How to Close a Sale Like a Pro

There are posters that you put on your wall as a high schooler or freshman in college. And then there is art. 

You know what we mean. Many moons ago, you got your latest magazine from your favorite subscription in the mail; the one you looked forward to every month. You found a cut-out poster of your favorite model or rockstar and you taped it to your wall. 

Or, you were walking through your local superstore before your first semester of college and you found a poster in a tube. The possibilities were endless for your cold dorm walls!

But then you got a little older. And your taste matured with the number of birthday candles in your cake each year. Art started to stand out from those tacky posters you once knew and loved. 

So today, how are you closing a deal? Do you know how to close a sale? How do you do it? Do you ask closing questions and sweeten the deal with carefully honed sales closing techniques? 

In other words, do you know how to close a sale like it is a fine piece of art? Or are you resorting to any old closing techniques in the high hopes that they will do just fine? 

How Do You Close a Sale?

“Okay, so then how do you close deals like art?” you ask. 

Like all important things, it is not a matter of one or two steps that will magically drive revenue for your business. If you want to know how to close a sale properly, there are several things you have to keep at the top of your mind. And if you want to know how to close a deal fast, there is even more research you have to put into your efforts before you can get started. 

Here are the golden rules, up front: 

  • That you know your customers’ needs and pain points. 
  • Then, you emphasize those needs and pain points throughout your selling process. 
  • Agree upon the terms of your sale with your customers’ desires in mind. 
  • Communicate throughout the entire selling process. 
  • Make sure the price point of your products or services aligns with your target market. 
  • Turn your products’ and services’ features into benefits that will ease your customers’ pain points. 

After you make sure that you continue to follow these golden rules of sales closing, you can add your own flair– to an extent. 

7 Tips on Closing a Sale Like a Pro7 Tips on Closing a Sale Like a Pro

You can add your own flare because we know that your business serves a unique group of people. You are your own unique person, too, with a specific set of needs, closing skills, and employees. 

But we have done the research and we have the top seven tips on how to close a sale like a pro every time

Here, you also want to remember a few things. There are different sales closing phases, as you know, and your approach might vary for each one. But in general, you can apply the below seven tips to close sales. This is regardless of the phase you are in. 

1. Locate and Learn About Who the Decision-Makers Are

The first step when you are navigating the idea of how to close a sale is to do your own research. You cannot understand how to ask for the sale if you do not understand who you are asking. 

An essential part of qualifying is making sure you are dealing with your prospective client’s decision-maker within their company. 

That company could have assigned an entry-level employee to reach out to you for a solution. But that does not mean this entry-level person is the one you want to address all your questions to. As it turns out, that is the last person you should be getting important information on. 

Talk to the most appropriate decision-maker in that company. Then, ask them the right questions to know if closing the deal with their company will be beneficial for you and for them. 

2. Come Up With a Custom-Fit Solution

When you want to know how to close a sale the right way, you can get rid of those fancy-schmancy notions and tactics. You do not need to do anything super elaborate. What you do need to do is customize a solution that addresses your target buyer’s pain points. 

You are solving a problem for them. Make that clear by showing them exactly how your business, your products or your solutions can solve that problem. Be specific, and keep your presentation or demo short and simple. 

Prove That You Are Reliable and Trustworthy

3. Prove That You Are Reliable and Trustworthy

Closing a sale is often a big decision for your potential customers. You are asking them to support your business with an investment that will also help their business. 

But nobody wants to do that if you do not show up and show out as a reliable and trustworthy resource for them. Be honest, be responsive to communications with them and be yourself. 

4. Take a Distinct and Creative Approach to Selling

“Old-school” is a fun idea when you want to buy a retro record player or vintage piece of clothing. But not so much when you want to learn how to close a sale like a pro. 

You might remember older techniques in closing sales, like the assumptive close, excessive persuasion, or overenthusiasm. Remembering those techniques is fine. But you want to stop there and use creativity to highlight your own selling approach. 

5. Show That You Are the Authority

There is no room for weakness when you want to close the deal. 

“Hi, tell me a little bit about yourself!” perpetuates those weak selling points. Start out with a strong approach that demonstrates that you know how to close a sale, and you will in fact close this one. 

You cannot assume that as a sales professional, everyone already trusts you as the authoritative voice in your industry. You have to prove it right away. When you hop on a client call or meet up with your prospect, ask the right questions. Say the right things. Be the inarguable voice of reason that cuts through the noise of standard sales. 

6. Foster a Sense of Urgency

Have you ever heard of the “Now or Never” close? This is a good one to use here. 

You have to immediately convey how crucial your personalized solution is for your prospect’s success. You want the sale now. You need the sale now. And so does your potential customer. 

Maybe the product you are offering is only available for a limited time. Or, you could have a special and discounted price for your service that will expire soon. Like, really soon. 

This sort of approach will turn your solution into one that they cannot miss. 

Highlight Your Areas of Expertise7. Highlight Your Areas of Expertise

Our final tip goes hand-in-hand with establishing yourself as an authority. 

You need to have the insight that sets you apart from your competition. 

Do you know how to grow your prospect’s business with your one-of-a-kind solution? Great. Show them that you do. Show them that you know everything about your industry and their own industry. And offer them something of the highest value and quality that only you have the means to bring them. 


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