Top Trending Professional Training Courses for Salespeople

When a lot of people think of “hard workers,” the first job titles that come to mind are often: 

Doctors. Lawyers. Nurses. High-powered, cutthroat executives at the top of the food chain. 

And of course, those are hardworking folks. But people like you, like us, we think of other career paths. Something more along the lines of: 

Sales reps. Sales managers. Marketers. 

Not to say that one is better, worse or even comparable than the other. The simple fact is that this is what we do, day in and day out. So, we see these people doing their jobs in real-time. They are your employees, the team members who keep your business running. 

How are they supposed to do that? How are they to keep up with all that hard work you expect of them? That your customers and prospects expect of them? You need professional training. 

There are professional development seminars, professional development workshops and leadership professional development courses. There is training for management, training certification programs and more. 

But we don’t want it to get overwhelming for you. Not if we can help it. 

Today, we have all the information you need to help you choose professional training that will work for you, your team and your business as a whole. 

What is a Professional Training Course?

Professional training courses are development training classes for your sales team. Other professionals who have been in sales for a while design these courses to further educate and train sales reps and managers. 

These courses work to build upon necessary selling skills for key members of your sales department. The topics that professional training will cover to develop those skills, though, varies. 

Here are some of the topics professional classes might cover

  • General skills
  • Role-playing scenarios where your rep has to take part in a staged sales call 
  • Product development updates 
  • Coverage of the newest selling techniques and how your reps or managers can apply them in their own workplace 
  • Training on new sales tools 

Like we talked about earlier, there are many modes available out there that you can choose to deliver professional training. 

There are professional development classes for sales, first of all. With these classes, your instructor will draw from new trends and techniques that emerge in the sales industry. They then use these trends and techniques to teach your sales team members how to close more deals. 

Then, there are sales professional training seminars. Seminars really build on the idea of engaging your team so they can later engage your prospects and current customers. Think along the lines of talks, speeches, engaging exercises and scenarios and reading material to discuss later on. 

There are also professional courses through video. You may think of video training sessions as being dry. Your team isn’t standing in front of someone, in-person, learning the training material. But some of the best professional training coaches know how to get the course material across virtually. These are often helpful, since trainees can pause the video as needed.

The last method of delivering professional training courses for sales is broader. This one would be online training. These professional development courses are often self-paced. They are also most convenient for everyone on your team. 

Why is Professional Training Important?

We talked about this question above. But let’s dive a little deeper. 

You may have a small sales team, or a big one. Either way, though, to be successful, every single team member is responsible for reaching their quotas. Those quotas fluctuate often, sometimes meaning they have a ton of deals to close in any given quarter, and sometimes meaning they might not have as many. 

As they try to keep up with closing as many sales as possible, they also must stay up to date on the latest updates in your industry. But things change a lot. So first of all, they need professional training to keep them in the loop, so to speak. 

But there’s another reason why professional development training is so important for your sales department. 

What’s that reason? Top talent retention. 

It’s great if you can recruit top talent to close deal after deal, month after month. The problem is they will not want to stay on with your company if you cannot invest in their success. Your top-selling reps and high-performing managers will show their loyalty to you and your company if you do the same for them. 

You can do so for them by investing in career development and professional training so they continue to progress and learn in their respective positions. Be that professional workshops, a corporate training certification or anything else, you have options to express that you care about their success. 

Trending Professional Training Courses OnlineTrending Professional Training Courses Online

Scratch that: You have tons of options for professional training to express that you care about your team’s success. Does it ever feel like you have too many? 

That makes it tough. You end up spending way too much of your valuable time scrolling through pages upon pages of course catalogues to find the right match. How do you figure out which one is worth it, or which one actually stacks up to its claims that it’s the “best around”? 

We have your back. 

Below, we have the top eight trending professional training courses online. Where it applies, we go over: 

  • Cost of the program 
  • How long it usually takes to complete the program
  • Who the program is best suited for, or when you might benefit the most from the program
  • The topics or modules the program covers 
  • Program location, if available anywhere other than just online
  • With the link to the training in the title
  • And any other necessary information

1. John Barrows: Driving to Close 

Have you struggled with finding a professional training program, or trainer, that actually interacts with your team? 

That can be difficult to achieve when you are mostly looking online for programs. But this is why John Barrows has grown so much in the training industry. Barrows focuses a lot on the interaction aspect of training. 

As far as pricing, you can rent the program to receive your John Barrows training and development certification for $200. For more specific team and individual pricing, there are options available on the site as well. 

The program takes a full day to complete, on average. 

