business culture

what is working well

What’s Working Well?

Have you ever spoken this question out loud? Or even internally asked it of yourself? If not, consider it a missed opportunity. I guarantee you: this question will transform your business. Here’s why: You get more of what you reinforce In any complex, adaptive system — to include organizations like your business — you always get …

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CORE Principles

How CORE Principles Shape Your Ultimate Success

CORE Principles are universal truths founded on a proven pattern of success. This means you can’t bring all of your employees into a room and shout out what you think makes you successful and hope it works. The exact same mistake is made when using psychometrics tools to select employees. DiSC® profiles, for example, are …

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Sonny Capone

Your Business Culture – Asset or Liability?

Typically, businesses think of liabilities as inventory on hand, taxes owed, accounts payable, wages, and everything else that keeps an owner up at night. Liabilities typically are seen as tangible, quantitative items that can be measured positively, and they’re where business owners focus. But another liability is often forgotten or ignored; it’s viewed as an …

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