Top Sales Training Programs for Developing Effective Sellers

The proliferation of the internet and new communication technologies have fundamentally changed the nature of effective sales. As market barriers crumble and consumers have better access to information and product options, sales representatives face higher performance expectations to win sales. As such, better sales training is becoming increasingly important to elevate team members above the expanding competition. In today’s business environment, internal sales training and “learn-by-experience” limit a sales team’s exposure to winning strategies. Investing in the top sales training programs from professional services is a critical consideration for modern businesses to optimize the effectiveness of their sales reps. 

Sales Training Program

Sales training programs are wide-ranging and accessible, giving businesses of all sizes budget-friendly and convenient professional assistance in growing revenue. Workshops and classes provide customized, in-person skills development, while new digital platforms offer all kinds of virtual and on-demand training.

Sales training programs vary in focus, delivery, and audience. Programs can be general for entry-level sales reps or specific for enhancing advanced sales tactics. Management along different organizational levels can also find sales training programs to enhance their roles in the sales process.

Sales training programs can often be tailored to fit the structure and needs of the business. Their solutions can accomplish a variety of sales training goals, including the following:

  • Improve qualifying and lead-generation skills.
  • Teach sales fundamentals and expand sales knowledge.
  • Outline the product demo and presentation best practices.
  • Explain processes to expedite the sales cycle.
  • Introduce and train on new technologies and efficient sales tools, such as CRM software.
  • Establish and reinforce new behaviors and processes.
  • Update salesperson knowledge base to manage emergent trends, behaviors, products, and competition.

The top sales training programs offer high-value education to improve salesperson competence, ultimately building revenue and business potential. Our list of the top sales training programs includes online courses as well as in-person training seminars that have consistently proven their worth to clients.

Top Salesman Training Courses

Top Salesman Training Courses


JBarrows sales training creates an engaging experience for sales forces to build their sales skill set. As part of their Drive to Close program, they run sessions with sales managers to develop a custom training program based on particular improvement opportunities. 

All areas of the full sales cycle can be enhanced through their training, including building better sales pipelines, creating more engaging presentations, handling objections, and closing more effectively. They also offer certifications online to bolster LinkedIn profiles.

JBarrows make their training available in a classroom setting and support their training with online lessons and videos to reinforce their teachings. Managers can use them for special workshops or allow their teams to self-pace their learning online.

Brooks Group

The Brooks Group has been providing industry-leading corporate sales training courses since 1977. They key into customer relationship strategies through their primary offering, IMPACT (Investigate, Meet, Probe, Apply, Convince, Tie-it-up).

Training programs come complete with a professional sales trainer, learning guides and special software access for continual reinforcement. Proficiency is also measured through personal assessments.

During their sessions, Brooks Group trainers delve into qualifying and identifying appropriate solutions for customers’ needs. The Impact selling strategy is centered on attracting valuable customers and establishing credibility to earn commitments.


Richardson’s flagship corporate sales team training seminar, Consultative Selling, works alongside a wide array of in-person and online programs. They create real-world scenarios to build salesman confidence in consultative sales skills, employing role-playing and drills to teach handling objections and crafting compelling pitches.

Richardson integrates a blended learning strategy into its offer, employing instructor-led online seminars and in-person workshops. Their hands-on approach in communicating relevant and actionable sales skills for their clients is widely recognized for its value and reliability in improving performance.

Winning by Design

Winning by Design has emerged as a particularly popular and high-rated partner in modern sales environments. Their sales classes touch customer service and sales professionals on the front lines and in management roles to create cohesive teams. They offer programs specifically designed for up-and-coming remote sales teams, providing step-by-step setup guidance and advice on translating effective sales practices to online arenas.

For SaaS and B2B companies, Winning by Design is a preferred resource for quality training. They empower sales teams by providing training on the latest sales technologies and consultative sales practices, positively transforming sales effectiveness for the long term.

RAIN Group

One of the most sought-after sales training programs worldwide, the RAIN Group’s consultative selling course for B2B companies is a masterclass in effective sales techniques. The sales professionals at RAIN design business-specific training modules to teach impactful practices in the most relevant scenarios for each team. 


RAIN’s global reach allows companies in major cities across the world to take advantage of classroom training, while an exhaustive online library of courses is available for all. Their comprehensive offerings allow companies to shape behaviors and build selling skills. They teach their clients how to identify opportunities and create practices for better communication, relationship building, and process execution.

Top Sales Training Workshops and BootcampsTop Sales Training Workshops and Bootcamps

Despite large segments of the population entering professional sales at some point in their lives, traditional education generally does not offer sales-focused classes. For those looking to break into sales, accelerated learning through sales training workshops and boot camps provide the fundamental frameworks, perspectives, and techniques to thrive in the workplace.

Hubspot Academy, Udemy, Coursera

Workshops vary in the commitment required and online sales training courses present an excellent jumping-off point for those just entering the field. These self-paced courses are flexible to fit the schedule and budgets of those trying to balance their training among school, work, and family obligations.

Udemy’s “Sales Machine”, Coursera’s “The Art of Sales” and Hubspot Academy’s “Inbound Sales” are some of the more reputable courses developed by industry professionals and dedicated training teams. 

These courses offer sales training basics. They provide background education on sales processes and practical tips for qualifying leads, creating persuasive arguments, and transitioning to close. The certifications many online courses awards at completion can also be helpful in bolstering online profiles for those looking for work.

Victory Lap

Victory Lap looks to reduce the risk for newcomers to the sales profession. With the lack of available sales training through formal education, they fill an important gap in providing free salesman training courses that teach essential skills including prospecting, persuasive communication, active listening, and closing.

By partnering with major companies, Victory Lap receives funding to run the programs free of charge and provides employment opportunities for graduates of the two-week program. The vast majority of students end up in long-term placement and the first-year earnings of members average close to $70,000, according to the company.


Uvaro is a digital 12-week boot camp to prepare students for a tech sales career. Students commit to 20 hours of online sales training to learn SaaS tools and concepts, CRM software, persuasion theory, and helpful techniques throughout the sales process.

Uvaro is built for the sales novice but gears its accelerated sales development system towards quickly placing students in lucrative roles. Career coaches guide students through the course’s run, offering to counsel on career opportunities and professional development. Tuition is only paid when graduates earn a tech sales position, making it a low-risk venture for prospective sales professionals.

Vendition Sale Bootcamp

With technology sales opportunities overtaking job markets, Vendition Sales Bootcamp readies the next generation of influential sales professionals. Students embark on a 13-week venture blending online learning with real-world knowledge applications.

Students are introduced to technology sales in week one with one-on-one coaching, training, assignments, and assessments. They move on to the apprenticeship, featuring on-the-job education and in-depth training on sales technology and practical sales techniques. Students receive $7,500 from the company that takes them on for the three-month training period. The program is designed for a seamless transition into a paid sales position at the end of the 12-week apprenticeship.


Software sales jobs, particularly in the SaaS industry, are one of the fastest-growing employment areas. The sales classes in the Prehired boot camp are spread over 15 modules that expand students’ knowledge of key software as well as buyer psychology.

Prehired backs its salesman training program through an income-dependent tuition structure. Course graduates pay a percentage of their sales income over a two-year span if they achieve a specific annual salary threshold. It’s a safe bet for Prehired as well, as they proudly tout their sales course members averaging over $70,000 in their first year.

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