Companies with the Best Sales Training Programs in 2021

Effective sales training is more valued than ever before. A constantly changing sales landscape, organic social trends and expanding competition require sales teams to be at the top of their game to win sales.

Keeping training in-house, relying solely on organizational sales coaching, limits sales potential. Employing any of the companies with the best sales training programs to update sales skills and processes can optimize sales effectiveness, leading to notable revenue growth. 

Many of these companies now make their services available on multiple platforms for convenience and cost-effectiveness. Considering the most practical solution can become a confusing and overwhelming process. We’ll take a closer look at the companies with the best training programs so you do not have to worry about missed opportunities.

Companies with the Best Sales Training

In identifying the top sales companies, we used the following criteria to build our list:

  • Sales training process.
  • Innovative offerings (delivery methods, supplemental tools and training methodologies).
  • Contributions to the sales training market.
  • Strength of client satisfaction.
  • After-sales service.

Top Sales CompaniesTop Sales Companies

The companies with the best sales training programs maintain a prominent profile of delivering substantial results for a wide variety of clients across multiple industries. When searching for the best training program to suit your needs, consider your sales environment. For sales-centric industries, such as automotive or retail, specialized training companies can provide targeted expertise.

Richardson Sales Performance

Major global brands including IBM and Microsoft have leaned on Richardson Sales Performance to maximize their sales teams’ effectiveness. Their Connected Selling Curriculum™ is as broad as it is deep, with comprehensive programs dedicated to sales and presentation skills, coaching, pipeline management and much more.

Richardson’s curriculum takes a customer-focused approach, guiding salespeople in creating connections and establishing trust. Their sales training modules can be customized to address specific sales needs. Through their “learn-by-doing” methodology, the interactive role-playing and collaborative exercises develop the selling muscle memory to apply in real-world scenarios.

RAIN Group

As one of the top sales companies around the globe, the award-winning RAIN Group helps managers and sales professionals in any sales culture develop effective processes and superior talent. RAIN boasts its Sales Mastery Program’s ability to increase conversion, improve sales margins and enhance client bases for greater revenue growth.

RAIN delivers their tailored, research-based programs in both in-person classes and virtual instructor-led training. Through their interactive digital medium, trainers can supply convenient live personalized training supplemented by eLearning modules and after-training service to effect continued performance.

The Brooks Group

Grounding their business-specific approach in their time-tested IMPACT Selling system, the Brooks Group delivers actionable sales and coaching strategies. Since 1977, the six-step IMPACT sales training process has yielded significant returns for over 1 million professionals around the world.

The Brooks Group is arguably the leader among the top sales companies in the industrial manufacturing and industrial distribution settings. But, the flexibility of the IMPACT Selling system allows any organization to engage in relevant sales training. Their program is geared to generate better hiring practices, greater sales effectiveness and more impactful sales management.


Imparta has created meaningful change for leading tech companies like Intel, Cisco and Canon by instilling influential sales behaviors. Their customer-centric 3D Advantage Sales® training imparts valuable core skills for B2B and B2C consultants at all levels of experience and talent.

Imparta’s program offers a wide selection of modules covering all steps of the sales cycle, including prospecting, communicating value and account management. Users can fine-tune their focus by curating the modules important to them. Available training covers channel and account management, new-hire training, inside or complex sales, marketing support and even retail sales skills.

Janek Performance Group

Janek’s impressive ROI and customer satisfaction rates have solidified its position among companies with the best sales training programs. Their sales training process, anchored in exhaustive research, seeks to address deep-rooted sales challenges in a style adapted to their clients to develop effective, long-term behaviors. Their catalog of programs is a robust offering for driving revenue growth that can be augmented through supplemental reinforcement and ongoing coaching.

Individual training programs are delivered on-site, virtually or in a blended format to teach essential skills in a wide range of sales environments. Janek broadens their offerings through public workshops throughout the year, hosted on-line or in-person in major cities across the U.S.

DoubleDigit Sales

DoubleDigit Sales partners with organizations to define the most relevant sales solutions for improving their business. Sales and management experts create customized content and appropriate real-world exercises for more purposeful behavioral change.

DoubleDigit’s versatile offerings include virtual instructor-led sales training, instructor-led classrooms and ongoing self-paced study modules. No matter the delivery method, the commitment to collaboration and ongoing reinforcement for their clients’ sales systems produces long-term success.

Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is quickly becoming one of the top sales companies around, taking an innovative, science-backed perspective on sales training that delves into buyer psychology. By teaching the nature of consumer values and decision-making, they set B2B clients up with the tools to better communicate value in their sales presentations and marketing content.

Best Sales Training CoursesBest Sales Training Courses

The companies with the best training programs customize their offerings to unique business goals and provide ongoing support. For fundamental sales skills training, our selection of the best sales training courses provides a wealth of useful resources for improvement in any sales context.

Action Selling: The Action Selling Process

The certification program from Action Selling has been improving sales behaviors for high-profile professionals for over three decades. Sales professionals learn communication and analytical skills to continually improve their buyer interactions in a two-day sales workshop or in self-paced online learning sessions.

Richardson Sales Performance: Consultative Selling

The flagship offering from Richardson is built into 1-2 day interactive sales workshops and virtual training sessions bolstered by post-training support. Sales reps and managers learn frameworks for successful customer interactions through the Six Critical Skills they teach. Attendees leave training with powerful consultative tools to better assess customer needs and create valuable relationships.

John Barrows: Driving to Close

A major name in sales leadership, John Barrows successfully packs one of the best sales training courses into a one-day program. Driving to Close helps salespeople productively manage critical points in the sales process, from targeting key organizational decision-makers to executing a solid close. Training is made available in virtual and onsite settings to sales teams or individuals seeking to tighten their technique.

HubSpot Academy: Inbound Sales

Inbound Sales features 10 hours of training videos to aid reps and managers in identifying decision-makers, connecting with buyers and running effective sales presentations. This free certification course is a valuable basic training supplement for organizations of all sizes, layouts and industries.

Virtual Sales Training vs. Personal Sales Training

Virtual Sales Training vs. Personal Sales Training

Virtual sales training alternatives are starting to overtake in-person training in popularity among companies looking to expand their sales power. The convenience, relatively low cost and self-paced flexibility of online training appeal to a wide array of businesses.

Virtual sales training is broadening, allowing sales reps access to more targeted training courses that can be revisited on-demand and digested according to their individual learning styles. 

Virtual sales training does not imply quantity over quality. Top sales companies in the US and beyond, like Richardson and RAIN, are creating ever-expanding resource libraries, specialized content and virtual learning programs headed by experienced, effective leaders.

In-person training, while more of an investment in time and effort, is still significantly valuable to many. Entrepreneurs can immerse themselves in interactive sales training experiences to learn how to direct their own sales strategies and processes. In-person workshops also offer excellent networking opportunities, creating a marketplace of shared ideas and unique insights.

Onsite training can also be conveniently coordinated with many sales training specialists. One of the companies with the best training programs in the US is Sandler. Made up of several franchises spread across the country, they make quality in-person training accessible for the majority of small to midsize businesses.

Opportunities for growing sales skills and staying up to date with current trends, technologies and methodologies exist in passive solutions as well. Udemy and Coursera provide inexpensive sales training programs and masterclasses from industry experts. The best sales podcasts like the “Sales Hacker Podcast” and the “Sales Evangelist” keep sales reps current on effective tactics and aligned with industry thought leaders.

Sales managers looking to get the most out of their sales teams should be creative and thorough in their research. Pulling from the best training seminars, online learnings and ongoing sales skills development resources available will make for more relevant, effectual and economical training programs for sales teams.

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