D7 Lead Finder: Definition, Reviews, and Alternatives

The numbers are in, and it seems lead generation is the big focus for businesses today.

Rated as the number one marketing challenge, lead generation has been deemed too critical to handle in-house without help. With the prevalence of lead generation companies, the ability to acquire fresh lead has greatly expanded. Staying competitive for many businesses means strategically outsourcing lead generation tasks.

Lead generation services have proven instrumental in both exponentially increasing leads and improving conversion rates. However, for smaller companies, outsourcing lead generation to a marketing agency may be out of budget and impractical.

Instead, integrating lead generation software can be the answer for growing businesses. Using affordable lead generation tools alongside CRMs, marketers can automate lead finding and sort, increasing prospects without increasing workload.

One intriguing option is D7 Lead Finder, the focus of this review.

At its core, D7 Lead Finder helps B2B brands find leads in virtually any category anywhere in the world. It seems like a no-brainer that any company could increase their leads with that kind of universal coverage.

Of course, there’s more to the story. Our D7 Lead Finder review covers how the service works and compares it to alternative lead finder options. With a better understanding of their service, you can determine if D7 will return the lead generation ROI you deserve.

What Is D7 Lead Finder?

D7 Lead Finder is a cloud-based lead scraper tool used to generate leads. It takes basic search information to find lead data on various social media channels and websites. Within minutes, the service can return hundreds of leads to input into the sales funnel.

The service is easy and intuitive. Users only need to input an industry keyword (e.g., “life insurance”) and a location (e.g., Chicago). The software will then search for data that matches those terms and locations. It exports lead data to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

But what kind of lead information does D7 Lead Finder return?

As one could expect, the critical data provided is the business’s contact, social media, and website information. However, D7 goes on to include deep dives into a lead’s digital marketing efforts, detecting business information such as:

  • Facebook Pixel and Google Remarketing use
  • Google Analytics, WordPress, or Schema use
  • Paid ad usage on social media and Yelp
  • Review scores from Facebook, Google, and Yelp
  • Business mail providers
  • Social media followers
  • Business website mobile-friendliness

D7 offers its service to a broad market, even hosting a free tool, giving users five free daily searches. From there, D7 Lead Finder is offered in three monthly subscription plans. With each plan, users get lead emails, websites, phones, and social media information, along with the following:

Starter $29.99/month

  • 10 daily searches
  • 3,500 daily leads

Agency $54.99/month

  • 30 daily searches
  • 10,000 daily leads
  • FB/Yelp/Google reviews
  • Remarketing data
  • Website scan
  • Instagram follow data

Professional $119.00/month

  • 100 daily searches
  • 30,000 daily leads
  • Social media and Google paid ads
  • Bulk search option
  • Business email providers
  • Main business categories

The system is easy to use and quick to return lead information. For many small businesses, the Starter plan is plenty to begin increasing leads. The additional leads and insight of enhanced plans offer more sales potential and better lead organization as business scales.

D7 Lead Finder Vs. Lead ScrapeD7 Lead Finder Vs. Lead Scrape

D7 Lead Finder exists among a handful of lead generation tools, but it sets itself apart with its competitive pricing. By that measure, there is one alternative that provides a similar lead generation service worth checking out — Lead Scrape.

Comparing the two lead scrapers, we can better understand D7 Lead Finder’s unique benefits and disadvantages.


D7 Lead Finder ranges from $29.99/month to $119.00/month across three pricing tiers. Lead Scrape is available in two options, a Standard version at $97.00/year and a Business version at $247.00/year. Strictly comparing prices, Lead Scrape’s business version comes in even cheaper than D7’s Standard package.

One nice feature of the monthly package is that D7 does not have long-term contracts. You can responsively change plans as needs change, so you do not miss any chances to optimize your tactics.

Another notable difference is that D7 Lead Finder offers its free lead generation version for use at all times. Lead Scrape offers a free trial version. This is a minor detail, but the free service shows D7’s commitment to satisfying a broad range of needs.

Cloud vs. Download

One key advantage of D7 Lead Finder is its cloud-based software. Lead Scrape is a downloadable program. Lead Scrape may need further investments depending on your hardware, while D7 will work on just about any system.


Lead Scrape offers many of the same software features as D7, though their website is slightly sparser on details. You can look to Lead Scrape’s own comparison review for detailed findings on how many leads each generates. According to their test, Lead Scrape delivers more leads but D7 Lead Finder returns results much faster.

A few crucial feature differences work in Lead Scrape’s favor. One distinction is the email verifier. With up-to-date information being a consistent frustration for marketers, Lead Scrape generously ensures collected emails are still valid.

The second significant difference is that Lead Scrape not only offers business names but also contact names. With individual names and job titles, salespeople are better equipped to start a business conversation. This means less time researching contacts and finding decision-makers.

Top Software Alternatives to D7 Lead Finder

D7 Lead Finder works for a vast array of B2B companies. But is D7 the best lead generation software for your needs? As lead generation services grow in demand, there are plenty of alternative lead generation engines to research.

The following are some of the top lead scraper software options like D7. Depending on your needs, you may find a D7 Lead Finder alternative to better suit your system.

Lead Kahuna

B2B businesses benefit from Lead Kahuna’s massive array of data points for customized messaging. The service delivers targeted lead generation, allowing users to locate and manage prospects with a simple system.


