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If your sales are in a slump, or you are looking for a way to take your existing sales game to the next level, then no doubt you have looked at a lot of different methods out there. One method that has proven itself and stood the test of time is Sandler Sales Training. This revolutionary sales method flips the traditional sales model on its head by creating a more client-focused experience that results in a significant increase in sales. If you would like to move your sales game forward, it’s time to give Sandler Sales Training a look.

What is Sandler Sales Training: 

The Sandler Sales Training method is a revolutionary idea developed by David Sandler in 1967. With over five decades of success behind it, the Sandler Sales method approaches sales differently. Rather than going for the hard and quick sell, the Sandler method values knowledge and relationships, emphasizing the qualifying phase of any sales process and saving the closing until the end, so the client is asked to make the last step.

Importance of Sandler Sales Training: 

Importance of Sandler Sales Training

In a world where everyone is looking for a quick fix, the slower, patient approach of Sandler Sales Training might seem out of place. However, this is exactly why we believe this revolutionary method is so needed today. It seems like the days of building rapport are in the past, and yet psychology, science and experience tell us that these are the ways to not only close a sale, but also to establish long-lasting relationships that grow over time. Sandler Sales Training is not about the short-term sale; it’s about long-term growth that builds relationships – and builds on them. 

Benefits of Sandler Sales Training: 

The benefits of the Sandler Sales Training method cannot be overstated, and can be broken down into three main areas: sales, relationships and satisfaction. First, over time this method has been proven to increase sales, therefore strengthening your overall bottom line. In addition, this sales technique emphasizes relationships, which helps you forge long-term clients who are in it for the duration. Third, the importance given to qualifying a sale means a dramatic increase not only in sales, but also in customer satisfaction. Since closing happens only after it has been proven that the sale is in everyone’s best interest, there is no reason to fear buyer’s remorse or a changing of minds.

Sandler Sales Training Methodology: 

The Sandler Sales technique is built on the idea that relationships are the key to a healthy and successful sale. So, the Sandler method eschews the quick sale and focuses on building a rapport between the customer and the sales staff by breaking the sales technique into seven main steps.

  • Bonding and Rapport: The first step is to learn how to build relationships with customers. 
  • Up-Front Contracts: Every meeting should have clear, definable aims and objectives, stated in an up-front contract that specifies time and place, purpose, the client’s agenda, your agenda and the hoped-for outcome of the meeting.
  • Pain: All sales are predicated on the idea that the client needs something. This “need” is the pain. What is the problem that you are trying to solve? Identify this pain, for without knowing the extent of the need, you cannot hope to craft a real solution.
  • Budget: No sale is realistic if the customer cannot afford it. Rather than trying bait-and-switch other techniques that erode trust and goodwill, the Sandler method asks to keep the client’s budget in mind to help avoid problems, surprises and ill-will down the road.
  • Decision: Now that information has been gathered, it’s time for you, the seller, to decide if the sale should move forward. Do you have the information you need? What else do you need to know? Or, now that you have the information, is this a good prospect or not?
  • Fulfillment: After you have gathered information and built rapport make your presentation. By gathering information beforehand you already have answers to the questions you know that will be asked, and you are ready to present a full presentation that clearly states your case.
  • Post-Sell: Now that you have made your case, it’s time to let the buyer take the final step. 

Sandler Sales Training Process: 

Sandler Sales Training ProcessDepending on your needs, the training process varies from situation to situation. Sandler online training and video courses can be made to work around your busy schedule, and the varied needs of our clients means that no two training situations are ever exactly alike. If you would prefer in-person training, we can accommodate as large or small of a group as you would like as we walk you through the proven seven-step Sandler Sales technique. Either way,  you can be sure that your sales staff will be given the tools they need to revolutionize your business and your bottom line.

Sandler Sales Training Cost: 

Training can occur in a variety of ways, from whole-business training to individuals to small, mobile teams. We can even provide online courses or videos that come with their own price tag. To get a personalized quote for your sales training needs, contact us today. 

Sandler Online Sales Training: 

If you are looking for a more convenient and affordable training method, feel free to inquire about our Sandler online Sales Training. Whether it’s through pre-made videos or live online training, you can learn this proven technique anywhere, any time!

Final Thoughts on Sandler Sales Training

Final Thoughts on Sandler Sales Training: 

For those looking to keep the status quo, the Sandler Sales Training method and Sandler online training might not be the way to go. However, if you are looking to fundamentally change how you sell, then you owe it to yourself, your company and your clients to look more into this tried-and-true sales technique. To learn how you can bring this revolutionary sales technique home, please contact us today!




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