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A Beginner's How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Lowering a PriceTo Effective E-Commerce Ads

How To Avoid The Pitfalls of Lower Price

Imagine your favorite brand decides to lower the price of one of their most popular products. You’re probably thinking, “I’ll buy it now!” But what if that same brand also lowers the quality of their product? You might not be so eager to purchase it anymore. This is a common trap companies fall into when …

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Markup vs Margin The Difference Is

Markup vs. Margin: Knowing is Half the Battle

When you hear the terms “profit markup” and “profit margin,” you may assume that they are one and the same.  However, there is a big difference between the two, and if you’re looking to maximize your business’s profitability, it’s important that you understand the distinction. To understand markup vs. margin, you first need to know …

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The Dangers of Discounting (Why It's Bad For Business)

The Dangers of Discounting And Four Alternative Methods For Superior Results

Everyone loves a bargain. It’s only human to be attracted to something that costs less than its original value. However, for business owners, providing discounts may not always be the best solution. While discounts and negotiation can help close a deal, they are risky business when used improperly at the top of the funnel in …

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Price Segmentation How To Improve Your Pricing Strategy

Price Segmentation: How To Improve Your Pricing Strategy

Imagine price segmentation as the yin to your yang, or the missing piece to your business’s pricing puzzle. By understanding how to properly employ it, you can improve your business’s overall pricing strategy. You can also optimize your profits and enjoy greater levels of success in your industry. Read on to learn how to improve …

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What is Cost Based Pricing_ The Pros and Cons

What is Cost-Based Pricing? The Pros and Cons

The last thing any business wants is to fizzle out due to a lack of customers and revenue. And for many businesses, this happens because they’re not charging enough for their products or services.  This is where cost-based pricing comes in. As a home service business, you must be strategic when it comes to pricing …

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Market-based Pricing_ An Easy Guide and Examples

Market-based Pricing: An Easy Guide with Examples

Imagine your ideal customer. Now, imagine how much they would pay for an HVAC service. A plumbing service? An electrical service?  Market-based pricing is all about finding that fair market value for your services. It’s a simple concept: you price your services based on what the market will bear. In other words, you charge what …

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Turbocharge PM

One Powerful Way HVAC Companies Can Turbocharge Their Preventative Maintenance

Sales is all about intent. From the products you choose to the decisions you make about how you will represent the industry. In recent years we have seen a perpetual decline in product quality and built-in obsolescence as prices continue to rise.   Some service providers see this as permission to take advantage of a customer’s …

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Lowest Price 4 Ways to Attract Customers Without Losing Good Value

Lowest Price: 4 Ways to Attract Customers Without Losing Good Value

As a business owner, by now you know that leads are not all created equal. Converting leads is no easy feat, and even the most established companies struggle to turn their leads into loyal tribe members and advocates for their brand.   Their “lowest price” offers aren’t producing the profits they’ve hoped for, and it leaves …

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Why Businesses Need To Increase Prices

Why Businesses Need To Increase Prices

In 2022, macrotrends show inflation rising globally. Particularly though, U.S. inflation is higher than in other countries. That’s according to a study from Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. And all the buzz about the economy creeping into a recession has businesses facing the price increase pressure. As the cost of living …

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Bundle Pricing Best Way To Differentiate Your Product

Bundle Pricing: The Best Way To Differentiate Your Product

Remember the last time you went to a fast-food joint or bought a new phone? I’d bet every last dollar of mine that you didn’t leave with just a hamburger or a new mobile device — you probably got fries and a drink or a case and a wireless charger. And these examples, my friends, …

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