Top HVAC Marketing Strategies To Try in 2022

HVAC companies often struggle to attract new customers, as well as retain them for years of continued sales. With so many other competitors in the industry, an HVAC company’s success might come down to marketing. Without relevant and effective advertising strategies, it’s challenging to keep an HVAC business profitable.

This is an issue for both small and large HVAC businesses. Out-dated and inconsistent marketing strategies simply will not cut it. If your materials aren’t relevant and convincing, then your leads will fall flat, and so will your sales.

Instead, increase your conversion rates with a seamless marketing plan. If you’ve struggled in the past, it’s because many traditional HVAC marketing strategies aren’t relevant anymore. Or, perhaps you’re implementing them wrong. Ad creation is not a perfect science. It involves a nuanced understanding and a creative approach. 

If traditional methods might need to be replaced, then what are some new ones to look into? In this article, we’ll cover new digital marketing trends, and then we’ll recommend our top seven to try in 2022. 

Use this article to optimize your marketing advertising to get more leads for your HVAC company. That way you can stay open and profitable for decades to come.

What are the New Digital Marketing Trends for HVAC?

As the world continues to digitize, you’ll need to follow trends to keep up. With digital marketing tools and campaigns, you’ll be able to make the most of your marketing efforts. Growing your audience takes dedicated focus, so we’ve compiled this list of new digital marketing trends. We think HVAC companies should pay attention to these. We think you’ll find them particularly helpful. 

Reel Videos

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok offer the opportunity to post short videos, or reels. Since video is such a captivating medium for viewers, and attention spans are shrinking, these reels are an excellent way to broaden your audience. By exposing viewers to your company frequently, but in bite-sized pieces, you’ll stay at the top of their mind. When you have that mental real-estate, you’ll have an easier time converting your offers and sales down the road. Everyone needs HVAC help at some point, so why not be the first company they think of?

Personalized Content

People like to feel special. So if you can use their name in the materials you send them, they’ll feel as though you care about them in particular. When people feel appreciated and thought of, it matters to them. 

Make your clients understand that you think of them, too, and that they’re valuable to you. If you can use personalized content effectively, you’ll increase your customer loyalty. Keeping customers coming back tends to be easier and less expensive, so we highly recommend making an effort to maximize your company’s brand loyalty.

Minimalist ContentMinimalist Content

As we mentioned above, attention spans seem to be shrinking. That means that overloading your viewer with information is more likely to overwhelm them than interest them. 

That means you can turn to minimalist content to get your point across clearly. There’s something that feels more authentic about this type of marketing content. Tell your audience what they need to know, and nothing more. Or, tell them even less

This is where the more artistic side of marketing comes in. Well, how much less? It takes some trial and error, but in time you’ll be able to get a sense for what will leave the viewer with a sense of wonder or intrigue. 

You want them to either appreciate the brevity of this type of minimalist content, or you’ll want them to feel like they have to learn more. Piquing interest tends to be more effective when it’s subtle, rather than overt. 

Gender Neutral Ads

As the world grows more inclusive, so too do advertisements. If you want all of your viewers to feel as though they have a place as a customer at your company, then use gender neutral language. 

If you market your services to “men” and “women,” why would someone who doesn’t identify with either group want to use your company? They wouldn’t, and in that case, you would be losing sales. 

If you’re having a hard time designing your marketing plan to work for your HVAC company, then Selling Revolution would like to offer you assistance. 

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Metaverse Phenomena

We’re not just talking about Facebook’s “Meta” here. We mean everything that is virtual or augmented reality. Imagine if you could help your audience virtually experience aspects of your service? You could “walk” or “tour” them through properties or projects you’ve previously worked on. You explain services while demonstrating those services, and your audience would feel like they’re there with you. 

The potential of the virtual world is still inconceivable. If you asked someone in 1996 what marketing would look like in 2022, I imagine they wouldn’t be able to paint the most accurate picture. While we’re confident the metaverse is going to change so much about how marketers design and implement their campaigns, we don’t yet know where it’ll take us. 

We do think it’s important to get up to speed and stay up to date with the latest advancements. Otherwise, you’ll get to a point where it’s too overwhelming or expensive to learn about and implement metaverse marketing. Times change fast, and technology changes faster. So keep up!