You can complete it remotely online, but you also have the option for onsite implementation. 

Barrows also focuses on the four main areas that salespeople struggle with, in this program. This helps you to address these problems before they can develop any longer. 

First, the program dives deeper into how to source your prospects. It then moves onto demonstrating how the ideal client meeting should go. Third, it shows your team how to deal with customer objections. It ends with crucial tips on how to wrap it all up and close the sale. 

2. Selling Revolution: Sales Operation Strategy

We might be partial to this one, but our clients are too. 

Our training program is unique because we know how unique your own business is. There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to teaching your sales team how to sell effectively every time. Everyone on your team is different, with their own learning styles, strengths and weaknesses. 

This is why we build your Sales Operation Strategy from the ground up. 

You will never find us resorting to the same training programs or selling frameworks for each of our clients. Instead, we come in and analyze several areas of your business model to see where we can help you improve. 

First, we figure out your one-of-a-kind voice, and how you prefer to communicate. Then, we translate that voice into all your processes within your company. 

We want to build with you. But we cannot do that without your help. 

For more information on how we can create your training and selling framework, book a call with Selling Revolution today. 

3. Jeff Shore: BE BOLD Live Training

Similar to John Barrows, Jeff Shore has made quite the name for himself in the sales training industry. 

The BE BOLD training course is a great option for all levels of salespeople. 

The overarching theme with this one is to teach your team members how to develop their general selling skills. The length of the course lasts around one day, similar again to that of John Barrows. 

You can experience this training onsite, but the price varies, so we do not have any specific information on that. 

First, Jeff Shore overviews general sales processes. Then, he identifies your team’s weaknesses, or where they need to improve. Then he provides you with specific tools and techniques to hurdle over and grow from those weaknesses. 

While this one does attend primarily to the basics, Shore also personalizes the experience with Q&As throughout the lesson material. 

4. SalesDNA: Know Your Lines 

Do you struggle with client objections? Of course you do. They’re uncomfortable at best. 

Think of it like this, though… 

You have had a lot more experience than most people in your company, if not all of them. So you can rest assured that your sales team struggles with objections too. They are, after all, the front end of your customer’s experience. They talk to your customers perhaps more than anyone else in your company. 

This is where SalesDNA comes in to help. 

Know Your Lines from SalesDNA costs $117, and it is a self-paced training program. The entire course is online. 

This training addresses your team’s discomfort with the idea of objections by teaching them what to say in those sorts of situations. The course also comes with a book, unique tool and video modules. 

Winning by Design Frontline Manager Training

5. Winning by Design: Frontline Manager Training

If you’ve been holding out for a training program that focuses on your sales managers, wait no longer. 

Winning by Design offers Frontline Manager Training for your leadership team. 

Again, the price for this course varies, and is subject to change. It is 100 percent online, but you also have the option for virtual coaching sessions here. 

This course gears more toward SaaS sales managers. It teaches them how to grow and support a sales team that will last, with a heavy focus on data as a key player. 

Though we do not know the specifics of pricing, like we said, we do know that it can be pricey. This is because of the hyper-specific nature of the course material. 

6. DoubleDigit Sales

DoubleDigit Sales does not have specific pricing or course length information, but that’s for good reason. 

They like to customize their programs, like us here at Selling Revolution. 

DoubleDigit Sales starts with in-depth research of your business, your team and the ways in which you will benefit from their course. 

Then, depending on the results of that research, you choose how you want them to deliver your content and whether you want onsite or online training. Engagement is key here. 

7. Sales for Life: Account-Based Selling 

If you have a team who learns a lot from in-person, interactive training, this one might be for you. 

Sales for Life’s Account-Based Selling program is a two-day workshop with variable pricing. You also get to choose between a totally virtual experience with this one, or onsite. 

It highlights the importance of digital tools in today’s modern sales environment. The tools they teach in this workshop will help your team to stand out from your competitors for the fastest results. 

Jill Konrath Accelerate Your Sales8. Jill Konrath: Accelerate Your Sales

You get to choose your location, or mode of delivery, for this program. The pricing also varies. 

As far as length, Accelerate Your Sales can last up to a full day of training. This varies as well, though. This is because you have the option to space out your training according to your preferences. 

Are You Tired of the Same-Old Professional Training Options for Your Sales Team?

Eight options might still feel like a lot. 

We know that you have a lot to think about. But don’t think about it all alone. We’re here for you over at Selling Revolution

You need customizable options when it comes to professional training. Our expert team has the experience to offer you those customizable options. 

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