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The 5 arrows of competence

The Master Plumber’s Quiver: Five Arrows of Competence and The Art of Questioning

Once upon a time, there was a master plumber named Joe. His skill was unmatched, his reputation well-deserved. He was known far and wide, not just as a plumber, but a maestro of pipes and leaks. The secret to his success was a quiver full of arrows, each a different kind of competence. There were …

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Survival Mode and Buyer Archetypes

Philosophers have been attempting to create a simple framework for understanding how to better communicate with people for thousands of years. The first recordings of this framework have existed since ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, it is generally accepted that the Greek doctor Hippocrates was the philosopher who formally developed the framework, calling it The …

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Turbocharge PM

One Powerful Way HVAC Companies Can Turbocharge Their Preventative Maintenance

Sales is all about intent. From the products you choose to the decisions you make about how you will represent the industry. In recent years we have seen a perpetual decline in product quality and built-in obsolescence as prices continue to rise.   Some service providers see this as permission to take advantage of a customer’s …

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The 6 Objections in Sales

One of the greatest challenges in sales is overcoming objections. What most salespeople struggle with is how to interpret the stalls, lies, and misdirection prospects use to get out of having to commit to a sale today. The reality is if a prospect objects in some manner they will not buy, and that is their …

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7 Common Examples of Customers Pain Points

7 Common Examples of Customer’s Pain Points

Customer pain points are what drive sales. The entire first third of the sales process revolves around identifying and catering to pain points. But you may be wondering what pain points actually are, and what you can do with them. In this article, we define pain points and explain how you can identify them. We …

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