is it Important to Build Customer LoyaltyWhy is it Important to Build Customer Loyalty?

You want to be one of those companies that excel in all that they set out to do. Those brands create customer loyalty, which in turn leads to endless benefits for both of you. 

There are five reasons why improving customer loyalty is important that we want you to highlight in your own efforts. 

First, loyalty programs emphasize the emotional connection between your target audience and you. In any relationship, professional or personal, people want to feel a connection. You personalize your selling efforts when you provide that for your buyers or ideal buyers. 

Second, you boost your ROI when you have repeat customers. No more spending top dollar on customer acquisition costs, then finding that they aren’t working after all. 

Third, you will not even have to worry about getting new customers. Your work towards building customer loyalty will bring new ones to you. 

Fourth, if you adopt a quality loyalty program, you gain customer insights on a massive scale. This makes it even more of a relationship builder for you and them. 

Fifth and last of all, it is no longer difficult to make strides towards customer loyalty that lasts for your organization. 

How to Build Customer Loyalty That Lasts for Your Business

It’s time for you to get started with your customer relationships. You do not want to sit back and think about these for too long. It is better to begin honing your strategy to improve customer loyalty now and reap the rewards sooner. 

Without further ado, here are our top tips on how to build customer loyalty. 8

Strengthen Your Brand Value

Do you deserve a loyal customer base? What do you have to offer them that they cannot find elsewhere? You have to understand your brand value and what you bring to the table. Otherwise, they will not know either. And no loyal customer wants to buy from someone that does not even know themselves. 

Collaborate with the rest of your team and make sure all of you contribute candid feedback to this analysis. 

How are you different from your competitors? What is your purpose, and what feeds into that purpose? What drives your success? What are your ideal buyer’s values and goals? How do yours match up with those? 

Compile these into a document. Double-check that all your forthcoming actions and messages align with your brand values. 

Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

It is not just about the generic “customer service.” A lot of what you do comes down to whether or not you are turning your customer service into its own experience

You will not find out how to build customer service without that crucial first step. 

How do you receive your leads, prospects, and customers at every stage of communication? What about when a visitor lands on your website? What are they experiencing then? Or when they chat with or call your customer service reps? What happens when they email you or comment on one of your social media posts? 

Let all your actions and discussions with your customers fulfill their high expectations. And do not think of high customer expectations as a pain point for your business. Rather, see it as a chance to value them and their desires. 

Deepen Your Connection With Customers

Deepen Your Connection With Customers

As you know from your personal and professional experiences, you want to forge connections with the ones you surround yourself with. 

As for your customers, though, you also want them to have an outlet where they can connect with each other. It leads them to feel like they are a part of something bigger. It shows them that your brand matters, as do they. 

Have you thought about opening up a forum for them to bond with each other? To generate talk about your business? Or a Facebook page for those who use your service or buy your products? 

Have someone reliable on your team monitor the platform and engage when they need to. This is another way for you to gain priceless insights into the inner workings of your customers. 

Ask Everyone for Specific Feedback

You want to customize your approach when you ask for feedback from where it matters most (from your customers). But acknowledge the value in any feedback that any of your audience has to offer. 

Do not just ask for feedback from your high-paying, high-value buyers. Think about the ones with abandoned carts and ones who have had customer service issues in the past. 

This gives you a chance to reclaim your sway over those unsatisfied customers. And it gives them a chance for you to impress them again. Best of all, it shows you where to improve right now and where to better yourself for the sake of your company in the future. 

Show Continuous Improvement

Think about your life at home for a minute. Perhaps your relationships: Romantic, familial, or friendly ones. 

Say that your partner expresses to you something you do that hurts their feelings. If you fix it the first time after that initial conversation, awesome. But if you revert back to old habits right after you have “That Talk,” your primary efforts do not mean much. You have to show that you heard them and continue to hear them. That is the key to effective and healthy communication. 

Same goes here, for how to build customer loyalty. Take into account the feedback your customers, and even team members, give you. Ask for it often and improve from it often. Show up and show out for those who sustain the health and wealth of your business. 

Reward Your Loyal CustomersReward Your Loyal Customers

After the doctor’s office as a little one, you got a lollipop or a sticker for your good behavior. When your dog learns a new trick, they get a biscuit or their favorite treat as a reward. 

Not to say your business subjects your customers to uncomfortable shots or bloodwork. Not to say that your customers are puppies who you have to train. But the idea of rewarding someone for patience, hard work, or loyalty goes back to the beginning of time. And it applies across all groups of living beings. 

When you reward your loyal customers, it is a genuine way to express gratitude. It also makes them want to continue to support your business in the long term. 

Perform Market Segmentation

Feeling like you are just another statistic for a business is less than warm and fuzzy, to say the least. Market segmentation is how you can personalize the buyer journey so your audience can avoid that faceless, nameless feeling. 

You can also then target your loyalty programs and marketing messages to customers who you know a lot better. 


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