16 Positive Sales Affirmations Every Salesperson Needs

16 Sales Affirmations Every Salesperson Needs

The laws of gravity bring everyone back to earth eventually, and nobody lands harder than salespeople. In a profession that runs on confidence, maintaining sales motivation, persistence and positivity through adversity impact your success.

A poor interaction, rejection or lost sale can put you in a sales slump that you carry for the rest of the day. Those bad days can easily turn into bad weeks when you let negativity invade your subconscious thoughts. Even if you love your job, a rough run can influence your outlook from the moment you wake up. 

When you are in a sales ditch, or when life circumstances are affecting your sales, affirmations can reset your attitude. These personal, meaningful sales mantras can be powerful self-care tools that reinvigorate your morale when the pressure is on.

What is a Sales Affirmation?

The self-esteem you bring to sales is so critical that sales coaches and managers make the coaching mindset a priority. Supporting their salespeople and giving them motivational pep talks are major functions that directly connect to improved sales performance.

As a sales professional, you do not have to necessarily rely on external influence to drive a change in mindset. Integrating positive sales affirmations into your self-help toolbox is essential to clear everyday challenges you face on the job. These positive statements serve to boost sales performance. They keep you centered, focused and mentally prepared for the next task or interaction.

Self-talk may seem too easy to be truly effective but the science shows that there is a real psychological benefit to repeating affirmations. Affirmations take advantage of the flexibility of our self-identity, directing us to view ourselves positively. By writing down and repeating sales affirmations, salespeople can increase their self-esteem and reinforce their competence in their roles.

Not all positive statements work as sales affirmations. To help you in your role as a salesperson, affirmations should be relevant to your values and emotional goals. They must be believable motivational support statements that reject negativity, and negative traits, as being part of your identity.

How Sales Affirmations Boost Performance

How Sales Affirmations Boost Performance

Hitting sales goals starts with belief. You need belief in your product’s value, belief that customers want to buy and belief that you can close the deal. We all know that psychology is a key element of sales. Your subconscious thoughts directly influence relationships with potential buyers and, subsequently, your KPIs.

Sales affirmations affect performance in several ways. The following are four major benefits you can expect from making positive mantras part of your regular sales routine:

Increased Focus

Sales affirmations repeated before the workday or after a poor sales experience set you on the right track. Choose mantras that help you to guide your actions, overcome momentary obstacles and challenge yourself. These will keep you centered on important tasks like meeting your sales targets and building positive relationships.

More Motivation

Hard interactions, rough days and challenging weeks drain your energy, making it hard to get back in motion. Sometimes aspects of our personal lives can permeate into our work, creating distractions and weakening our resolve. It can be easy to escape to something less demanding and more recreational than digging into a sale.

In those moments when you are not feeling like working, sales affirmations can remind you of your purpose and possibilities. Rather than retreat into online browsing or playing games for escape, use mantras to boost your effort. Whenever work or home factors have you down, sales affirmations can quickly pull you back up.

Helps to Handle Rejection

Being told “no” is an inescapable fact of life for every salesperson. The signs of rejection are obvious to the outside observer. The grumbling, the hands thrown in the air, the “storm off”. Nothing is more frustrating in sales than putting forth your best effort just to feel that you have failed.

Rejection is felt on a deeply personal level. It almost always affects your attitude and confidence going into the next interaction. “What did I do wrong? Am I not good enough?” Even if you have been a top salesperson for a decade, one bad rejection can have you questioning your competence.

Sales affirmations are a reminder. There are positives in rejection and the right mantra can solidify that silver lining in your mind. It can remind you of your worth, your competence and your ability to get to “yes”. When you repeat sales affirmations, you put the “no” behind you and prepare yourself for success with the next customer.

Influences Your Subconscious Mindset

Your subconscious mind never stops working. It not only influences your state of mind but is also affected by it. Selling is deeply psychological, and finding ways to control your mindset has real-world effects on your performance.

Controlling your subconscious mind is challenging because every thought affects it. Through many of the days, thoughts are uncontrolled and random but we also send messages to ourselves regularly. Lend thoughtful consideration to the ideas you deliver to yourself and shift your self-communication to greater positivity. This will push your subconscious to work automatically to your advantage.

16 Positive Sales Affirmations

Not every positive statement works as a viable sales affirmation. Sales affirmations need to be relevant to your role as a salesperson. These mantras must be undeniable and absolute confirmations of your competence, potential and value. They must have the power to turn negative interactions into positive experiences.

Sales affirmations can be as broad or specific as you like. As long as they have personal meaning, they can have the power to affect your emotions and mindset. In most cases, your affirmations can be completely unique, ones that you develop over time and in practice. 

There are numerous examples of effective sales affirmations readily available. To get you going, try incorporating these powerful mantras into your workday. Keep them on sticky notes at your desk or in your pocket for a handy jolt of inspiration.

“I am confident that I can win the sale.”

Confidence carries into performance and is easily recognizable for the outside observer. In a sports matchup, the more confident team is the more comfortable team is, which the spectator can readily identify.  They are also usually the team on the right side of the scoreboard.

