Top 25 Lead Generation Software in 2021

For the most part, sales is all about finding new leads. There are so many places in which to find them. However, there are too many for your sales team to manage themselves. 

Thankfully, we live in an age of technology and apps. So, your reps don’t have to spend countless hours locating and vetting new leads. Instead, they can use lead generation software. 

With that in mind, we’re going to showcase the top 25 lead generation software platforms for 2021. Whether you are new to lead generation or looking to upgrade your sales team, these programs can help you achieve your goals. 

What is Lead Generation Software?

Simply put, lead generation software is a program that helps your reps find new leads. Usually, each app focuses on a specific marketing channel, such as social media or search engine results pages (SERPs). Some lead generation software can work across different channels and platforms, making them more versatile and valuable for your business. 

What are the Benefits of Lead Generation Software?

Overall, sales is a numbers game. The more people you sell to, the bigger your bottom line. You can use different strategies to increase your conversion and close rates. But, the best way to increase sales is to find more leads. 

Lead generation software empowers your sales team by locating these potential customers automatically. The program is doing a lot of the work finding and qualifying each lead. So, your reps can spend more time selling and closing deals. 

The bottom line is that lead generation software ensures that you are getting the most out of each salesperson. Now, let’s look at the top programs available. 

Top 25 Lead Generation Software OptionsTop 25 Lead Generation Software Options

Dynamics 365

If you’re familiar with Microsoft 365, you know that it is a full suite of programs, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Dynamics 365 continues the trend by offering marketing and sales tools for every situation. 

While other lead generation software focuses on specific channels and processes, Dynamics allows your team to take a comprehensive approach to qualify leads. Further, the suite also comes with operational and financial apps, making it an all-in-one solution for companies big and small. 


Many people are visual thinkers, meaning that they need pictures and graphics to help visualize concepts. Creating a sales pipeline can be too abstract for some users, making it difficult to plan each step efficiently. 

Pipedrive enables your sales team to build pipelines quickly by using a visual builder. Reps can move pieces from one step to the other, helping them understand how to drive leads through the pipe. The program also comes with analytics to see which actions are working best.

Like Dynamics 365, is a full suite of marketing and sales tools. You can focus your attention on specific programs like CRM, project management, task management and even software development. is ideal for larger companies with sufficient infrastructure to use these tools. But, even smaller brands can take advantage of the program’s comprehensive nature. Once you master the learning curve, the sky’s the limit. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub

All marketers are familiar with HubSpot, and the website offers this complete package. You can combine all of your marketing tools into a single platform. Build blog posts, social media, video clips and more and run analytics on all of their performances. 

Best of all, you can tap into HubSpot’s industry-leading insights to maximize your lead generation capabilities. 

Marketing 360

Some lead generation software is built for big corporations, while others like Marketing 360 are designed for startups and small businesses. You tap into various marketing and sales growth tools, You can also build your website from scratch to ensure smooth integration. 

What sets Marketing 360 apart is that you can have a hands-on or hands-off approach. You can either let an in-house marketing team handle the various details, or you can dive in and control everything yourself. 


One of the primary challenges of running a B2B company is finding contact information for other businesses. Lusha has an extension that curates this data immediately, so your reps don’t have to spend hours looking for it. 

Best of all, Lusha allows your team to deliver personalized attention to new leads, endearing them to your brand. Stop wasting time searching and spend more time building relationships.  


Rather than moving leads through a complex funnel full of program silos, SharpSpring empowers your team to keep track of each lead at every step. This program is comprehensive and integrates with the most well-known CRM programs like SalesForce. 

Another advantage of SharpSpring is its automation capabilities. Automating various processes can help your team close more deals and forge longer-lasting relationships with clients. 


Chatbots are a vital tool that can help you interact with more leads in less time. Rather than having to staff extra salespeople, you can let the bots do the work of sorting prospects so that you know how to sell to them. 

Intercom uses high-quality chatbot systems that offer a more conversational approach. In many cases, leads won’t even know that they’re talking to an AI program. You can customize your responses and test which ones get the most traction. 


Sales funnels are essential for growing your business, but building them can be challenging and time-consuming. ClickFunnels makes it easy for new companies to create a website and a funnel all in one system. 

From there, you can move leads through the funnel until they convert. Automated tools and an easy-to-use interface mean that virtually any-sized business can experience incredible growth in a short period. 


User engagement occurs when new leads see customized content. EngageBay allows you to build these marketing elements quickly and efficiently. Create landing pages that lead to email drip campaigns, and set automated tasks to move leads through the system without any hiccups. 

You can choose the all-in-one sales and marketing suite or focus your attention on one side of the equation —  lead generation or CRM. 

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM

LinkedIn is the most valuable social network for B2B companies, but it can be hard to navigate and utilize correctly. Octopus CRM focuses exclusively on LinkedIn tools, meaning that you can maximize your account in little time. 