  • Large number of data points.
  • Excellent contact name and email capture rate.


  • Does not provide proxies.

Lead Carrot

Lead Carrot is a CRM system built to help you find leads as well. The extension allows marketers to move prospects from forms to customer pipelines, making tailored management much easier. From scraping leads to organizing them, Lead Carrot greatly improves follow-up and conversion.


  • Superior pipeline management.
  • Great customer support.
  • Easy-to-use platform.


  • Relatively expensive.


LeadGrabber is a B2B tool for building prospect lists from professional and social networking sites. Like D7 Lead Finder, it grabs contact information and delivers them in a spreadsheet. With LeadGrabber, users can often fill in missing information that other software may miss.


  • Excellent at finding accurate information.
  • Easy-to-use interface for beginners.
  • Ease and control over building lists.
  • Great customer service.


  • No Mac compatibility.


PersistIQ integrates with data providers and CRMs to automate emails for small and mid-sized businesses. The tool is ideal for outbound marketing efforts, allowing users to manage prospects, build lists and create custom messaging. If you want to boost your conversion on a budget, PersistIQ is a handy tool.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Easy-to-read reports.
  • Simple to A/B test and track results.
  • Extensive functionality with Salesforce.
  • Fast setup.


  • Strictly manages email.
  • Limited software integrations.
  • Not ideal for enterprise businesses.



Using quizzes to generate leads is a unique, brand-forward approach to solving a major marketing problem. Interact lets companies create custom personality, score-based, and assessment quizzes. 

Interact offers hundreds of templates and customization features, making attractive, brand-focused quizzes quick and easy to make. With attached opt-in forms, they promise to put the popularity of quizzes to work for your business.


  • Integrates with major email, social media, and marketing automation tools.
  • Broad customization features.
  • Lead segmentation based on quiz results.


  • Limited A/B testing capabilities.


Dux-Soup is a go-to automation tool for pulling leads from LinkedIn. It takes the research and outreach tasks out of the salesperson’s hands.

Users can have Dux-Soup start conversations, send personalized messages and manage drip campaigns. As a browser extension, the service seamlessly integrates with CRMs and various marketing automation tools. Using it for a few minutes a day can save you hours of generating quality LinkedIn leads.


  • Free starter version.
  • Extensive customization features.


  • Relatively complex interface.
  • Creates lag on LinkedIn.


A small to mid-sized business solution, ReachEdge covers a lot of ground in handling digital marketing strategies. The service provides lead conversion software and advertising across social media, search engines, and displays. They also offer SEO solutions, making them a viable solution for paid and organic brand awareness efforts.

ReachEdge offers lead generation solutions for legal, healthcare, education, and real estate organizations. With their tools, businesses can analyze where leads come from and where conversion opportunities exist.


  • Easy to use and understand for beginners.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Not built-in WordPress format.
  • Does not feature email integrations.
  • Few customization options.


Another cloud-based service, Trueleads, connects businesses with LinkedIn leads. Their scalable platform is available as a monthly subscription, automating all your LinkedIn lead management tasks. 

Using Trueleads lead generator and insights, businesses can optimize their messaging and initiate quality relationships. Leads can be taken from initial contact to booked meetings, all within the automated system.


  • User-friendly platform.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Proven ability to work with and around LinkedIn’s limitations.


  • Difficult to manage multiple campaigns.


Sourcing leads is one thing, but LeadFerret seeks to enrich each lead, making interactions more productive. This cloud-based platform allows B2B companies to collect lead contact information. That information is paired with social media profiles to provide in-depth personal insights to use in building connections.


  • Competitive pricing.
  • Easy-to-use search function.


  • Slow system response.
  • Difficult to reach customer support.

InTouch ToolInTouch Tool

Another LinkedIn automation service, InTouch Tool, allows users to automate connection requests and personalized communications. Unlike some tools that get bogged down by LinkedIn’s limitations, InTouch Tool promises their program will run undetected. 

Users enjoy much freer access to leads without concern over their operations being shut down by LinkedIn’s bots. InTouch also integrates with CRMs, letting you immediately transfer important contact information.


  • AI-based algorithms mimic human activities, keeping them safe from detection.
  • Allows CSV import/export.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • The dashboard provides A/B testing capabilities and performance tracking.


  • Poor customer support.

Why Lead Finder Software Is Important for Your Business

Lead generation is both the most critical marketing task and the most challenging for B2B brands. Lead finder software is critical for growing businesses to stay competitive and capture market share. 

Entrusting lead generation to a software service increases daily leads several times over. This gives sales teams more time to work on selling and building relationships. With their smart sorting capabilities, businesses know they are getting up-to-date and organized information.

Integrating lead finder software with CRMs and other stack services automates entire steps in the pipeline. Marketers can generate, sort, and start communicating with leads in just a few clicks. Information can be automatically translated into cold-calling, email, and social media marketing campaigns. Plus, the immediately deep insights reveal opportunities that B2B companies can use to push their services.

With the right lead generation software, you can significantly impact your business’s client growth. Software integrations like these will give your salespeople the tools and time to stay competitive.

Still not sure how to optimize your sales process? The Selling Revolution consults with our small business clients to determine how to grow revenue through smarter strategies. Contact our team today to learn how we can help you realize your business goals.