How to Unlock the Secrets of Enterprise Sales

Fear of the unknown. 

That is something that countless people struggle with. And key players in the world of business and selling are prone to struggle even more with it. 

But what about your customers? 

Don’t they struggle with the fear of the unknown too? 

Of course they do. And you have to eliminate that idea of the “unknown” for them. 

But what if you are new to enterprise sales, or sales in general? How are you supposed to make a name for yourself? 

You have to face these struggles head-on with enterprise sales training for your team.

So today, we are going to tell you about what to expect from the best enterprise sales training. We will tell you how you can find an enterprise sales training program that works for your business. 

From advanced sales training, to Sandler enterprise selling, to enterprise software sales training, we have you covered. So let’s not waste anymore time. Let’s get right into it. 

What is Enterprise Sales?

Enterprise sales and complex sales are the same thing

And the idea of enterprise sales, one of its many goals, is to sell your products or services to larger companies. In other words, it is large-scale B2B selling. 

You do not have to set out with the idea of being an enterprise sales company to end up being one. 

How big is the impact of your business? How many years do your contracts last? How complex is your implementation? And how high are the risks, or the stakes, of your selling process? 

If the answer to any of those questions is “big” or “long” or “super complex” or “a lot,” then you may find yourself taking part in enterprise sales. Whether one sale then qualifies as an enterprise sale, or your business turns into an enterprise sales business altogether, you will find yourself in that boat. 

And what do these types of sales look like from the lens of your customer? 

A customer comes to these types of businesses to buy if their decision to purchase has high stakes. In other words, if their ultimate purchase and decision of whom to buy with is critical to the success of their own company. 

So your customer will be on the hunt for the best solution for their unique circumstances. This means they will be asking several other enterprise sales companies for bids for the contract. Multiple key decision makers will have a say from their end. Only after they consult with everyone involved in the sale will they make a decision on who to buy from. 

As you can imagine, these high-stakes and large-contract enterprise sales interactions mean you need a team that is able to keep up. You need business management training for your team leads and enterprise sales training for your reps and other relevant team members. And that is just one of the many reasons you need enterprise sales training. 

How is Enterprise Sales DifferentHow is Enterprise Sales Different?

Small- and medium-sized business (SMB) sales are obviously quite different from enterprise sales

But how, in particular? 

First of all, the sales cycles are longer in enterprise sales. This is in comparison to SMB sales, where you find yourself with shorter sales cycles and less complex transactions. 

This is easy to understand, considering how big a sale is depends on the value and complexity of the selling process. 

And with complicated sales comes more responsibility, like: 

  • A higher level of strategy to close the deal. 
  • A selling plan that has a longer life cycle than standard, simple sales. 
  • And more touch points to match. 

When trying to differentiate between enterprise and SMB sales, also keep something else in mind. 

Will embarking on an enterprise sales journey be worth it in the first place? 

That is to say, if you are new to your market, enterprise sales may not be where you want to start. You need products or services with maturity before you can bring in the level of quality that enterprise sales requires. 

Enterprise sales are far more intense and detailed than almost any other kind of sales. Your product or service has to be able to keep up with that fact. 

Proven Strategies to Unlock the Secrets of Enterprise Selling

We know: we just set the stage with a pretty heavy-handed approach. 

But do not let that deter you from pursuing a successful enterprise sales business. 

You can succeed. But you have to put in the work to do so. And that means that first, you need an enterprise sales training course that will be effective. And once you have one in place, you need to know how to strategize on how your team can optimize that enterprise sales training course for their benefit. 

Here are the proven strategies and steps you can take with your enterprise sales training to unlock the secrets of enterprise selling. 

1. Set Clear Goals First

You cannot do anything without a baseline. And that goes for enterprise sales training even more than usual. Well, you can do things without a starting point or baseline, but you will find yourself going nowhere fast. 

So what are your business’s goals and objectives? Yes, you want to drive revenue and make more sales. But specifically, how will you get there? What reachable goals can you strive toward in order to achieve your overarching goal of making more sales? 

Also consult with the team members who will participate in the enterprise sales training. What are their individual, professional goals? Where are they continually struggling to hit a home run in their selling process? 

Compile a list of your goals, share it with those involved and go from there. 

2. Find and Understand Customers’ Pain Points

You are offering solutions to your ideal buyers and current customers, not a mere product or a single service. They have benefits, not features. You are providing them with tools to reach their own goals in order to facilitate you reaching your own. 

But do you know their goals? With every goal comes a struggle that shapes it. 

What are their struggles? What are their specific pain points? 

You can find this information by investigating online. What are they saying on their social media sites and webpages? More importantly, what are they not saying? 

Cater to them. Customize your selling solutions to those pain points. And watch the revenue start to pour in. 

Always Over-Deliver Results

3. Always Over-Deliver Results

Relationships, relationships, relationships. 

They matter. 

Relationships are how you build brand relationships that you can leverage for your and your customers’ success. 

And how do you keep those relationships functioning and healthy? By over-delivering. 

We don’t mean by calling prospects at 3 a.m. to beg them to just please sign their contract. We don’t mean by oversharing on cringe-worthy and personal life events. We don’t mean grasping at the straws to retain a customer when they say you are not fulfilling their needs in your enterprise sales business. 

No. Instead, we mean you over-deliver on the promises and guarantees you make to your customers, specific to your sales cycle. 

Follow through. Show up. Become the person who can deliver, then go above and beyond that every time. 

4. Tailor-Fit a Solution for Every Sale

In enterprise sales, you are not working to deliver high-volume, low-dollar sales. It is the complete opposite of that. 

This means you need to provide quality to your customer base. You cannot rush into things, and you cannot rush through things. 

Take your time getting to know each customer, with information like those pain points (see above) and goals. Then, you have to customize, or tailor-fit, your solutions with that information in mind. They will appreciate your efforts, and so will your company’s profitability. 

5. Do Not Undersell

Like we said, you do not want to pester your customers. That never works, and it never will. 

But at the same time, you cannot undersell. In fact, we cannot think of a single time where underselling did any business any good. 

You are working with high-intent, knowledgeable customers in enterprise sales. 

So you can assume that they are looking for the highest-quality solutions to invest in, too. 

Offer Value First6. Offer Value First

Think of that term: “Highest-quality solutions.” 

You need to communicate that immense value to your customers. Otherwise, you cannot expect them to know about it. While intelligent buyers, enterprise sales buyers are not omniscient. 

Why and how does the value of your products or services provide value to your customers, more so than your competitors? Make that clear and you will reap the benefits. 

7. Use a Consultative Approach 

And again, you have these great-quality customers. Their input matters. In fact, the input of every relevant person matters here. 

What are your customers saying? What about your target customers who you haven’t yet managed to land? And what are your frontline employees saying about the goings-on of your business? 

Consult with the people who matter most. 

8. Don’t Forget to Ask for Referrals

Finally, you need to ask for referrals. 

You are missing out on incredible sales opportunities that you do not even realize. And they are lying in wait from your current customers who were once mere opportunities themselves. 

Ask for them. And offer a great buying experience in return. 


Here at Selling Revolution, we know what goes into a good enterprise sales training program. We understand sales training. And we want you and your team to be able to understand it, too. 

You can. Your team can. And when you work with us, we can provide you with a lot more than standard, one-size-fits-all sales training. 

We can get you better leads, higher conversion and a selling system that will last. 

Our expert team wants you to succeed as much as you want to succeed. 

So book a call with Selling Revolution today and experience that success firsthand.