What We Offer

Solve All Your Problems and Get Long-Term Growth Through Our Customizable Services

The Secret Sauce

The recipe for our secret sauce is channel alignment. We know from serving thousands of successful small businesses over the past 40 years that when we align your 3 channels of communication, that exponential profitable growth is inevitable.

Our clients are always doing some things right. By all rights, they are already very successful. Now they want to take their business to the next level.

And that requires a revolution, not just another evolution of their business.

If you already have a successful business and you’re hitting a ceiling, it’s time to assess your Selling System™.

Sales Strategy

We are in this for the long haul. We intend to be by your side for the foreseeable future, guiding you with the tools, framework, and mindset of high-income entrepreneurs. We start by helping you build and defend your Selling System™.

We do this by first meeting you where you are today, and building a plan to help you optimize your advertising and marketing, develop custom-made sales training and systems, and restructure your recruiting efforts to catch more fish.

Once implemented, your Selling System™ is uniquely positioned to defend a happy, healthy, and wealthy culture.

With over 65 years of experience between co-founders Ryan Chute and Roy H. Williams, we have the experience and framework to take your company to the next level.

Sales Training

At Selling Revolution, we tailor your sales training to your unique company values, to the leaders that have to use and defend it religiously, and to the different personality types that have to sell and buy from you. These programs are a custom-fit tailored suit, not an off-the-rack suit from Charlie’s Discount House of Suits.

Once we fully understand your authentic voice, we will help build your sales scripts, processes, and performance metrics to match. From the moment your lead turns into a prospect, we are perfecting each touchpoint along the way to make it easier for sellers to sell and buyers to buy. Whether you need minor tweaks or a complete overhaul, we help you build the sales training you need.

One-off, out-of-the-box, generic sales training, especially the industry-specific kind tries desperately to speak to everyone, fearful of offending anyone. The fact is, your manager’s don’t use it religiously, your employees don’t follow it explicitly, and the message doesn’t resonate with anyone, including your clients.

Here are the top 5 things that matter most about custom sales training:

Your message is clear, tight, and professional to help you sell easier and close faster.
You sell how buyers buy; closing higher, delivering warm feelings of choice and control.
You eliminate arbitrary discounting to increase your gross profit and average sale.
You increase your average sale by selling more stuff to each client.
You measure what motivates your employees and blast past your sales targets.

Advertising Strategy

Advertising is about crafting persuasive communication with your prospects. What most business owners get wrong though, is the media mix. Whether you use PPC ads or television, the newspaper or radio, billboards or a directory, the most critical element to get right are the words you use to entice.

This graph represents the most important research in advertising over the past decade. When your message is 70% bonding, entertainment, and hope, you are growing your business. This leaves 30% of your message to speak about selling something today. We call this transactional messaging.

Not surprisingly, relational messaging attracts relational buyers, and transactional messaging attract transaction buyers.

Will you get sales from transactional buyers? Yup.

Are they loyal, profitable, and easy to deal with? Nope.

And we can prove it.

We will develop an advertising strategy online and offline, which is, first and foremost, true and authentic. We will then look to intimately understand the nuances of your marketplace, your market potential, and the media necessary to get your message out efficiently.

We know that when we get your message right, the media will no longer matter. Our next big task then is to get your frequency correct and in line with the way the human brain functions.

With the right impact paired with the right frequency, at the lowest cost, you see extraordinary results. If you miss any of these ingredients, your advertising efforts are doomed to fail.

Media Buying

Media Buying is a critical element of our ongoing service. We use a proprietary formula that allows us to measure reach in a way that is better aligned with neuroscience and consumer behavior.

Due to the required frequency necessary to positively influence your marketplace, we structure the buy in a very specific way to maximize your results.

Furthermore, due to our no-commission policy, the 15% commissions traditionally paid to a marketing agency is redirected back to your media buy or retained by your company as profit.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not you made the best media buy, the right frequency to have an impact, or whether you paid too much for a particular media. Online and offline, our proven system gives you the biggest bang for your buck.


Copywriting includes elements like advertising copy, video scripts, phone scripts, website copy, blog posts, sales copy, email copy, and job ads, to name a few. These messages always reinforce your core message and values, including unique guiding elements we have developed like brandable chunks, character diamonds, and story arcs.

On the rare occasion, we come across a business owner who has great copywriting chops, more often we are faced with the reality that the business owner is the least qualified person to write copy for their business. While business owners (and their employees) tend to speak about the sale of the day, product education, and why they are better than the competition, our copywriters speak to humor, entertainment, hope, and desire.

Having the right copywriter is the key to your success.

Not only do we have over 60 hand-picked expert copywriters, but they are also lead and trained by none other than Roy H. William himself. This one resource alone is enough to tip the balance of power in your favor. It’s our job to pair you with the perfect match to realize your dreams.

Recruitment Strategy

Having a strong recruitment strategy is critical for success. If you can’t get the people needed to sell and deliver your goods and services, your growth will eventually stall.

Our Recruitment Strategy is designed to attract, select, and retain candidates who are the ideal fit with your organization. We leverage smart online tools to minimize the effort and time needed to sort candidates by fit with the company, job, team, and leaders.

We begin by understanding your job descriptions, developing job ads from them to appeal to the type of person to best fit the role and company. Then we use special assessment tools to select the very best candidates for your organization.

Once selected, using custom questionnaires to identify your ideal candidates, new hires go through a custom onboarding process to ensure their success.

Once implemented, your business will see less attrition, higher engagement, and better productivity from a happy, healthy, and profitable team of brand ambassadors.


Our unique pricing model is designed to help small businesses grow. Our fees are aligned to your revenue and represent what you already spend on marketing, training, and recruitment.

You will not have to overspend to obtain our services. We act as a variable expense to revenue and each year on the anniversary of working together, our fee is adjusted up (or down) to match your revenue.

This protects you from poor quality work, excuses, and unbridled spending. Brass tacks; if you don’t grow, neither do we. We are your partners, not a vendor.

What our clients have found was that when they have added Selling Revolution into their strategy, their expenses went DOWN. That’s right, down.

Since spending is not a motivator for us as it is with most marketing agencies, our goal is to get you to spend the least amount of money for the highest impact, both internally and externally.

The exact investment is based on your current revenue and the scope of work required. We are willing and able to break up the services to include what is needed most at first and continue to add services as needed in the future, if necessary.

We are the quintessential small business champion. Our goal is to serve you better than any other group of companies could on the planet. We are a no-brainer addition to your strategic team to grow your business profitably.

If you like us, and we like you, then there is absolutely no reason to wait.