How To Make Your Sales Presentation Training Effective: 8 Simple, yet Powerful Sales Presentation tips

Sales Presentation Training

Training a new sales staff can be difficult. Not only do you have a large amount of information to deliver, but you also have to spend time making sure each and every trainee is learning, digesting and practicing this new information and these new techniques. In addition to that, you have to do all of this in a way that is fun, enjoyable, exciting and demonstrates the sorts of techniques that you yourself hope the trainees will come to adopt.

Sales Presentation

You also have to ask yourself questions, such as “What is the best way to present this new information during the sales presentation training?”, “What information, sales techniques and selling skills should I prioritize?” and “What is the most appropriate course of action for a trainee who has a problem with a mentor?”

Whether training online or using virtual training, here are 8 tips we believe can help you and your staff during your sales presentation training.

Believe in YourselfBelieve in Yourself.

This one speaks directly to the sales trainer. Selling, as you know, is all about confidence. That confidence needs to be obvious at all times – whether you are selling, or whether you are training. Your training staff is watching to see if you believe in yourself, your products and your techniques. If you lack confidence, how are they ever going to find it? Go into the presentation knowing you have the skills and tools necessary to teach them everything they need to hear in order to succeed.

Make it Relevant

Whether you’re speaking from the heart or using valuable guidance from a sales training book, the information you share must be relevant to the trainee and their situation. Why spend hours and hours going over useless items they’ll never need to know? We all hate it when we’re forced into that situation, yet too many of us do the same thing to others. Keep your information relevant and be respectful of the needs and time of those in your care.

Emphasize the Connection Between Your Product Service and the ProspectEmphasize the Connection Between Your Product/Service and the Prospect

All too often, salespeople rely on gimmicks and techniques they picked up over the years – techniques that work, yes, but ignore the very real person on the other end of their sales pitch. When practicing and developing your staff’s selling skills, make sure to emphasize that the most important and effective technique they could ever use is the connection between what they are selling, and who they are selling to.

The person who is listening to their presentation ultimately wants to know if the product/service is right for them and will meet their needs. They aren’t going to learn that by gimmicks. They are going to come to that decision based on interpersonal connection, sales professionalism and comfortable knowledge of the staff you are training at this time.

Be On Point

What does it mean to be on point? It means to make sure that at all times you are delivering high-quality, useful information that your sales staff needs to know. Don’t spend time filling the training with useless fluff – nobody has the time for that! Instead, keep it meaningful from the first minute to the end, with a strong emphasis on those skills that are most important, such as sales techniques and building customer trust.

Be Animated

One thing about presentation skills training: how you present is just as important as what you present. You want to show that you are excited and confident about the skills you are presenting, and this comes through your body language. In addition, it’s hard to keep your trainees interested if you yourself look or sound boring. Even more, sales staff will model your behavior when they begin their own sales journey. For all these reasons, a high-energy animated presentation is an essential part of any training.

Use Showmanship

While gimmicks and flashy techniques should never be the cornerstone of a sales presentation, let’s be honest: they don’t hurt, either! When showing off various training techniques, it’s important to remember that “showing off” can be a useful tool in and of itself! A flashy presentation is important in any sales call, and it’s equally important when you are training your staff to make those calls. Demonstrate to them how you want it to be done.

Be Creative In Your DemonstrationBe Creative in Your Demonstration

Nobody wants to sit through the same old boring lectures and presentations time and time again. It’s old, it’s tiring and ultimately it doesn’t help anyone learn. In your presentations training make sure to change up how you present information and involve your staff. Of course, exercises like role play are important, but there are so many more ways to present your information. Take that extra time to bring the variety out in your training. Your staff will thank you for it, and learn much more than they would have otherwise!

Be the User of Your Product

How can you really sell a product if you don’t know anything about it? Sure, you might have read the manual or been fed the sales pitch yourself; that doesn’t mean you really know the product. The only way to get a handle on what customers will truly get out of a product, what questions they’ll have and how it best fits into their lives is to use it yourself. Be an expert on that product. This way, your sales pitch will really reflect that connection your customers need to make the sale.