The Best Sales Training Companies for Building Sustainable Growth

The quality of your sales training is one of the primary influencers of your business’s growth potential. Better training develops more informed, confident and effective sales teams through every step of the sales process, from lead generation to relationship management. Prioritizing investment in high-quality sales training programs is critical in maximizing your team’s sales output.

Sales Training Programs

For many organizations, investing in professional sales training programs provides a fresh perspective, expert assessment and productive impact on sales opportunities.

Our list of the top sales training companies considers each company’s depth of offerings along with the following criteria:

  • Company size and presence in the market.
  • Client profiles and prominence.
  • Overall quality and client satisfaction.
  • Industry impact.

Companies with the Best Sales Training Programs

Companies with the best sales training programs narrow their focus and customize their approach to suit the unique needs of their clients. They tailor their sales training programs for B2B or B2C contexts, teaching best practices in prospecting, qualifying, product presentation and demos, closing sales and building long-term client relationships. Working within the framework of the business, accounting for its competition, USPs and sales cycle, these companies increase the sales efficiency of their clients. 

The most valuable sales training programs not only optimize the sales associate’s selling capacity but also provide sales management training. By supporting management’s ability to train and affect performance, the best sales training companies perpetuate sales effectiveness well beyond the end of the sales training course.

Top 20 Sales Training Companies

Top 20 Sales Training Companies

Mercuri International, Sweden

Based in Sweden, Mercuri International is a global leader in sales training. Their tailor-made sales training seminars and exhaustive expertise in a variety of industries offer practical guidance for any business to grow its profit potential.

Richardson Sales Performance, Pennsylvania

Richardson & SPI is best characterized by its global reach and focus on cutting-edge innovation. Using proven sales techniques and the latest in technological advancement, Richardson’s sales training program efficiently captures and maximizes their clients’ sales force capabilities.

Janek Performance Group, Nevada

Grounding their approach in comprehensive research, Janek has emerged as one of the companies with the best training programs. The depth of the solutions they offer drive quality customer relationships and form salesperson behaviors to match the needs and opportunities of their business.

Action Selling, Minnesota

Action Selling focuses the sales training seminar on identifying their clients’ USP, sales cycle and company culture. By catering their sales training course to the unique potential of the sales team, they create strategies for expediting and growing sales for the long term.

The Brooks Group, North Carolina

In providing award-winning sales training since 1977, The Brooks Group has undeniably earned its place among the top 20 sales training companies. Their appreciation and concern for quality sales and sales management training support the talent growth of entire organizations.

Corporate Visions, Nevada

Corporate Visions have built a reputation for enhancing the marketing and sales efforts of growing B2B organizations. Through a specific aim toward creating and communicating value, Corporate Visions captures the essence of their clients’ business to execute winning sales strategies.

Wilson Learning, Minnesota

The learning journey is at the forefront of Wilson Learning’s approach to improving sales effectiveness. Working with companies across 50 countries, they create curriculums formulated to advance their clients’ business objectives and impact their foothold in the marketplace.

ValueSelling Associates, Inc., California

ValueSelling’s unique sales training programs, ValueSelling Framework® and Vortex Prospecting™ have consistently driven sales results for their clients. By building an iterative process for creating connections, ValueSelling effectively sets clients up for sustained revenue-boosting sales execution.

BTS, Sweden

BTS is a global professional sales training organization focused on the people that direct and drive strategy. Their real-world training approach develops account management tactics and builds better decision-making processes across all company levels.

Carew International, Ohio

A well-established brand, Carew International has garnered extensive recognition for delivering effective sales training over its 40-year existence. Experts in the fundamentals, Carew provides in-depth interpersonal communication and functional sales skills training.

Imparta, England

Imparta specializes in complex sales training programs for large global corporations. They have been widely recognized for their contributions to the sales training industry and are considered among the top thought leaders.

