Top 15 FREE and Budget Friendly Marketing Ideas

Small business marketing is hard. You and us both already know that.

Especially if you are a startup, you have a low budget all around. But you know how important startup marketing is regardless.

It’s an extensive process. There are a lot of moving parts, and you have a lot of those within your business, too.

You need to get your brand out there and sell your products or services. But you need to make sure everything you do to take those steps aligns with budget allowances.

We have the perfect solution for you. Keep reading for 15 of the best free or budget-friendly marketing ideas.

FREE and Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas for Any Business

We know you are busy getting your business off the ground and running. Sometimes, you just need a little push.

Let us take some of that off your plate.

Like everything else we offer for your company’s success, these marketing ideas will serve as your energy drink. They will give you the fire under your heels to sprint to the finish line– and keep up your pace for long-term growth.

1. Start Social Media Campaigns

Almost everyone you know is on social media in some form. That includes your grandmother, friends, coworkers, and everyone in between.

Do you know who else is on at least one social media platform? Your customers and prospects. Why not take advantage of business marketing where your target market already has a high amount of traffic?

Social media is also free. Consider launching your next campaign here. And don’t stop there. Also, make sure that you keep up with your social media content by engaging with and answering customer comments and questions.

This is a solid way to build your brand and garner trust within your market.

You can start small with your strides here. These are only some of the networks you can use:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Be active and foster a community of loyal followers through some of these actions:

  • Promote your blog posts and internal website links to drive traffic.
  • Develop a voice that reflects your brand values.
  • Host open communication with your followers to engage them.
  • Publish polls and surveys.
  • Ask for feedback. (And listen to it!)
  • Reference your lengthier content. Then, easy-to-digest snippets to publish on your social media accounts.

2. List in Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business, or GMB, is yet another one of Google’s many services. And like most of what Google offers, this one is 100 percent free as well.

Time is money, so you need marketing ideas that work both quickly and effectively.

GMB is one of the best bets for local businesses.

You have seen it in action even if you did not realize it at the time.

Picture this: you’re looking for a new home to buy. You look up “real estate agent near me.” That little section that pops up and catches your eye first on Google? That’s GMB. The agents or agencies that take advantage of it are taking part in effective real estate marketing.

If you use this as one of your marketing ideas, you have a freeway for your business to show up in:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Search
  • The Knowledge Panel on the right side for branded searching

To get your listing to appear higher up in all those search results, though, you have to optimize your Business Profile. Do this process by becoming a verified owner through GMB itself.

Try Email Marketing3. Try Email Marketing

Like we said earlier, you’ll find almost everyone you need to engage with on social media. If for some reason that’s not the case, try out email marketing. Odds are, you have even more customers and prospects with an email address than a social media account if that’s even possible.

Email marketing is still among those free marketing ideas, but you do need to put more time and effort into it.

You can improve existing client relations while you market to prospects.

Ensure that you use creative marketing with your subject lines. You also need to have a specific offer for each email. You want to drive action among your customer core.

And most important of all: you need to measure your results for success. What do your recipients respond to and interact with the most? Reference your email marketing strengths and weaknesses for the future.

4. LinkedIn Marketing

Some business owners or marketers do not realize just how vital LinkedIn is as a marketing tool.

If you are not familiar with all that the site has to offer, you are going to want to get used to it. It’s been around for a while, and it’s here to stay.

It is great to build your network on LinkedIn by adding connections. However, you need to dive a little deeper than that for success on the platform. You can share your blog posts and internal links. You can communicate with other businesses and see what your competition is up to. Share content and post on relevant forums.

You get to communicate with professional peers, but you also can teach your audience about your brand.

5. Localized Ads Listing

Localized ads as marketing ideas are very effective. Again, you have to get your hands dirty and put in extra work, but they are still free.

Use SEO tactics here. Google’s algorithm is made to push relevant content to the top of your customers’ search queries.

