7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Sales Professionals

You spend a lot of valuable time and money on top talent recruitment. This is common; almost every business professional does the same thing. 

You may be a business owner or key team member who knows the intricacies of your company budget. If you are a sales manager, you know how much you spend on recruiting each sales rep better than anyone. 

But why? 

Do you think you are saving money in the long run when you hire within your industry? 

Maybe that you eliminate external risks by doing so? 

Those are easy thoughts to have when you first consider hiring sales professionals outside of your industry. But sales professionals provide you with countless benefits for sales development that you do not realize yet. 

We are here to squash those popular misconceptions. Keep reading for some of those reasons as to why your business and customers need external sales professionals. 

Why Are Companies Afraid of Hiring Sales Professionals? 

Outside sales professionals could be among your business’s best practices for many reasons. 

They can find a sales opportunity around every corner and convert more business leads than you thought possible. 

So why all the hesitation? Why do so many companies balk at the idea of external sales professionals? 

There are a few rationalizations at play here. 

First, a lot of business professionals do not like the unknown. Like you, they have worked day in and day out to get their brand off the ground and running. So they think a newcomer whose team did not vet themselves will be an unpredictable factor. 

Next comes the big fear: money. Some companies think that hiring sales professionals will cost them an arm and a leg compared to what they can spend on a 100-percent internal sales department. It turns out to be just the opposite, though. 

You can save a lot of money when you hire outside professionals here. That leaves more room in your budget for other necessary efforts like marketing campaigns and sales lead generation. 

Some companies are concerned that they will lose control if they hand over the reins to who they think of as an “outsider.” 

So as you can see, lots of people have concerns about sales professionals and the effect they have on their business. You might even share some of these concerns. But keep reading and you will find the top seven reasons why you need them in sales. You will see that while these concerns are popular, they also don’t have a legitimate place at your business’s table. 

What is the Purpose of a Sales ProfessionalWhat is the Purpose of a Sales Professional? 

Do you want the best sales your company has seen yet? 

Of course, you do. Every salesperson wants that. 

So think of external sales professionals as the boost of energy that you need to make it happen. When all is said and done, they act as your personal sales specialist. 

They come to you from an elite business like your own, even though they are from another industry. Their company and they themselves train them to be the best of the best so that they elevate your sales process. 

Just think about the job title: “sales professionals.” They would not have this title without earning their keep. 

They can be B2B leads gurus. They have the potential to align your sales funnel with customer success, ensuring that your sales team follows suit. They encourage an environment where all that you do is done with the customer experience at the forefront of your team’s mind. 

Sales professionals stay up-to-date with the latest product knowledge. 

They wear many hats. But their end-all, be-all function is to build sales to your advantage in the most expert way possible. 

Why Do You Need to Hire Sales Professionals? 

It’s time to extinguish that doubt that might still linger in your mind. The simple fact of the matter is that you do need to hire sales professionals. 

Read through these proven reasons as to why they give you a leg up in your market. Once you do, not an ounce of doubt will remain. 

1. Fresh Perspective and Outlook

You are used to hiring from the same crowd of people for your sales department. They share the same thought processes and ideas because they surround themselves with each other all day. Would you consider that to be a good idea when you need different results? 

No. You would not, and neither would we. 

Today’s market is ruthless in its competition. You need to innovate to stand out. When you hire outside of your industry, you get that innovation and fresh perspective as a package deal. 

Sales professionals can come in and survey what you are doing right now. Then, they use their raw perspective to offer feedback on how you can improve. 

Sometimes, you need to step away from your fixed habits. It sounds scary to take on someone who is not familiar with everything you do. But they push you outside the boundaries of those age-old habits. 

2. Sufficient Top Talent Pool

As of right now, you have a small talent pool. It may not seem that way at the outset, but you can and will use up its resources at some point. 

There are a select number of candidates in your existing top talent pool. This is because you are only taking advantage of industry-specific recruits. And sure, they can sell for you. But ask yourself this: are they getting me the results I need when they sell? 

The best way to ensure you reach and surpass sales quotas is to open your doors to someone outside your industry. Namely, the many sales professionals out there. 

Now, you have a bottomless pool to choose from when you need to fill team roles. You have more of a chance to swing and end up with a home run; that is, an A-1 sales team. 

Competent Sales Skills3. Competent Sales Skills

You can teach your sales professional everything there is to know about your industry. But it is a lot trickier to teach someone sales skills. A lot of the time, that is a natural talent. Why waste your time drilling sales skills mantras into a rep’s head who is not interested in sales skills? Unfortunately, some people just don’t make the cut. 

But more often than not, external sales pros do. 

You need those top performers standing in your corner. And you can find them if you take off those blinders that only show you options within your industry. Look at external candidates’ track records and closing ratios. Stop thinking about sales qualification for a moment and think about qualified top talent instead. 

4. Confidence and Knowledge of Sales Best Practices

You cannot resist change in your marketplace. It has happened for years past, it’s happening right now and it will happen in the future. When you stop fighting the change, you show that you are open to it. The creme de la creme of sales professionals look for that openness. 

And they bring you sales best practices in return. 

They are already comfortable with change, which is why they are looking outside their industry, too. That confidence shows in their closed sales. Your audience values confident salespeople, and you should too. 

5. Experience in the Industry

We know that might sound counterintuitive. 

“If I’m looking for reps outside my industry, how do they have experience in it?” 

It’s simple. They will bring you an entirely separate sales experience from your norm. When you recruit internally, a lot of the time you look for new hires’ previous contracts. You hope to find a quality sales prospect from them. 

But often, that leads to legal battles and ethical snafus. Hiring from your industry leads you to a greater risk of stumbling across non-competes and customer block-out times. 

First, your external hire may have experience in this realm. Also, their old leads and prospects are from a whole other universe. That means you also have less of a chance of running into legal barriers. 

Strong Communication Skills

6. Strong Communication Skills

As you well know, communication is the key to long-term organizational success. This is a soft skill, but do not confuse it with a skill set you should overlook. 

In fact, soft skills are one of the massive perks of outside hiring. Since they are vital for every job position, a well-seasoned sales professional has built them up for years. And the best part? You do not have to spend any of your payroll budget helping them perfect these skills. 

7. Maintains Client Relationships

Your clients always come first. Modern buyers want more than a transaction, they want a relationship. They want you to put equal time and effort into it to match their valuable time and effort. 

But with client relationships comes conflict. And every customer is a separate, unique person with separate, unique situations. Outside hires have experience in a lot more types of people than just the ones that your internal crew deals with. 

That means they know how to manage buyer relationships, no matter how unfamiliar the situation might be for your existing sales department. 


You have the reasons why you need sales professionals on your team. And you’re ready to take the leap. But where do you start? 

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