Sales Management Training Program

Sales training programs are a situational consideration, based around the sales cycle and market interaction specific to your business. Sales management training programs, by the same token, require a targeted, and often custom, approach in order to instill effective behaviors.

Resorting to a generic sales management training program can reinforce fundamentals but does little to optimize management effectiveness. To turn sales managers into successful sales coaches, finding a sales management training program that is relevant, specific, accessible and cost-effective becomes imperative.

With the array of options, choosing the most practical sales management training program for your business can be overwhelming. We have broken down the top sales management training programs for the most sales-dependent contexts to help you find the best fit for your particular needs.

Custom Sales Management Training Programs

Richardson Sales Performance

Honing in on unique challenges, opportunities and objectives, Richardson creates custom sales management training programs targeted at refining organizational processes to increase sales. 

Richardson trainers perform in-depth research and collaboration with stakeholders and business leaders to craft their solutions. What follows is an optimized training regimen of relevant, impactful content delivered in an accessible, convenient format.

The Brooks Group

Widely considered among the premier sales training companies, the Brooks Group’s customized sales manager training has helped countless companies develop their leadership. 

Their comprehensive 8-step sales management training program covering the expanse of responsibilities is supplemented by their customized virtual training for complex sales contexts. With their trusted training system, the Brooks Group allows managers to effect long-term behavioral change in their recruiting, coaching and support.

RAIN Group

RAIN builds its curriculum to address its clients’ particular sales environments. Their broad selection of situational selling courses is available in onsite workshops or interactive virtual training with instructors.

The reinforcement program assures continued sales performance. Online learning modules combined with post-training coaching provide all the resources for sustained growth.

Entry Level Sales Management Training Program


For those looking to transform expertise into motivational coaching, the Developmental Sales Coaching Training Program from Richardson imparts deep insights into the communication strategies, skills and perspectives that create impactful leaders.

Richardson teaches the foundational philosophies for quality coaching through its online platform. It supplies the fundamental skills for managers within any industry to inspire a motivated, confident and disciplined sales team.

Automotive Sales Management Training ProgramAutomotive Sales Management Training Programs

NCM Associates

The General Sales Management Program from NCM Associates is a three-phase course for building a foundational understanding of leadership and applying the technical skill to efficiently manage an automotive sales team. Sales managers learn how to coach reliable selling strategies, foster new talent and monitor salesperson and business performance.

NCM supplies their automotive sales management training intensive in multi-day classes several times throughout the year in Kansas City, MO. Managers can sign up for all three classes in succession or pick the classes important to them.

Joe Verde

The sales management workshops with Joe Verde take automotive sales managers on two-day trips through key focus areas such as developing training skills, identifying opportunities and creating clear goals. The interactive format uses supervised role-playing to build out best practices in training that create measurable results on the sales floor.

Enterprise Sales Management Training Program


Sandler takes on the high-risk, high-reward realm of enterprise selling with valuable training for managers and sales reps alike. The program aims to teach the skills and instill motivation in dealing with the longer, more complex sales cycles.

Enterprise selling relies on a coordinated team effort and Sandler’s focus on creating a collaborative culture caters to that end. By equipping managers with effective processes and tools, Sandler sets up businesses for more high-profit wins.

Retail Sales Management Training Programs

Retail Sales Management Training Programs

The Friedman Group

The retail sales management training course from the Friedman Group shows retail managers how to leverage accountability and build a management structure to increase productivity. They work with individual retailers to tailor their proven sales management system in a way that meets unique organizational goals.

The retail training program directs managers on everything from understanding their role, balancing operations with sales training, setting goals, coaching and performance tracking. With their blended offering of online and on-site training, the Friedman Group provides convenient, on-going management support.

Retail Training Services

With online classes and customized programs, RTS maintains a catalog of retail management training options to fit variable needs and budgets. 

Managers can engage in targeted, self-paced training on-demand or organize workshops to redevelop their management strategies. Instructor-led in-person seminars delve into all profit-driving organizational areas, including sales, customer service, merchandising and loss prevention.

