How To Choose The Best Sales Training Consultants

Is it safe to assume that you are not going to develop your own official sales training courses anytime soon, if ever? 

You already have a business that focuses on sales. So you are most likely not going to find the years (even decades) of work that is necessary to create your own sales training curriculum. 

But who is going to focus on you? Who is going to focus on developing your business? What about your sales team’s development so they can close more sales? 

Sales training consultants will. Barring the event of you coming up with a magical and fantastic sales training course, you need sales training consultants. 

They can help you to improve just about every aspect of your business. At least, as far as selling goes. 

And we really cannot think of anything better. Can you? 

What is a Sales Consultant? 

So what are these sales training consultants we keep talking about? Is it some sort of program that offers sales training for recruitment consultants? Are we referring to sales training for consultants themselves? 

No and no. 

Sales training consultants come from sales training consulting firms. These companies offer training for sales for the benefit of businesses like yours. And they have consultants who they can dispatch to help you pick and customize sales training courses for your team, according to what your team needs and where they have room to improve. 

The best sales training consultants can work with small, mid-sized, or large businesses to give you the results you need in your training. 

You may have a lot of sales training and sales training software options to choose from. There is B2B sales training and then there is Sandler sales training. Inside sales training, outside sales training and the list goes on and on. 

How do you find the best sales training? How do you know it’s going to work? Sales training consultants. That is how. 

What Qualifies a Sales Training ConsultantWhat Qualifies a Sales Training Consultant?

To be a sales training consultant, you should have a particular level of qualifications and experience behind your belt. So to find sales training consultants that will benefit your business, keep an eye out for one that fulfills that level of knowledge. 

Just like how you qualify your leads and prospects, you want to do the same with sales training consultants. 

According to Indeed, a lot of employers or firms who hire consultants look for applicants who have at least a bachelor’s degree in something like

  • Business administration 
  • Advertising 
  • Business management 
  • Marketing 
  • Or communication 

But a college degree is not everything. Great sales training consultants have and continue to partake in some sort of training program of their own. They should also have a solid level of experience in the field. 

Here are some certifications they might have: 

  • Certified Professional Salesperson (CPSP)
  • Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP)
  • Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)

What Does a Sales Training Consultant Do?

Sales training consultants follow a proven process. 

And they need real data and real examples of where you stand currently to be able to successfully implement a sales training program for your team. 

So they come into your business to evaluate and analyze it. They touch base with your sales reps, team leads, and sales managers to develop a foundation that they can build upon later. 

The information they are looking for should never be singular. Your sales consultant should be asking you questions about areas like: 

  • Current cash flow
  • Budgets
  • Forecasting 
  • KPIs
  • RGAs
  • Technologies 
  • Sales 
  • Compensation models 
  • Recruitment efforts 
  • Pricing 
  • Brand image and presence 
  • Market value 
  • And more 

Then, they should be able to pick out a tailor-made training program for your team. They should coach your team along the way, check in to see how things are going, and adjust your program as needed. 

The top sales training consultants know that training, learning, and implementation are both a destination and a journey. 

Best Ways to Choose the Best Sales Training Consultants

Now you know all about what sales training consultants do. A lot goes into it. 

But how can you apply that to help your own company grow? How will you capitalize on the experience of a sales training consultant? 

We have some insight for you. 

See below for our top eight tips on how you can choose sales training consultants for the benefit of your business and your team. 

Conduct Research on Their Reputation and Track Record

What is your consultant’s reputation like? Do they have good standing in your industry? 

Shop around. Ask around. Feel it out. 

You need someone who has experience working with companies similar to yours. And you really need someone who knows how to get you the results you need, with a positive attitude and reputation. 

Check Out Their Expertise in the Sales Industry

Check Out Their Expertise in the Sales Industry

Your reps, or any participants in the training program you choose, will catch on fast if your consultant does not know what they are talking about. 

That would leave you wasting your company money and your team’s personal and professional time. 

Avoid that by investigating how much your consultant knows about your industry, and if they can communicate and share that knowledge well. 

Look for Sales Training Programs/Courses

You do not have to go with the first course you see that might end up working. 

Your sales managers will not be so happy if they discover that the program you picked does not align with your overarching company goals. 

Your consultant should be able to help you check off boxes to find programs that do align. If they are not willing to provide that information, that is not a good sign. 

Find Consultants Who Offer a Learning Journey

Remember: it is not just a destination to adopt sales training concepts. It is a journey too. 

But does your consultant acknowledge that? 

You have to find a consultant who has a pre and post-training process to push your participants along their journey. 

They should ask your team members the right questions and figure out where they might be struggling to learn the lessons. They can adjust their approach wherever they find the need to do so. 

See if They Offer Multi-Channel Marketing Approaches

Sales and marketing go together. You cannot have one without the other, and your sales department should work with your marketing team in multiple instances. 

So will your training help them to learn some of those relevant marketing concepts? 

For example, will it discuss multi-channel marketing? There are certain unavoidable marketing aspects in today’s modern business age. Multi-channel marketing is one of them. 

Make Sure They Have Sustainable ProgramsMake Sure They Have Sustainable Programs

You want your team to end up with tools, frameworks, and methodologies that they can use for years to come, right? 

Well, to end up with that, you need a sustainable approach to training. 

A big portion of training is taking a behavioral approach with your reps. So your consultants need to provide you with courses that reinforce the concepts your reps just learned. 

You need it to be clear about the steps that your team has to take to learn and implement the course. 

Ask How They Measure Your Progress

We already mentioned that you need to match the needs of your organization and the employees that comprise it. 

But how will you measure that to know if you are, in fact, matching those needs? 

Your sales training consultant must have a process to measure the actual progress of your program. Figure out what their process is here before you implement the training course so you can understand if it will work at all within your organization. 

Also Ask How They Deliver the Training Sessions

There are four crucial questions to ask when it comes to selecting the right consultant, or consultancy firm: 

  • Who is in charge of delivering the training sessions and modules? 
  • How many of my salespeople can/will be able to attend the training at a time? 
  • Where do they have to go in order to participate in the training? 
  • And what methods and formats do you use to train? 

Your employees learn in different ways, and some may have more limited access to resources than others. 

So it is your responsibility to ensure the deliverables of your training program work for those who need it most. 


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