How to Use Sales Training Videos for Your Business

Even if you have the top sales team in your respective industry, no one knows everything. Fortunately, you don’t always have to bring in coaches and consultants to help your reps learn new skills and strategies. Instead, you can utilize sales training videos. 

Sales training videos are an excellent resource because they can allow your team to build a stronger foundation for closing. Whether you have high-quality reps or they need some improvement, the right videos can make a world of difference. 

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you. This article will show you some of the best sales training videos out there. Once your team has watched them, they will be ready for anything. 

What are Sales Training Videos?

Because there are so many different sales strategies, it is impossible to learn them all at once. However, while some systems are better than others, a good salesperson must adapt to changing customer needs. 

That is where sales training videos come in. These clips can provide valuable insight and targeted information. For example, you may have reps that are excellent at selling to warm leads, but they need to work on cold calling. 

With a training video, you can cover that information and see how well it sticks. From there, you can determine if sales coaching or consulting is necessary. 

How Can You Find the Best Sales Training Videos?

Because there are so many options out there, it can seem overwhelming to try and narrow your search down to the “best” videos. However, here are some tips and tricks to find the most valuable content for your team. 

Know What Needs Fixing

Before you can start correcting a problem, you have to know what is causing it. Watching generic training videos can be helpful for new reps, but experienced salespeople will find it repetitive. Instead, focus your attention on specific tactics where instruction is necessary. Otherwise, you’ll wind up wasting everyone’s time. 

Find Videos Related to Your Industry

Find Videos Related to Your Industry

Although general sales training videos can offer valuable insight, they may not be specific to your industry. For example, certain tactics can work well for selling cars, but not home appliances. Try to find content that will speak to your sales staff specifically so that they can apply those lessons more efficiently. 

Produce Your Own Videos

While it helps locate content from various sources, chances are that it will be missing some critical elements related to your business. A better option is to craft your own sales training videos. This way, you can be sure that you cover all of the necessary information with no erroneous details. 

How to Find Online Sales Training Videos

Fortunately, since there are so many available, you can do a quick search through YouTube and other video hosting platforms. Before you begin your quest, be sure to have a list of keywords related to both your industry and the tactics you want your team to learn.

With that in mind, here are some of the top sales training videos in the following industries.

Car Sales Training Videos

Selling a car requires a unique set of skills. Because a vehicle can be such a large purchase, buying one shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your sales reps have to identify the consumer’s needs and give them a reason to sign a long-term contract. Because there is a greater chance of getting a no, the right moves can make a world of difference. Here are some of the top car sales training videos we’ve found. 

Top Ten Car Sales Techniques and Tips

Produced By: Cars Unlocked

Presenter: Chris VW

Chris has produced a variety of videos related to selling cars and the automotive industry. This particular training clip goes over ten different ways to sell more vehicles and close deals. If your reps are new to the industry or need a refresher, this video is an excellent choice. 

The 8-Minute Sales Training Video

Produced By: Tom Vann

Presenter: Tom Vann

Car buying has changed a lot in the last 20 years, but many sales reps are still using old and outdated selling techniques. Tom goes over the evolution of car buying and how salespeople can adapt to the changing marketplace. This video is helpful if it seems like your reps are stuck in the past. 

Car Sales Training: “I Need to Think About It”

Produced By: The Elliot Group

Presenter: Andy Elliot

One of the most common phrases that car salespeople hear is, “I need to think about it.” Unfortunately, this can stall the deal and often leads to a dead end. This short video addressed this concern head-on so that your reps can know what to do when someone says it. Anticipating a customer’s response can help immensely since you know how to counter it. 

Retail Sales Training Videos

Retail Sales Training Videos

Selling in retail can often be easier than in other industries because your team promotes relatively low-cost items. However, on the flip side, rejection can also be much higher, leading to poor performance and motivation. Here are some videos to keep your team inspired for the next sale. 

Retail Sales Training: How to Greet a Customer

Produced By: The Retail Doctor

Presenter: Bob Phibbs

In most cases, the first impression can make or break a sale, particularly in a retail setting. This is a quick video that provides tips on making this impression work in your favor. The Retail Doctor has many different videos, but this one is an excellent primer on the topic. 

Retail Sales Training: Suggesting Higher Priced Merchandise

Produced By: WhizBang! Retail Training

Presenter: Bob Negen

Upselling is a cornerstone of the retail industry, and it can improve your bottom line significantly. This video outlines specific ways that your reps can suggest higher-priced items without being too pushy and losing the sale altogether. 

Retail Sales Training: Creating Wonder

Produced By: The Retail Doctor

Presenter: Bob Phibbs

Here is another winner from The Retail Doctor. All too often, sales pitches can fall flat and seem dull. Bob goes over some ways to spice things up and make the pitch more exciting by creating wonder. Whether you’re selling toys or plumbing supplies, these tips can help engage your customers. 

New Home Sales Training Videos

Selling a home is a big deal, particularly for new buyers. Because this is one of the largest purchases they will make, sales agents have to be willing to go through a lot of back and forth before closing a deal. Typically, it can take weeks or months to sell a house, with buyers looking at multiple properties. These videos address some specific methods to use during this process. 

