8 Ingenious Ways To Grow Home Improvement Leads

It can be daunting to recognize that the only guaranteed way to hit and surpass your business goals is through consistent home improvement lead generation. And without the right methods, the task of increasing your conversion rates can leave your team and finances completely drained. While there’s no one way to go about engaging more prospects, the following marketing strategies can help get you started. 

How Much Should You Pay for Home Improvement LeadsHow Much Should You Pay For Home Improvement Leads?

Before diving into the how-to, it’s first important to determine how much. How much should your company be putting into lead generation? Figuring out your Cost Per Lead, or CPL, will help to determine which marketing strategies will gain your business prospective buyers, all while keeping cost efficiency and budget in mind. Once you have determined your CPL, it’s up to you to decide what’s working and where you can improve. 

The following methods are intended to let your HVAC marketing strategies generate leads, allowing your sales team to do what they do best and close the deal. 

Best Ways To Grow Your Home Improvement Leads

1. Make the Most of Your Reviews

Back in the day, word of mouth used to be a guaranteed way to grow your business, especially within the home improvement industry. But with the advent of online reviewing platforms like Yelp! and Google Reviews, you don’t have to ask your next door neighbor which contracting company they went with. Feedback, both the good and the bad, is widely available with a simple search. 

Creating an incentive for your customers to leave reviews is the first step. Maybe you offer them a discount on their next home servicing if they complete a survey, or perhaps they get access to exclusive offers and sign-ups. But if you already have a steady flow of customer feedback, all that’s left is to highlight it. What good is a five-star review if no one’s seeing it? Incorporating customer testimonials on your website and within social media posts should be a no-brainer. Watch your HVAC service leads grow with a simple display. 

Use Social Media Platforms to Promote Special Offers and Discounts

2. Use Social Media Platforms to Promote Special Offers and Discounts

It’s called the social network for a reason. People talk, and your business can easily generate home improvement leads with the right social media strategy. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to grow your leads, apps like Facebook and Instagram deserve a place on your advertising toolbelt. 

Not only do you want to have a consistent and informative presence online, but you also want to make your contracting company’s page the go-to for anything new—especially if presented as a way for customers to cut their own costs. By posting discounts, promotions, and special offers across your accounts, you’ll make HVAC leads feel like they’ve struck gold. 

Using social media for HVAC marketing does have a price, but it’s often minuscule and a great investment. Facebook Ads boasts an accuracy rate of 89 percent for targeting the right campaigns. If used correctly, a strong social media presence can increase traffic to your website and help your sales team close the deal. 

Selling Revolution knows a thing or two about growing your HVAC business’ leads. Book a call today for more on how we can revamp your selling system. 

3. Create a Landing Page with Clear and Specific Call-to-Action

You got your prospect to head to your HVAC company’s website. What is your landing page doing to turn them into a guaranteed home improvement lead? At first glance, you want potential customers to stay and feel engaged with all your contracting company can offer. 

Think of a landing page as your first sales pitch. The right page will register home improvement leads—and thank them for taking the time to do so. Furthermore, it should engage your prospects in such a way that confirms heading to your website was the right idea. Do they get 15 percent off their first servicing? What about a free quote? 

Once you’ve established the can’t-miss deal at stake, it’s time for the Call-to-Action, or CTA, to complete the registration process. Regardless of what your conversion goal is, a solid CTA will drive home improvement leads to take the next step of the sales process. 

4. Share Content That Is Useful and Relevant to Your Audience

We’ve already established how employing social media ads can benefit your HVAC business, but it’s time to talk about sharing relevant content. “Content” is one of the most beneficial contracting and HVAC marketing tools, as users clicking to read could be real-time prospects ready to learn more about and employ your services. 

Whether you are sharing “5 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair” or an article about the best HVAC system enhancements, you are only furthering your leads’ ideas that going with your business is the best bet. Not only is your company offering stellar services, but you’re also now a source of engagement and a community resource. And don’t forget—a clear CTA at the end of each promotional social and blog post is an opportunity to secure more leads. 

5. Create Content that Answers Customer Pain Points

If you’re not already familiar with your customers’ pain points—or the problems they face most when looking for the right home servicing company—it’s highly likely that you’re missing out on engaging more prospects, thereby losing leads. 

By understanding the most common HVAC problems facing your customers, you can better curate your content creation. Qualitative and quantitative data is a prime contractor marketing tool. Data shows that lack of air conditioning is the number one pain point across the country. So for example, an effective HVAC marketing strategy would address this with cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. 

The best HVAC lead generation creates and shares content that answers these common industry issues. More so, if done correctly, a simple CTA will direct your home improvement leads to conclude your business has their answers. 

6. Set up a Referral Program

Imagine if your existing customers knew that sending prospects your way could make doing business with you even better. With a referral program, creating such an incentive to grow your home improvement leads has never been easier. 

You can ask your customers to spread the word all you want, but if that’s to pan out, there’s gotta be something in it for them. Referring someone takes time and energy, meaning it’s going to take a juicy incentive to ensure that happens. Consider what your business is willing to reward. If you think referrals could be a main source of generating leads, upping a discount from 20 to 40 percent off might be worth it. Implementing a two-sided incentive program will not only make new customers excited to work with your company, but it’ll also encourage existing customers to remain loyal. 

Promoting your referral is the last step in setting up a successful program. You can do this via follow-up communications, email signatures, invoices as well as implement this into your social media presence. The main things to consider are what will you offer those involved in the referral process and how will you make that process as accessible and easy as possible.   

Expand Your Network7. Expand Your Network

There’s no doubt you want to be the best home service provider—but what most businesses fail to consider is how far they want to cast their net. If you want to be the top HVAC servicer in the region, it’s going to require networking, both to customers as well as other businesses. 

Local meetups and networking events that connect residents, business owners and contractors are far and wide. These are great opportunities to understand problems facing the area as well as a chance to pitch your business’ solutions. You may also find yourself in the position of partnering with non-competitors, such as painters or electricians, which can further boost your reach while keeping your marketing well within budget. 

8. Retarget Your Audience

When it comes to HVAC contractor marketing, the implementation of retargeted ads can continue to pursue leads long after they’ve visited your website. Lead generation doesn’t always have to target a new audience. Sometimes your original marketing strategies didn’t quite get them the first time, which is why retargeting can give your sales team an extra chance to gain a new customer. 

The secret to retargeting your audience is campaigning to such a group that will increase your conversion rate. You want to retarget leads who are ready to buy. Understanding the HVAC buyer’s journey will help you create advertisements that feel personalized and like your business truly understands their problems. You can do so by showcasing a specific service your contracting group offers or relevant content pertaining to their pain points. Ultimately, retargeting is a solid follow-up marketing tool to maximize lead potential out of every prospect. 


Everyone wants to grow their leads, but not everyone is using the right tools to do so—even though they’re ready at your disposal. With the right insight from Selling Revolution, we can help improve your conversation rate and update your selling systems to reflect your business’s true potential. Contact us today.