As far as lead generation software goes, Octopus CRM allows your reps to find new leads, build a rapport, and then close deals much faster than they would otherwise. 


Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming more widespread, and it is disrupting the sales and marketing industries. While nothing will replace human contact, lead generation software like ActiveDemand can enhance your sales efforts. 

The primary selling point of this program is that its AI can customize content based on predictive programming. All you have to do is build a few variations of your content pieces, and ActiveDemand will use the one that works best for each visitor. 

Bitrix 24

Customer relationship management software is vital for continued success. Once you make contact with a lead, you have to nurture that person before, during, and after a sale. CRM platforms like Bitrix 24 make it easy to stay in constant communication with automated tools and reminders. 

Bitrix 24 goes a step further by providing your team with various communication methods so your customers can reach out in multiple ways. Utilize emails, social media channels, chatbots, SMS messaging and more. 

Evolution 360 B2B Leads

As you have likely noticed, any sales and marketing tool with 360 in its name is an all-in-one solution. Evolution 360 offers tons of tools to build funnels and track leads through each step. Best of all, it works well for both B2C and B2B companies. 

When it comes to lead generation, Evolution 360 focuses mostly on web traffic, SEO, and social media platforms. Manage all of your accounts in one easy-to-use dashboard. 


Too many salespeople focus on back-end tasks, meaning that they spend less time selling products. Salesflare is designed to streamline data collection and entry, freeing up more availability to build and strengthen client relationships. 

Another advantage of Salesflare is that it’s a team-based platform, meaning that sales reps can collaborate on different funnels. 


One of the best ways to capture new leads is by offering exciting and engaging content. Outgrow offers various games and tools to make your marketing materials much more interactive. 

Build quizzes, assessments, calculators and more with this comprehensive lead generation software. Enhance your lead capturing capabilities and see your bottom line grow. 

Proof Pulse

One challenge that new companies can experience is building trust with new leads. Proof Pulse alleviates this problem by allowing you to integrate social proof into your sales funnels. Incorporate elements like user reviews, social media comments and more to assure your leads that your brand is legit. 

Best of all, you can see how your proof elements are working by seeing real-time analytics of your website visitors. From there, you can tweak your messaging so that it is even more captivating.

As with Proof Pulse, Evidence focuses on incorporating social proof into your marketing and sales processes. One of the core components of Evidence is pop-up tags that show real-time updates to visitors. Fear of missing out is a powerful motivator, making Evidence a potent lead generation software tool. 


When it comes to marketing and lead generation, automation is crucial for scaling your business. As you grow and capture more leads, it will become impossible for your sales team to keep up. 

Act-On allows you to create automation for virtually every step of your sales funnel, making it much easier to scale up without losing any business. Best of all, the program is adaptive and reactive, so you don’t have to spend all your time updating the system. 


Another challenge you can face when finding new leads is getting them to opt-into your sales funnel. Poptin utilizes engaging pop-up windows and forms to help you capture more visitors in less time. 

Not only is it easy to create new forms, but Poptin allows you to split-test them to see which ones work the best. Over time, you can refine your messaging so that each unique visitor is tempted to subscribe. 


In most cases, customer referrals are the most reliable way to get new business. Referrizer makes it easy to capture these recommendations by enticing current customers to refer others. If you’re familiar with growth hacking, referral automation is one excellent way to ensure the fast acceleration of your bottom line. 

Referrizer also has other marketing tools, making it an ideal all-in-one lead generation software. 


Sometimes, the best way to convert leads to customers is to give them the right push at the right time. Convertful enables you to maximize every inch of real estate on your website and landing pages with impactful tools, such as pop-up windows, scroll boxes, welcome mats and floating buttons. 

Learn how to strategically use each of these elements and gain analytical insight to know which ones have the best results. From there, success is virtually guaranteed.

While you want to rely on subscriber lists to build your audience, sometimes you need to be more proactive. GetEmail does precisely what its name suggests —  it helps you get email addresses for new leads. 

This tool is ideal for B2B companies that struggle with finding the right contact information. Not only does GetEmail work quickly, but it locates up-to-date details. 

WordStream Advisor

Online ads are an excellent way to attract attention and build brand awareness. However, developing and running these ads can be challenging, particularly for startups and small businesses. 

WordStream Advisor helps streamline the ad process by helping you develop ad copy and layouts that get attention. When it comes to lead generation software, you will increase your advertising ROI almost immediately. 

Albacross Lead Generation

What if you could know exactly when a lead is ready to buy one of your products? With Albacross, you can gain valuable insight into purchase habits without having to nurture leads. 

This advanced AI lead generation software uses predictive technology to alert you when a prospect is likely to move forward with a sale. From there, you can customize your content to capture their attention and seal the deal as quickly as possible. 

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