Do not confuse local SEO with pay-per-click ads. Think of this as a good thing compared to PPC. While both are effective, localized ads make it so that you have just as much of a chance to shine as your rivals.

Here are some top tips:

  • Use appropriate keywords. If you are a sushi restaurant in Atlanta, Ga., include relevant keywords in your content. For example, add “Atlanta sushi” into your titles, content, and headers.
  • Standardize your information for all platforms. It will promote easy-to-understand content for your online listings.
  • Target your audience, specifically. Make sure your blog posts and pages direct your products and services to the right parties.

6. Free Ad Promo Credits

You have a lot of advertising ideas, so it’s hard to know where to begin when you want to bring them to life.

Check Facebook and search Google for ad campaign coupons or discount codes. A lot of online services have their own promotions for you as a business owner if you become a member.

After you find and apply your promo code, you finish the easiest part. You also need to consider honing your PPC knowledge, though.

7. Business Awards

Every successful marketing entrepreneur knows the power of business awards.

Apply for various business awards that relate to your brand and showcase them on your website. They earn your trust within your marketplace. In turn, they drive revenue.

Guerrilla Marketing

8. Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is one of the most creative marketing ideas available. Local strategies especially are affordable and simple.

You can invent almost any of your marketing ideas here, or reference the stockpile of pros’ ideas:

  • Use sidewalk chalk on a busy street to promote your social media handles.
  • Put your business’s stickers on lampposts to catch the eye.
  • Own the power of street art on a popular road.

9. Publish Blogs

We’ve talked a lot about blogs for good reason. That’s because they accomplish the following and much more:

  • Boost SEO
  • Engage internal and external employees
  • Increase site traffic
  • Get your brand name out there

Not only is it free, but it also shapes your brand as trustworthy in the eyes of your audience.

10. Post Videos on YouTube and Social Media

A lot of people don’t like to sit down and read content, no matter how short and to-the-point it is.

That’s why videos are a prime option for marketing ideas. For a budget-friendly choice, produce your own videos and post them to your socials.

A vastly popular video trend is that of the DIY era. Show your customers how to use your products or services in a brief video. You can use free tools online that will help you create visual content easily without all the hassle (e.g. background remover tool.) 

11. Launch Podcast Series 

It’s the era of podcasts. Everyone we know and love has at least one or two favorite podcasts. They’re great to listen to while working or to do mundane tasks like doing dishes or keeping the house a little more enjoyable.

Consider hosting your own podcast series with industry leaders and relevant guests for your audience. 

12. Create Brand Ambassadors

Everyone trusts a brand (or its products) more if they hear about a success story from their friend or family member.

Capitalize on that by turning your employees into brand ambassadors. They can talk about promotions or how your brand’s product or service bettered their quality of life.

13. Host Webinars

Webinars aren’t always free, but if they do cost something it won’t be much.

Since 2020, most people prefer webinars to in-person events.

You have a lot of platform choices for these types of marketing ideas, too.

Promote your webinar on social media, internal sites, and email marketing.

14. Run Facebook Ads

You might think of ads as an expense you cannot justify. But have you considered the power of Facebook ads?

Facebook is already free to sign, and you probably already use the platform for your business. It won’t cost you a pretty penny to use cost-per-click Facebook ads, either.

Content Marketing15. Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of a lot of different ideas. The general definition is when you create and share online content to interest your audience in what you sell.

If a lot of the other marketing ideas we shared above don’t feel right for you, get back to the basics with content marketing.

Post on social media, write a blog post or create infographics. You can also share and repost content from other brands.


As you can see, there is no need to panic when it comes to keeping your budget happy and your customers informed. We have all the marketing ideas and solutions you need.

At Selling Revolution, we really do revolutionize the way you sell. It might start with marketing, but we take you to the finish line.

These marketing ideas are a great way to get yourself out there, and you can check out our blog for more help like what you just read.

We don’t stop there, either. Our professionals have decades of experience in customizing selling systems for your business needs and long-term growth.

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