How to Find the Best Sales Rep Online (8 Ways)

Does it even have to be said? 

You cannot have a team of quality sales reps who bring in top sales without hiring the right people. 

According to a Harvard Business Review study, the average turnover rate for salespeople is 27 percent. So it’s crucial that you make the right hiring decisions right off the bat. 

It does not matter whether you are a sales manager, marketing services expert, or business executive. Regardless of role, anyone who contributes to business growth and success does not have a lot of time as it is. So do not waste it by taking the wrong steps to onboard a sales rep who isn’t cut out for the job. 

Now, you do not have to worry about those accidental missteps. We have the top eight easy ways to find the best sales rep without stepping foot outside your office door. 

What Do You Think is a Good Sales Rep? 

We really do want to know: what do you consider a quality sales rep? You can make a mental or physical list of sales rep traits, characteristics, and day-to-day salesman duties. 

Take a second and reflect. 

Does your list look (or sound, if you did not have a pen nearby) a little something like this? 

  • Dedication to the customer experience, every step of the sales process
  • Knack for personalized customer service 
  • Strong mix of both soft and hard skills
  • Enthusiasm and excitement
  • Thoroughness
  • Interpersonal skills (internally and externally) 
  • Formal training
  • Empathy
  • Ability to accept criticism, constructive or otherwise
  • And of course: drive and follow-through with closing sales ($$$)

If this looks similar to what you drafted, you are on the right track. 

Did you even mention money at all in your idea of the perfect sales rep? A lot of successful business people do not. This is because cash flow comes after traits like those and many others. 

For example, say that a customer communicates with an enthusiastic and genuine sales representative selling your brand’s products. The rep actively listens to your customer, relates to them, and answers their questions appropriately. They go over everything in thorough detail. 

Along the way, your client might get upset about the way your rep phrased something. But your rep addresses it, empathizes with why your client felt that way, and explains that they will do better next time. 

Naturally, this once-prospect turns into a forever-customer. And there you have it: that is the essence of a good sales rep. 

Here are Some Qualities of a Successful Sales Rep

We got into the basics above. But if you are in the process of recruiting reps who are more than your run-of-the-mill product representatives, you need details. 

Here are nine qualities to look for in a first-rate sales rep. 

Puts the Customer/Client First

Just like how you cannot make sales without a sales team, you cannot make them without someone to buy them. 

And thus arrives the customer. 

You also will not have much success if you cannot retain the said customer. The best sales rep puts your client and their needs first, helping to build relationships that last (and sales that keep coming). 


Nobody wants to continue talking to a rep if the rep is unsure. In general, nobody likes to spend time with unsure people at all. 

Make sure your sales team is confident of what they sell and their ability to sell it. Customers won’t be able to resist buying with you again. 


Sales fluctuate. That happens no matter what. Even your top sellers will have times where they just cannot seem to close a sale. 

But the true test is whether they can emerge victorious from that period of stagnancy. They recognize there is an issue, come up with creative solutions and find encouragement everywhere. 


A successful sales rep does not yammer away in your customers’ ears. They hold a conversation and make your clients feel like they are chatting with a friend. 

Good Listening Ability

You will never know what a prospect or customer wants if you do not actively listen. And do you want in on a secret? The best salespeople know how to listen, read between the lines, and tell your prospect what they really need. 

Multitasking SavvyMultitasking Savvy

Your sales department has a lot on its plate. But your rep should understand how to deal with it all and come back the next day with more energy. 


“Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” 

Heard that one before? Premium sales reps have, and they live by it every day. They know how to avoid that fine line between persistence and pushiness. They persevere through anything that might be thrown their way. 

Focus and Optimism

The kind of sales rep you want knows how to focus their vision. Better yet, they know how to focus on the silver lining. 

Work is work. It has its ups and downs, especially in sales. But your reps must focus on their goals and overarching company goals. Then, they have to strive to reach them with an optimistic outlook, no matter if they are on an up-or down-swing. 

Reliability and Trustworthiness

Your team has to be reliable and trustworthy. This counts for your target audience and the rest of the team.

It starts with one. If you have a trustworthy sales rep, that feeling spreads until you have a department full of the best around. 

How to Find Sales Reps Online

Now, on to the part you have been waiting for. 

