Leadership & Culture

Good Boss or Bad Boss

Good Boss or Bad Boss?

Let’s step into a nightmare. You’re in the kitchen and decide to go for a snack. You are reaching for the cookies when your boss enters the room and says, “Don’t eat those. They’re for the staff meeting.” Your boss quietly but quickly turns around and leaves the room. You stick your hand into the …

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CORE Principles

How CORE Principles Shape Your Ultimate Success

CORE Principles are universal truths founded on a proven pattern of success. This means you can’t bring all of your employees into a room and shout out what you think makes you successful and hope it works. The exact same mistake is made when using psychometrics tools to select employees. DiSC® profiles, for example, are …

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Toxic Work Culture What are the Signs

Toxic Work Culture: What are the Signs?

According to Freshbooks, we spend about a third of our lives at work. Naturally, your employees should be punching in every day expecting encouragement and growth. A proverbial home away from home. But for many business owners, the work environment they provide is the stark opposite.  Instead of warm milk and fresh cookies, you’re serving …

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Leadership and Culture Catalysts for Sustainable Success

Leadership and Culture: Catalysts for Sustainable Success

Your branding strategy can be as powerful as Thor’s hammer, but it is nothing without a thriving company culture. The most established companies can be toppled when their culture is weak, and the most innovative startups can fizzle out if they don’t have a clear brand identity.  Together, both elements need to fill the bill …

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5 Reasons Why Entrepreneur Should be Servant Leaders

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should be Servant Leaders

When we think of great leaders, we think of people like Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela. But what made these leaders so great? Was it their charisma? Their vision? Their ability to inspire others? “He knew how to lead by listening and teaching.” — Erwin C. Hargrove. A professor of political science at …

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Team Motivation

What Can You Do To Motivate A Team?

Imagine: you’ve been working for a particular company for a while. The team you started out on has slowly been disbanded and replaced with people who have different skillsets. Management changes have left you feeling like a cog in a machine. Your job satisfaction has hit an all-time low.  Now imagine: you are part of …

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5 Fun Ways To Improve Employee Experience

5 Fun Ways To Improve Employee Experience

As a business, I’m sure you’ve been told that having a “customer-centric” approach is the key to workplace profits and exponential growth. But what if I told you that the best way to be customer-centric is to be employee-centric? As of late, many organizations are realizing that to achieve sustainable success, they need to focus …

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Do Your Employees Have A Life Outside of Work

Do Your Employees Have A Life Outside of Work?

For so long, Americans have worked in a culture where work always comes first. We work long hours, take work home with us, and even work on weekends. This culture has led to a lot of work-related stress, burnout, and high turnover rates. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we work. With so …

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Gender Diversity Consistently Outperform Your Competitors 

Gender Diversity: Consistently Outperform Your Competitors

Organizations with greater gender diversity outperform their competitors on multiple dimensions. They have higher levels of employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. They also have lower absenteeism rates and are more likely to attract and retain the best talent. Despite these clear advantages, organizations are still failing to effectively manage or even achieve gender diversity in …

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Sonny Capone

Your Business Culture – Asset or Liability?

Typically, businesses think of liabilities as inventory on hand, taxes owed, accounts payable, wages, and everything else that keeps an owner up at night. Liabilities typically are seen as tangible, quantitative items that can be measured positively, and they’re where business owners focus. But another liability is often forgotten or ignored; it’s viewed as an …

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