NFT World

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are starting to make their way into the marketing world. Large companies such as Campbell’s and Coca-Cola have even issued collectibles last year in the form of NFTs. These unique digital assets are thought to be another tool to increase a sense of community and an in-group with customer bases. Like with all digital technologies, NFTs are not to be ignored. We might be looking at a very different marketing world soon, and you don’t want to be left in the dust, wondering what all of these new acronyms mean…



Cryptocurrency is decentralizing finance, spreading financial power out. Increasingly, companies might find that their customers want to pay with cryptocurrency, or “crypto” for short. This could be a risky move for businesses, since crypto can change value so quickly. Don’t forget that the US dollar also changes value on a regular basis, but crypto is not nearly as stabilized. You could open yourself up to financial risk by accepting this form of payment, but you could also increase your customer base. It depends on how popular it gets and how stable it becomes. In some countries, Bitcoin (a popular cryptocurrency) is more stable than their national currency.

7 HVAC Marketing Strategies to Try in 2022

We’ve covered popular digital marketing trends for HVAC companies. Now, we’d like to recommend seven strategies we recommend for HVAC companies to implement in their marketing this year.

1. PPC Audience Targeting

Pay-per-click traffic is a good marketing strategy to choose for HVAC and home services companies to grow their audience quickly. It can be expensive, but if you’re looking to jumpstart your brand growth, it’s a good place to start. Since you can get very specific with what groups you’re after, you can narrow down your audience for maximum effectiveness. Try targeting whatever demographics your ideal customers have come from so far.

2. Facebook Ads Custom Audience

This option might sound like PPC at first, but it’s a bit different. The goal here is to target Facebook users who already have engaged with your brand. By assessing your customer lists, traffic on your website or apps or even activity on Facebook, you can discover and target the audience that’s already familiar with your company. It’s a good way to increase loyalty with your customers and gain returning ones. That way, you aren’t losing existing customers to competitor HVAC services.

3. Retargeting Audience

Since keeping a customer is a better option than gaining a new one, we recommend using retargeting this year. It tends to convert leads better, since they already know about your brand and have potentially even made purchases with you before. Facebook has tools for this method, and you can also use other digital platforms like LinkedIn. 

With your current contact list information, you can ensure that users on these platforms who have provided you with their email will see your ads when they use their social media accounts. Or, you can have the software determine who has interacted with your online materials before and then target them with your ads. 

4. Google Ads Enhanced Conversions

Privacy matters. With Google Ads enhanced conversions, you can use more-ethically-sourced data to your advantage. Without actually collecting or tracking third-party cookies, Google is able to offer advertisers the same benefits as if they were. This process involves first-party data comparisons to draw the same or similar conclusions that third-party cookies would. 

First-party cookies are bits of information that websites directly track themselves and store. This data informs the site on your behavior so it can give you a better user experience the next time. Examples include language settings, your time zone or location, shopping carts and more. With enhanced conversion, you’ll offer Google your first-party data for them to compare to their first-party data. Then, you’ll have an accurate picture of the behavior that users are exhibiting, but without more-intrusive third-party data tracking. Win-win, right? 

Google Passage Ranking Optimization5. Google Passage Ranking Optimization

In general, Google’s algorithms aim to provide the most relevant results and highest-level user experience possible. In the case of passage ranking optimization, Google analyzes different passages of copy on the same topics to identify which is most relevant for which search queries. In the past, articles that provide more general information throughout an entire article would tend to rank higher. Now, articles that answer specific questions in a brief and clear way in a single passage are more likely to rank better. Again…think of the shortening attention span.

It signals a turn from more general research and results to more specific ones. Google’s change here signals a change in the way people are using search engines. Keep up with this trend by creating specific passages that address specific concerns, questions or services in the HVAC industry to out-rank your competitors!

6. Technical Content SEO

As an HVAC company, you have many competitors in your industry, and likely in your local area. That means that for your website to rank higher than other companies in your town or city, you’ll need an excellent website. Great websites work fast and are easy to navigate. With many different factors that influence technical content search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll need to holistically improve your website. 

With Google Search Console, you can track your Core Web Vitals. Without the help of a web developer, it will be challenging to optimize your site technically. There are some measures you could take yourself, though: compressing the images on your site and moderating the comment sections on your blogs are two good starting points. Get your images to look good, but not take up so much space (storage-wise and size-wise). And if you can prevent spam accounts from commenting on your posts, you’ll boost your SEO.

7. Plain Text Personalized Email Marketing

Sometimes marketing emails can be overwhelming. With too many graphics, colors, fonts, videos and clickable links or buttons, users won’t engage. To go to the other end of the spectrum, simple, plain text emails can be incredibly effective. WIth no nonsense or frills, your users will get the point and not feel that you’re trying gimmicks on them. 

Sometimes less is more, so don’t forget that for your marketing emails. And again, using people’s names makes them feel special and connected. When you focus on the personal connection, your customers will grow more loyal.

And if you’re looking for more ways to optimize your marketing, Selling Revolution is here for you. We have helped many HVAC companies achieve the sales goals they desire, and we can help you with the same. 

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