You know what to look for in the perfect sales rep, but how do you find them in the first place? 

There are a handful of steps you need to take before you get there: 

  • Draft an ideal candidate profile 
  • Create a detailed job description
  • Come up with concise and purposeful interview questions
  • Collaborate with and inform your existing sales team
  • Post the job listing on respectable platforms (more to come…)

Once you have done this, it is time to jump right into the bulk of it. We compiled a list of eight of the best ways you can find that five-star sales rep you’ve been searching for. 

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the trusty steed of professional networking. And 70 percent of people who follow a business on LinkedIn would consider working for that business. 

On your end, share any open job opportunities through a listing. Be sure to include key organizational information, like brand history and company culture. Spend some time creating videos, images, and blog posts. The top candidates look for a business that matches their own effort and thoroughness. 

Also, search for potential new hires here. Use LinkedIn’s search bar and you can find the ideal candidates by typing in information like: 

  • Specific people’s names
  • Job titles
  • Location
  • Past and current companies they have worked for
  • And more

LinkedIn makes the process easy for you. While you check out individual profiles, the site offers similar profiles for you to look at. 

2. Facebook

Almost everyone you know has a Facebook, and it turns out that it is not just for personal social media use. 

It takes a more intimate approach to the hiring process. Post about your company’s job openings on your Facebook timeline and encourage followers and friends to share the post. 

You can also use its search bar here. It helps you find people according to similar criteria as you used for your LinkedIn searches. 

Do not skip out on the various groups and public pages that relate to your company. 


3. Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic tool for top talent recruitment, depending on the age range you want to hire. 

To use the platform, make sure you use the right strategy. 

Make profile searches with appropriate keywords; you want your potential sales rep to have those keywords in their profiles. 

Follow industry leaders and trends. Explore the trending hashtags that are relevant to your industry, then interact with the Tweets that use those hashtags. Also, take advantage of messaging prospective reps on Twitter. 

You can even organize your followers according to shared interests (a bit like your email folders). 

4. has been in the job-listing game since 2003. If you offer remote work for your sales team members, think about this site to post about job openings. 

The site also offers employee time tracking software

5. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most popular and user-friendly platforms for the job hunt. Job posters and job seekers alike favor Indeed for many reasons. 

The numbers do not lie: Indeed delivers 65 percent of all U.S.-based hires online. 

It is free to post job listings. Plus, if you have a hard time writing job descriptions, they have staff who can help. You can also prompt interview questions and skill tests for your potential new sales rep, all before they even meet you face-to-face. 


This network is popular for personal interactions and top talent recruitment. 

People who are interested in certain hobbies or career paths join groups on Meetup. Then, these groups meet offline to discuss their interests and get together for a common purpose. 

You can search for particular skill sets on the network and find some great options for a successful sales rep. 

It is a fun way to interact with the reps you want to recruit. You can attend industry-specific and in-person events. Then, you are already in the space where you have dedicated salespeople who want to expand their opportunities. 

Google and Bing Ads7. Google and Bing Ads

You can take out an ad with either Google or Bing to draw attention to your company’s open opportunities. 

Marketing strategy comes into play here, so it is a good idea to keep everyone on the same page with your hiring efforts. 

8. Sales-Specific Job Boards/Platforms

Job boards are a bit dated, but sometimes they still do the trick. Whichever platform you choose here, double-check that it is sales-specific (unless you want to hire outside of your industry). 

Here are some common job boards for sales careers: 

  • AngelList
  • The Ladders
  • AA-ISP Career Center
  • Glassdoor
  • SalesGravy
  • Ziprecruiter


You might have gone through each way to find the best sales rep online, only to find out that nothing fits with your brand. 

Maybe you have already exhausted these options and wondered why they did not work for you. 

We have the answers here at Selling Revolution. 

When you go to certain companies or platforms for help with top talent recruitment, many do not take the time to know you. You are more than an employer. You are a singular person who worked tirelessly to build your unique business from the ground up. 

That’s why we formulate solutions for your business success after we get to know you and your team’s needs. 

Do you need to increase your leads? Maybe boost your sales training to be more effective? With our team of experts, you do not have to choose between either of those and top talent recruitment. We can help you with all of it. 

Book a call with us today.