Confidence equates to winning in sales. Even the most successful salespeople experience lapses in confidence, sometimes questioning their fit in the role. With this affirmation, you can boost your confidence and support the notion that you belong.

“I possess the knowledge, skills and resources to fully support my customers.”

You feel like a fraud when you are uncertain of your skill-set and capabilities. Spare a moment to take stock of your value, reminding yourself that you do carry the foundations for success.

“I deliver results.”

Your self-identity is malleable. With unconditional declarations of who you are as a salesperson, you can convince yourself that you will accomplish your goals.

I can turn setbacks into opportunities“I can turn setbacks into opportunities.”

Reframing negative experiences as positive opportunities helps you see the upside. Although setbacks are inevitable, you can consider them advantageous to your growth. Sales are challenging and setbacks happen, but they never cause long-term damage.

“Rejection frees me up for my ideal customer.”

Rejection occurs daily for the average salesperson, especially when you chase outbound leads. They manifest as either a hard “no” or as a customer disappearing act. Some days see long strings of rejection. It can weigh on you after a while and hamper your drive.

With this affirmation, you reframe rejection as a service to you. Rejection may have been the best thing for you and for the customer. Solutions will not be perfect for everyone and a poor fit can create headaches down the line. Instead, those rejections trim off potentially wasted effort, giving you room to pursue your dream buyer.

“Every “no” holds a lesson.”

Rejection not only saves you time but also builds your character. Being told “no” is a feedback mechanism that allows you to reflect on your interaction. You can assess areas of opportunity and strategize your improvement for the future.

“I am an excellent problem solver.”

At its core, sales is about pairing customer needs to solutions. Salespeople need to be adept at identifying and clarifying needs and finding the product that fits. This simple affirmation supports your creativity and intelligence in finding those solutions.

“I help my customers by listening to their needs.”

Using an affirmation as a coaching tool keeps you disciplined. Excellent listening skills are an essential trait of a competent salesperson. With sales mantras like this, you boost your focus and provide practical direction to your interactions.

“When I do my best, results will follow.”

If you were unable to sell, you would not have a sales career. Putting effort into your work is what drove your success in the past. By remembering how you got there, you understand exactly how to dig your way out of a slump.

“I am fully prepared for the challenges ahead.”

Every day and nearly every customer interaction presents hurdles in the sales space. Customers are always finding reasons not to buy and everyone will push away with an objection eventually. This mantra reminds you that you are poised and ready, capable of conquering any objection in your path.

“I will achieve every goal I set.”

A sales mantra like this is an injection of raw positivity. Actions are goal-oriented. Keeping the finish line in sight and within reach gives you the fuel for closing a deal.

“I will always act with integrity.”

Building trust is an uphill battle in a profession that is so commonly equated with dishonesty. Staying true to your principles, communicating honestly and maintaining your humility set the foundation for a positive relationship. Using motivation affirmations like this reminds you to keep your ethics in check.

“I love what I do and am well-paid for it.”

Commission-based pay lets you ride the highest of highs and suffer the lowest of lows. Those fantastic weeks and sky-high paychecks are tempered by slow periods of sub-minimum wage earnings. It’s a natural part of the sales journey.

Salespeople have the unique freedom to dictate their own paycheck. When you remember why you do what you do, you renew your focus on earning what you are worth.

“I am always improving and growing.”

There is always room for evolving your sales game, even for the most experienced salesperson. This inspirational affirmation reminds you that there is always room for growth. By doing so, you approach every circumstance as a learning opportunity, opening you up to feedback and guidance.

I know when to go and when to stop“I know when to go and when to stop.”

Rejection may make the decision for you but it is often up to the salesperson to know when to quit. Persistence is absolutely necessary to be successful in sales but tact is equally important. Customers have tipping points where they decide to not buy and are actually put off by their salesperson’s tenacity.

Staying aware of your customers’ limits can preserve relationships, even if they are not fruitful in the moment. Telling yourself to move on when necessary respects the customer’s agency and they will likely appreciate the thoughtfulness.

“I close deals through complete honesty.”

As mentioned, sales begin with belief, both in your product and in your sales skills. If you do not believe your product is a valuable solution, it is much harder to sell. We suffer cognitive dissonance when we promote products that we do not believe in. This can ruin motivation, often making you question your role as a salesperson.

With an affirmation like this, you reinforce your belief in your solutions. Other solutions exist and they may be fantastic in their own right. But you sell your products, not theirs, for a reason.

Keep these affirmations on hand after a bad experience to help you recenter your thoughts. You can also build their recital into your daily routine. Repeat the phrases several times out loud to cement them in your psyche. With diligence, you can start to see real change in your close rate.

Sales affirmations are a shot in the arm for boosting motivation and driving sales. At Selling Revolution, we make sales success a part of your culture. We empower our clients to maximize their sales effectiveness, earn higher quality leads and grow their revenue. Contact us today to learn how we can push your team to their full potential.