closing the sale

What a Closer Knows a Poser Woes

There are two kinds of salespeople in this world, Closers, and Posers. It’s one thing to dance the dance in the sales arena, but closing is jujitsu.   Sales is the persuasive process of getting your buyer’s mindset in the right place. Closing is getting the buyer past the last mile.  When we are 100% certain …

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Closing ARC

How to Use a Closing ARC to Sell More Stuff Today

Your salespeople can do everything right on a sales call, but it’s all for not if they don’t have the tools to close the deal. Talk about frustrating, am I right?!  Selling is to closing as Hemingway is to Monet. Both an elegant art, but very different in approach, form, and function. Where selling is …

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