Best Sales Training Programs

Sales training can be a hassle. Finding where to start seems to open Pandora’s box of possibilities while finding where you fall short can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help smooth out the training process. Best sales training programs exist to give your sales team a fighting chance in an unforgiving environment. Whether it be learning the latest tips and tricks or orientating a whole new batch of salespeople, you can find the right program for you. 

The Best Sales Training Programs

Professionals use years of sales experience to craft programs that really make a difference for their clients. The unique experiences that go into the development of all the top sales training programs allow them to stand out from the crowd. Getting an additional perspective can open your eyes to possibilities you have never dreamed of. Some programs can be tailor suited to fit you needs, to make sure it hits all the appropriate benchmarks. A sales coach can examine areas for improvement and give your team the professional selling skills to shatter their goals.

Finding the right sales training program takes time and research. To help you get an idea of the kind of program to look for, here are some of the best sales training programs out there today. 

Companies with the Best Sales Training Programs

Dale Carnegie: Winning with Relationship Selling from 

Dale Carnegie’s legendary advice helps millions of people every year. This program bearing his name definitely lives up to it. The “Winning with Relationship Selling” focuses on the customer while taking your own business’s needs into account for more thorough and effective coaching. Your employees will learn relationship-building skills that allow for genuine interactions with customers. By understanding the customer and their needs, a mutually beneficial solution can be worked out. 

Brands like John Deere and Green Mountain Coffee fill the ranks of the program’s alumni.

ASLAN: ASLAN Training and Development

The ASLAN sales training program is one of the most customized packages available. The entire course is built for each client to better match their particular needs. Brian Tracy, creator of the course, is a renowned sales expert. His program is completely virtual, opening the doors for your business to grow on your own terms. Each step of the selling process is included, so wherever you feel something missing the ASLAN Training and Development program will help fill in the gaps.

The Brooks Group: IMPACT Selling

Offered by The Brooks Group, this flagship sales training program continues to impress those who participate. IMPACT selling teaches the importance of understanding the customer’s needs and how to demonstrate how your product or service satisfies those needs. The first step of the program is a thorough assessment so that it knows exactly what to focus on. Take advantage of this online course to get live training delivered much more conveniently. If your team needs help handling objections or responding to questions, this program should suit them just right.

RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling

This course from RAIN selling offers service delivery styles including onsite seminars, virtual learning and email reinforcement. While some of the other listed companies offer a customized program, RAIN selling keeps the alterations to a minimum by focusing on what kinds of interactions your business usually faces. Taking advantage of a course like this gives your sales team a valuable new perspective and a new set of skills. With a niche focus, the course stays on track to really dive deep.

Factor 8

The programs offered by Factor 8 prove it to be one of the companies with the best training programs. Sure, like all the best Factor 8 helps its clientele land more deals and grow their businesses. But Factor 8 turns up the difficulty. They have mastered selling via indirect contact, whether it be over the phone, through emails or online. In an ever-evolving sales environment, giving your team the skills they need to demand attention from even the most chaotic circumstances gives them a truly superior edge. Factor 8 reaches into your chain of command with sales manager training so that the skills they teach continue to be practiced after completion of the program. 


With more than 30 years of experience under their belts, IMPAX’s highly effective sales training programs have been steadily rising to the top in terms of companies with the best sales training programs. With a comprehensive and recursive foundation to their programs, IMPAX offers a customized solution that sticks to enough of a script not to become muddled. From seminars to workshops to online courses, IMPAX gives its clientele no limits on how to reach their top potential. 

These and many other organizations offer the tools to push your business to the next level. Do some additional research to increase your certainty that the time your sales team spends going through with a sales training program is time well invested.

Sales training ideas

Sales Training Ideas

Whenever engaging in a good old fashioned sales training adventure, keep in mind some of these sales training ideas for a much-improved training session.

Build from Advice

Whether you plan on bringing on a sales coach or just using a suggestion box, taking various perspectives into account allows for a training program that is more well rounded and complete. It never hurts to try out new ideas and training sessions are the best time to do just that. Look to your sales leaders for their input, and always discuss new training techniques with both the trainer and the trainee to get their takes on it.

Keep Training

Everyone knows preliminary training is a necessity for verdant sales representatives to share in any success in the field. However, many businesses neglect the importance of continuing each salesperson’s training. By staying up to date with the latest techniques and maintaining the skills already in place, you can help turn your sales team into a formidable force in any industry. 

Mix It Up

Add some variety to the kinds of sales training programs your team partakes in. Mixing it up with seminars, online courses and hands-on in-person training should hit on everyone’s unique learning style. Plus, the variety keeps your team interested and focused. Also, use programs with different focuses to dive deeper into the specific aspects of the selling process your team needs the most help with.

The importance of professional selling skillsThe Importance of Professional Selling Skills

Selling might come naturally to many individuals, but harnessing that raw talent and mastering it will pay off in dividends. The more you practice at anything the better you will become. In order to stand out from your competition, you have to practice harder and smarter. Not only do the selling skills taught by professionals broaden your horizons with new ideas, they also help your team understand what works in selling and why. 

Sticking to the same script usually does not work in every sales environment because of the fluidity of each interaction. Sales and negotiations can take sharp turns and abrupt stops, so having the skills to deal with any hurdle propels each sales team to shatter their targets under even the more difficult conditions. 

Entry Level Sales Engineer

When selling technological or scientific products, salespeople are no longer sales representatives but become engineers. In order to sell their products, sales engineers must be well versed in their functions, but in what they do and how they do it. Many sales engineers consist of the people who developed the product in the first place since their unique experience with it is best for sharing it with potential customers. 

Entry-level sales engineers might have all the product knowledge they need, but the ability to sell it might be just out of reach. Sales engineers can utilize sales training programs to pick up the skills needed to sell their products or services. Especially when it comes to those in entry-level positions, training programs really make a difference.

Benefit of online sales trainingThe Benefits of Online Sales Training Programs

It seems that online or virtual training programs are revolutionizing how companies train their staff. Because of their ease of access, online programs allow for greater accessibility. Now you do not have to wait for a trainer or coach to become available but can bring one right to the office with the click of a button. Plus, you can utilize an online or virtual program to ensure uniformity with your company’s training. Having a stable base to build from makes it easier to add on more later as needed.

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