Featured - Servant Leadership Defined

Servant Leadership Defined

Gun to your head, what is servant leadership? If you hesitated, panicked, or peed a little in fear, you’re in good company. Most people would meet Jesus before they could really answer that question. According to this article in the peer-review journal Leadership Quarterly, it seems we’re having trouble nailing down the definition of servant …

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3 Ways To Banish The Fear Of Rejection And Easily Make It Your Bitch

Today we’re talking about Rejection, so buckle up kids, things are about to get bumpy. You’ve read the best sales books, watched alllllll the expert’s videos, and know your product to the point of excess. You are definitely the most qualified person to be selling your thing. It solves people’s problems. Period. So? Where the hell is …

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Active Listening

How To Help Hapless Extroverts Embrace The Forgotten Art Of Active Listening

We all have a “one-upper” in our lives. You know, that person who dove deeper, held their breath longer and came up drier. Beware the Me Monster. We don’t really look forward to communicating with this person, because they don’t listen to us. And when we know someone isn’t listening, we don’t feel connected to them. …

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Heroes and Pigs

How Heroes And An Emotional Support Pig Capture The Heart Of Selling

Today you’re visiting a dealership. You’re looking for a car that will comfortably fit you, your partner, their landscaping business, your new baby, and your emotional support pig. (Yup it’s a thing.) Would you prefer talking to a helpful guide who asks you questions about your goals with the new car, your must-have list of …

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Why Is Laughter And A Happy Mind Brilliant Science?

Why Is Laughter And A Happy Mind Brilliant Science?

How many times a day do you find yourself in these scenarios? You’re standing in line at the bank. A line so long you can barely even see the bank tellers! And you’re already late! You anxiously tap your foot and find yourself huffing and puffing. How DARE these people to lollygag when you’ve got …

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How To Get Your Plumbers To Love Selling What They Stand For

If your plumbers are resistant to the idea of sales, it’s because they’re looking at sales the wrong way. We all know the sales stereotypes: lying, sleazy, greedy, pushy, annoying, predatory, untrustworthy… But enough about car salesmen. We’re here to talk about how plumbers are actually in a position to be the best kind of …

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Sales Bingo

How Buzzwords, Lingo, And Jargon Make You Appear Less Competent And Forgettable

Buzzwords, jargon, and lingo are meaningless concepts to your customers. They describe nothing concrete. For example, when someone says “synergy” (*shudder*) what do you even picture in your head? More importantly, what do you think your prospect is picturing in your head? You have no idea. Use words that are concrete and more visual to …

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Today's Close Rate

Key Performance Indicators, Channel Alignment, and Lead Generation

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used for measuring departmental performance within a company. The goal of KPIs is continual improvement. The subtle danger of KPIs is that they can lead us to prioritize efficiency over the effectiveness and short-term objectives over the long term. A Police Chief told his officers to prioritize burglaries of multiple-occupancy households because …

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The Best Worst Way To Sell A Step-By-Step Guide

The Best Worst Way To Sell: A Step-By-Step Guide

Back in the day, I worked in the portrait studio of a retail chain that, for legal reasons, we’ll call “CJ Nickles.” We mainly shot children. (edit: Photographed. We photographed children.) It was my first introduction to sales, and also the reason why I thought I hated sales for years after. If you were to …

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lead by example

The 5 Ways To Lead By Example Like A Boss

Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing. – Albert Schweitzer If you want your teammates to come together and shoot for a common goal, then it is up to you to walk your talk, stand by your values, and live your message. It’s called leading by example. Leading …

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