Expert Uses for Effective Corporate Sales Training

Expert Uses for Effective Corporate Sales Training

Selling on a corporate level comes with higher stakes. With larger deals and veteran businesspeople, even an experienced sales team can struggle to find a groove. No matter how long you have been in business, corporate sales training can help improve sales by increasing competency across the board for many different roles.

Corporate sales training involves any training involving members of a corporate sales team or organization. Corporate sales itself refers to selling between two or more corporations. Instead of just business-to-business sales, corporate sales specifically relate to larger corporate bodies and therefore, in many cases, larger deals.

The qualities of a good corporate trainer include capturing a large group’s attention, mixing training methods to satiate different learning styles and delivering training to a multitude of roles, as well as many other qualities. With adequate and proper corporate sales training, your business can carve its niche in the most cutthroat industry, to not only survive but to prosper. 

Corporate Sales Training Programs

When a training program focuses on corporate sales, it refers to building a strong sales team top to bottom with representatives capable of handling deals between two large businesses. Corporate sales training programs exist to give otherwise inexperienced salespeople the capability of impressing often seasoned business executives. There are all different types of corporate sales training programs, from those assisting sales managers, prospectors, and everyone in between.

Additionally, the kind of corporate sales training program that works best for your business depends on factors including industry, experience, and, of course, what you wish to derive from the program. Sometimes your sales team needs a little refresher. Other times you need to develop a training program from the ground up. Whatever your needs, Wizard of Sales can help you find the proper training program to get the most out of your investment.

Corporate Clients

To understand corporate sales, one must first understand corporate clients. In order to establish itself at a corporate level, each aspiring business must demonstrate prowess and ambition to stand out from the competition and succeed. This means that most corporate clients are veterans of the industry, or at least very thoroughly trained. To deal with corporate clients, your business must present itself in a competent manner. 

Corporate clients tend to have a good deal of resources at their disposal. This means that they can find another business partner to better meet their needs if they feel that your business cannot deliver satisfactory results. Proper corporate sales training goes a long way towards appeasing even the pickiest clients. 

Corporate Services

Broadly speaking, corporate services refers to all of the activities required to properly serve your customers. Corporate services take into account factors such as expert knowledge and best practices to handle the corporation’s internal affairs and assist with delivering quality service to external customers. Corporate services include financial and banking, advisory, legal, logistical and investing services. Each of these functions to keep the business running smoothly. Each section focuses on a niche area of operations so that no member or department spreads itself too thin. All aspects of a business must trust one another to operate effectively within their given jurisdiction.

Corporate SalesCorporate Sales

Corporate sales teams must go out and do the dirty work necessary to create revenue for the business. Covering everything from prospecting to following up on customer satisfaction, corporate sales departments must navigate through negotiations and objections to properly deliver value to the customer. A well prepared and properly motivated sales team is capable of breaking down barriers thrown up by tougher clients. Additionally, sales teams must demonstrate competence and understanding to earn the confidence of their customers. In the corporate setting especially, customers need to know that they are making the right call when deciding to work with another business. 

Sales ExecutiveSales Executives

Sales executives take on a variety of functions, from prospecting and selling to overseeing customer satisfaction. In most settings, a sales executive must have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the sales process. They must gain the trust of their customers to ensure the longevity of that relationship. Experienced sales representatives often find their way into sales executive positions. The step-up includes increased responsibilities. Dealing with unhappy or worried customers is a daily function of a sales executive. They must also lead their sales team to deliver the results necessary to sustain and grow their business. 

Corporate Sales Trainer

Corporate sales trainers must develop, implement and oversee training for the entire business. Depending on the size of your business, different trainers might be responsible for different roles, or they could be responsible for the entire training process themselves. In most cases, a corporate sales training team can successfully teach and coach a group of trainees.

From teaching the fundamentals of sales to refining sales practices, sales trainers act as both guides and sources of information. The best sales trainer often has direct sales experience in the role in which they will be training others to operate in. 

Business Sales Training

Business-to-business sales usually entail larger sized deals in both quantity of service, as well as funds required to perform said service. Therefore, making a deal in a B2B setting requires a particularly skilled salesperson to avoid scaring off a customer. One of the key factors to ensuring success is a business sales training program that delivers expertise to each member of a sales force.

Sales representatives should receive business sales training to attract and retain customers. Sales managers and executives need the training to oversee representatives and carefully navigate a tricky business situation. Each member of the sales team must have a decent amount of business acumen to operate with poise. They must always take the needs of the business into consideration whenever making a deal. Business sales training can adequately deliver this acumen. 

Shared Services

In a business setting, shared services refer to several parts of a business utilizing the same service from the same group. Examples of shared services include human resources, upper management, information technology, legal and financial services. Instead of having multiple departments delivering the exact same services, shared services reduce redundancies and therefore saves on operating costs.

Shared services also create a stronger sense of community within the business. Members of a shared service department must be able to handle the needs of each department seeking assistance. In most cases, they perform the exact same functions only to different parts of the business. Should variation occur, proper training allows them to handle the situation with ease?

Sales Training Plans

With a larger business, defining roles and responsibilities get tricky. A proper sales training plan maximizes the functionality of each position. Understanding how the different positions interact and rely on each other helps ensure focus. It is up to a sales training plan to implement this understanding. Sales training plans include the whats, whens and hows of training. 

Getting trainees quickly but competently trained requires a training plan so that nothing is left out and things keep rolling smoothly. Any business intending solely to improvise training definitely increases their team’s chance of failure. Everyone needs to be on the same page, and training plans ensure uniformity. 

Free Certified Online Courses

Free Certified Online Courses

Before investing in a training program, check out any number of free certified online courses to increase your understanding of what to look for and what to avoid. In some cases, a free online course might suffice in covering the basic concepts of selling. There are literally hundreds of certified online courses available, so finding the right one could take some digging.

Free online courses, no matter how good, cannot be adapted to fit your particular specific needs. They cover the basics and offer fundamental principles necessary for success in sales. In many cases, they make great refresher courses to remind sales teams of core sales concepts. Implementing online courses after a thorough training program helps sufficiently instill important knowledge in your team members’ minds. 

Some great free certified online courses to check out include HubSpot’s Sales Training: Techniques for a Human-Centric Sales Process and the University of California’s Strategies for Converting and Retaining Customers Online. Check out these and hundreds more at Class Central. 

Finding the Right Corporate Sales Training

Your business needs invariably differ from any other business. Depending on your structure and history, the right training for one organization may be the wrong training for you. If you need help finding the right corporate sales training, look to Wizard of Sales for guidance. From increasing leads to developing a functional sales process unique to your business, our consultation takes your whole business into consideration.

We look at the structure of your business to find out what kind of training you need. Instead of offering contrived guidance, we deliver a unique solution based on our expert analysis. No matter your situation, Wizard of Sales looks forward to finding a solution for you. Take 20 minutes for a no-obligation consultation, and start moving your business forward today.