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Jump starting a career in sales is far easier than most people believe. After some training and direct coaching, most self-starting business professionals find they can land entry-level positions with little difficulty. That two to five years experience requisite on most job postings? It is a rarity for entry-level sales positions. 

While it is true that anyone can learn to sell, not everyone becomes a great salesperson either. That distinction requires sales professionals to hone their skills through personal and professional growth. The path to sales success lies in getting the best possible sales training and applying those best practices. 

How do you find the right training? Moreover, how do you get the training you need without overspending? It is far easier than you might think. Sales classes online provide a way for you to grow your sales skills anytime, anywhere. Check out our comprehensive list of low-cost/no-cost sales classes online. We have selected every course to help you develop the sales skills you need to succeed.

Sales Classes Online

Sales Basics for Non-Sales People (Udemy)

For inexperienced sales professionals, this course is a great place to start. You will learn about developing an effective sales mindset, using best customer research practices and initiating/closing a successful sales process. At 35 dollars for a one hour course, it is also an exceptional value for the money. 

Get a Job in Sales Your Fast Track to Career Success (Udemy)Get a Job in Sales: Your Fast Track to Career Success (Udemy)

Knowing how to sell is only one component of starting a sales career. Finding a job in sales and getting hired is another process. The only requisites for both components are a willing mind and a determination to take action. This 50 dollar course from Udemy will help you land a sales job whether it is your first job hunt or you are returning to the workforce. After watching the lecture videos and completing activities, you will have everything you need to get hired in sales.

Introduction to Salesforce Certification and Career Planning (Udemy)

Not every enterprise makes use of Salesforce. But it is the most prevalent customer relationship management (CRM) solution in the business world today. A Salesforce Certification on your resume gives you the edge you need to stand out from the other sales job applicants. The cost of this class is 20 dollars. Knowing your way around a CRM is useful no matter what your new employer uses.

Successful Negotiation Essential Strategies and Skills

Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (Coursera)

Created by the University of Michigan, this seven-week course teaches both the basics and more advanced techniques of successful negotiation. It is an absolute steal at 49 dollars, and the expertise and knowledge shared in this course provide everything you need to know about negotiating to achieve your objectives in any circumstance.

What you learn in this class does not apply only to sales, but also to your personal and professional life. Upon completion, you will understand the principles for negotiating a salary at a new job, a raise at your current job and even your scheduled work-home-days any given workweek. Bottom line, what this online sales class has to teach you is invaluable. Do not pass up this opportunity.

Effective Communication and Sales Techniques Course (ALISON)

Razor-sharp, meaningful communication skills are priceless. From creating the best possible presentations to overcoming customer objections and addressing their concerns, this online sales class by ALISON has it all. Make sales calls and pitch potential clients in person with the skills you need to close the deal. Take advantage of this free two to three-hour course, and start establishing your reputation as a strong, reliable earner.

Sales Prospecting and Lead Generation Course (ALISON)

Another invaluable free resource, this sales class online from ALISON covers two of the most critical components for success in sales: prospecting and lead generation. No matter how skilled a salesperson you become, you will not get very far unless you know how to find promising leads or how to network contacts. This free sales class online helps you hone both essential sales skills and how to control your numbers. Do not wait for business to come to you: go out and get it.

The No-Brainer Method for Social Selling on LinkedIn (Udemy)

There are few prospect resources as invaluable as LinkedIn. Much more than a job search tool or social media resume resource, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for finding and establishing relationships with potential customers. 

Udemy’s online class on how to sell using LinkedIn costs a mere 50 dollars, and over the course of fifteen one-hour lectures, you will learn how to get the most out of your LinkedIn connections. Course materials include tips and techniques for finding better clients, building better customer relationships, and closing more deals that began as connections on LinkedIn. If you only take one sales class online from this list, we recommend that it be this one. It is a fantastic value for the money.

How to Influence People and Double Your Persuasion Skill (Skillshare)How to Influence People and Double Your Persuasion Skill (Skillshare)

Not everyone possesses a gift for social interactions. Some people do seem to have an inborn talent for talking to, interacting with and engaging others. Even complete strangers warm to and talk with these individuals. Persuasion for them is as natural as walking and breathing. 

Do you fear that type of influence and persuasiveness are outside of your comfort zone? Do you fear you do not have what it takes to be that type of individual? This sales class online from Skillshare, which is free with a trial subscription, teaches you to put that thinking aside. Anyone can develop the interpersonal skills necessary to influence and persuade others. 

If you are having doubts about your interpersonal skills and their impact on your selling, we recommend taking this online sales class. Many people find that they are their own worst enemy when interacting with others, and this course is invaluable for shaking off your old perspective and adopting a new, more positive mindset.

Presentation Essentials: How to Share Ideas That Inspire Action (Skillshare)

As with most forms of communication, it is not the information that you have to present, but rather the way that you present information. Taking this Skillshare sales class online will give you the visual presentation skills you need to communicate with and persuade your audience while avoiding the dreaded “Death by Powerpoint”. It is available for free with a Skillshare trial and consists of six thirty-three minute videos. 

The lecturer is a popular TED Talk presenter who is also a consummate master of visual presentation. This course is an absolute must if you build custom sales presentations as part of your process.

Assertiveness Basics: The 30-Minute Communication Guide (Udemy)

Personal development is as essential as professional development, and this course from Udemy is an excellent way to pursue growth in both areas of your life. Learn how to develop personal confidence in your abilities, differentiate between types of assertiveness and step outside your comfort zone to assert yourself in a calm, professional manner.

Udemy offers this online sales class for free, and it is an excellent resource whether you are interviewing for sales positions or starting to meet with and close clients. There are twelve lectures of thirty-one minutes each, and each one covers a different practical lesson on a different technique for effective assertiveness. This is among the best free sales classes online we found for up-and-coming sales reps who are looking to hone their selling skills and grow both as a person and as a professional.

Final Thoughts on Sales Classes Online

All in all, the best way to get ahead in sales is via online sales classes. Take courses while commuting or during your downtime, which makes finding time to get the training you need easier, too. If you want to achieve your personal best, you need to start taking advantage of these free and inexpensive resources that are available via sales training online. The return on your investment of time and money will pay dividends in your sales career for years to come.