Servant Leadership

seeing the forest for the trees

What is Empathy?

As we stand before the vast, impenetrable forest that is human emotion, the different types of empathy serve as our tools for exploration, guiding us through the complexity and beauty of the human experience. Cognitive Empathy is like a map of the terrain. It lays out the paths, the landmarks, the cliffs and valleys of …

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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneur Should be Servant Leaders

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should be Servant Leaders

When we think of great leaders, we think of people like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. But what made these leaders so great? Was it their charisma? Their vision? Their ability to inspire others? “He knew how to lead by listening and teaching.” — Erwin C. Hargrove. A professor of political science at …

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Featured - Servant Leadership Defined

Servant Leadership Defined

Gun to your head, what is servant leadership? If you hesitated, panicked, or peed a little in fear, you’re in good company. Most people would meet Jesus before they could really answer that question. According to this article in the peer-review journal Leadership Quarterly, it seems we’re having trouble nailing down the definition of servant …

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