Integrity Solutions, Tennessee

Designed for the modern market, Integrity Solutions centers its training approach on building better business relationships through integrity. In partnering with value-driven companies, Integrity has proven its capacity for advancing positive sales philosophies that enrich the sales experience for businesses and customers alike.

RAIN Group, Massachusetts

RAIN Group is arguably the company with the best sales training program, winning numerous awards and consistently ranking among the top sales training companies by industry insiders. With one of the most complete service offerings, RAIN Group provides the custom, continuous training businesses need in a manner suitable to their structure.

Revenue Storm Corporation, Illinois

The scientific angle that Revenue Storm takes in their consulting practice helps companies increase conversion and build revenue. They translate consumer behavior research into actionable sales strategies for growing businesses across the world.

ASLAN Training and Development, Georgia

ASLAN is known for its ability to empower sales reps, giving them the tools and perspectives they need to embrace sales as an essential component of quality customer service. In their certification process, they teach leaders and associates unique sales methods optimized for their business.

Global Performance Group, Connecticut

Global Performance Group maintains and communicates an acute understanding of the power of fluid sales behaviors. Their hands-on sales training program is designed to aid sales professionals in reaching crucial sales targets and imbuing efficiency into the sales cycle, resulting in higher win rates for their clients.

Sales Readiness Group, Washington

SRG aims to improve sales team performance for its clients through a customizable and measurable skills training program. Their sales training efforts touch associates and management alike, creating sustainable frameworks for ongoing sales skill development.

Challenger, Virginia

Challenger is an agreed-upon consultant of choice for businesses managing complex sales situations. Their services are available across live, digital and virtual platforms, creating accessible learning opportunities to support sales, marketing and customer service representatives push KPIs.

Sandler Training, Maryland

Sandler is a franchise operating out of several locations across the globe. From small businesses to global corporations, companies of all sizes have benefited from the ongoing training programs developed over Sandler’s 50 years of service

Miller Heiman Group, Colorado

In-depth research, advanced sales techniques and sound methodology define Miller Heiman’s approach to sales coaching. Their sales training workshops cover everything from account management to customer service, equipping their clients with the skills to drive revenue growth and achieve their unique business goals.

Sales Management Training and Corporate Training JobsSales Management Training and Corporate Training Jobs

Not all companies offer the same fit to match the needs of your business. It is critical to research the solutions that both align with your company’s brand, vision and training goals and match your business’s scale and organizational structure. 

The best sales training programs empower leadership and supply the skills and reinforcement to automate a next-level training process after the program has finished. Sales management training is essential to funnel new skills and methods to sales reps on an individual level while creating a cohesive team environment. With proper training, management can optimize their ability to:

  • Promote best practices around prospecting, qualifying, negotiating, conversion and account management.
  • Delegate tasks and inspire ownership of sales improvement.
  • Create more effective accountability procedures.
  • Identify opportunities and gear training to address immediate needs.
  • Employ unique training methods.
  • Become more adept at setting goals and facilitating individual success.

By focusing on training from professional companies on high-level authorities within the organization, sales skills are communicated across departments, aligning the entirety of the business in a shared direction. In company’s that tout upward mobility, this top-down approach to training also sets the next generation of management up for continued success.

Companies that take the comprehensive approach can also use these training programs to benefit dedicated internal training members. In larger companies, those with corporate training jobs can bolster their understanding of effective methodologies and create workable training structures.

Sales Training Courses with the Selling RevolutionSales Training Courses with the Selling Revolution

At the Selling Revolution, our purpose is to formulate sales and marketing training strategies that support your business goals and values. Our cost-effective training from industry experts moves beyond generic sales training to create custom programs that provide the skills to succeed in your industry. The Selling System™ we develop for your organization includes continued support and reinforcement to provide long-term value. 

We offer our tailored program alongside a comprehensive array of management training and marketing services. This aims to maximize effective output across the organization. For more information on how we can help you optimize the talents and focus of your sales professionals, contact our team today.