New Home Sales Presentation and Product Demonstration – Level 5

Produced By: New Home Sales

Presenter: Quentin Lears

Quentin is a full-time home seller, and he shares his five-step system for presenting a home to potential buyers. By focusing on each step’s specific element, you can move the buyers through more efficiently while addressing their needs and concerns. 

The Worst New Home Sales Closing Technique

Produced By:

Presenter: Myers Barnes

Myers has a ton of sales training videos, but sometimes the best training is learning what not to do. This quick clip goes over the worst way to close a house so that your reps can avoid that technique and focus on ones that deliver results. 

Just Show Up

Produced By:

Presenter: Myers Barnes

In this video, Myers compares baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr.’s world-famous starting record with new home selling. Sales is a numbers game – the more people you sell to, the more deals you’ll close. So, just by showing up to more meetings and open houses, your reps can sell more homes. It’s just that easy! 

Phone Sales Training Videos

Even with modern technology at our fingertips, talking to a prospect on the phone can still be highly effective. Unfortunately, most sales reps tend to avoid talking on the phone, which can hurt your bottom line. Here are some top sales training videos that address this problem. 

How to Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead

Produced By: Selling Power TV

Presenter: Art Sobczak

One of the primary issues with cold calling is that your reps know almost nothing about the prospect. Instead, it is far better to engage in “smart calling.” This tactic can help close more deals and avoid the dreaded angry hang-up. 

Phone Sales Training

Produced By:

Presenter: Grant Cardone

This video walks you through a specific call with a troublesome prospect. Grant showcases some of his signature sales tactics, making it easier for viewers to grasp how well they can work. Sometimes, training can be too abstract, which is why rehearsals like this can be so valuable. 

5 Easy Phone Sales Tips

Produced By: Sales Insight Lab

Presenter: Marc Wayshak

This is an excellent introductory video for phone sales techniques. Whether your reps don’t like talking on the phone or have to practice their pitch, this clip will help them get to the next level. 

Funny Sales Training Videos

Sometimes, humor can be a powerful tool. When selling a product, it can help to break the ice with a joke or funny anecdote. Laughter can put the prospect at ease and make them more willing to pay attention. These videos showcase how to incorporate humor into a sales pitch. 

Funny to Money: The Science of Selling With Humor

Produced By: Inbound

Presenter: Andrew Tarvin

While listening to the science of humor doesn’t sound too appealing, Andrew makes this video far more engaging than it seems on the surface. Learning why humor can make selling easier is the first step toward deploying it efficiently during a meeting. 

Sales Training – Improving Your Sense of Humor

Produced By: Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Training Channel

Presenter: Jeffrey Gitomer

Being funny can be challenging for some people. Fortunately, while your reps may not star at Live at the Apollo, they can learn some of the basics of humor. This video provides some tips on how your sales team can practice being funny in a way that helps close. 

How to Sell With Humor (Even if You Aren’t Funny)

Produced By: Visible Authority

Presenter: Steven Washer

This video sort of blends the previous two entries. Not only does Steven talk about how to work on your sense of humor, but he provides some extra context on how to use that practice during a real meeting. Even if your reps are drier than a martini, they can learn how to sell with humor. 

Sales Skills Training VideosSales Skills Training Videos

So far, we’ve been looking at sales training videos that discuss elements related to specific industries or selling techniques. While those are useful, the art of selling can transcend various markets. These videos discuss the essential sales skills that your reps should have. 

Science of Persuasion

Produced By: Influence at Work

Presenter(s): Robert Cialdini and Steve Martin

Selling is all about persuading a prospect to buy something, so learning the science behind this process can help immensely. This animated video is easy to digest, and it breaks down six core components of selling and persuasion. 

Go Ahead & Sell Me This Pen

Produced By: Dan Lok

Presenter: Dan Lok

If you watched The Wolf of Wall Street, this video’s pitch will sound familiar. Dan Lok goes over the basic skills required to close a sale, making this one of the most potent sales training videos available. Perfect for newbies or reps who need a refresher course. 

An FBI Negotiator’s Secret to Winning Any Exchange

Produced By: Inc.

Presenter: Chris Voss

While selling is all about persuasion, the process is also a negotiation between seller and prospect. This video provides valuable insight from an FBI negotiator. While selling a car or appliance isn’t a matter of life or death, the same principles can still apply. 

Free Sales Training Videos

Fortunately, all of the clips we’ve shown so far are free to everyone with an internet connection. While you may want to pay for some high-quality sales training videos, many of the essential elements are covered in free online material. 

Again, having a list of keywords handy can make it easier to find free sales training videos for your team. From there, you can determine the next step. 

Bottom Line: Sales Training Videos

Although the information and insight provided in these videos are an excellent first step, they can only take your reps so far. To ensure that they are as valuable as possible, you will need to reinforce the lessons in these videos and encourage practice. 

With Wizard of Sales, we make it easy to mold your sales team into a world-class unit. Contact us today to find out more and see how sales training videos, combined with our help, can yield incredible results.