Corporate Sales Management Training Program

Hoffman Training

Available for reps and managers, the on-site workshops from Hoffman cover the extent of the sales cycle to maximize effectiveness at each stage. 

In their modular training concept, Hoffman trainers focus on the functional areas of leadership to create a more productive culture. Individual courses can be selected for responsive, specific coaching or to drive a corporate sales management overhaul.

Sales Management Training OnlineSales Management Training Online

Online sales management training is available through many of the featured professional services. For convenient sales management training to boost leadership skills, consider the following:

Inbound Sales

This free course on sales methodology benefits salespeople looking to up their game and sales managers looking for a fresh perspective. The three-hour session covers everything from prospecting to creating engaging presentations.


Udemy is a marketplace of on-demand sales manager training programs. New sales managers can dip their feet in with the “Fundamentals of Sales Management for News Sales Managers” class at a low rate. For a more robust experience, expert sales trainer Keith Rosen’s “Coaching Salespeople Into Sales Champions” class offers a near-complete education on effective coaching and leadership practices.


This sales growth certificate program is delivered in a five-course schedule, equipping sales managers with valuable skills to fuel sales growth. 

The program dives into more high-level concepts than many introductory sales management training programs. Students learn advanced market analysis, lead-generating tactics and strategies for streamlining the sales process through effective performance evaluation.

Small Business Sales Management Training


Sandler is a sales training franchise, making high-value in-person training easily accessible. Their global training expertise can be supplied at a local, small business level, allowing leaders to engage in real-world skills development to maximize the effectiveness of their sales teams.

Sales and Operations Management Training Program

Association for Supply Chain Management

ASCM offers a certificate program in its sales and operations management training program. This comprehensive course offers seminars, workshops and connection sessions to complete the required training hours.

The ASCM program instructs trainees on all areas of sales and operations planning, including data collection, supply and demand planning and conducting meetings. They also equip managers with helpful tools to facilitate their planning process to maximize their productivity and create cost-effective strategies.

Sales Management Training for New Sales Managers

Sales Readiness Group

SRG’s High-Impact Sales Manager program provides frameworks, skills and useful tools for new sales managers to build high-performing sales teams. Their real-world approach immerses managers in specific training scenarios through role-playing exercises and scenario-based learning.

New managers will progress from learning sales coaching skills to managing performance and sales pipelines to best-recruiting practices. The program is tailored to your business needs, providing a highly relevant education for sales managers to maximize the effectiveness of unique sales teams.


The Sandler Management Solutions program offers communication and relationship strategies to build better leaders. New managers are educated on hiring practices, coaching skills and performance evaluation strategies designed around their business goals.

Sandler focuses on training and application to develop confident and consistently effective leaders. The exposure to winning, business-specific strategies supports the development of the inherent perspectives and behaviors characteristic of high-performing managers.

Sales Management Training: Best Practices

Finding the best training course for your business demands a thorough approach. High-value programs can be found to enhance sales performance for businesses of any size or structure with any budget or accessibility needs. 

Crafting a truly effective sales management training program requires research and business insight. However, in any management training environment, teaching these universal standards will yield immediate benefits.

  • Take a coaching perspective: Strive for regular, responsive in-person or virtual training.
  • Define a process: Create a structured but flexible approach to managing sales throughout the sales cycle.
  • Inspire frequent feedback: Managers should foster two-way communication to detail and clarify expectations and solicit feedback to ensure buy-in.
  • Engage in sales training: Staying ahead on effective sales methodologies allows for more productive coaching.
  • Create a positive sales culture: Harnessing the individual talents of sales reps and setting practical goals creates a more motivated, performance-minded team.
  • Organize skills training: Experts may feel unobligated to formal training but full-team training sessions reinforce best practices and create a consistent process.

The Selling Revolution team collaborates with business leaders to create custom training and marketing support programs that generate reliable sales growth. If your sales management needs a boost, contact our experts to arrange a consultation.