How to Drive High Impact Marketing (12 Powerful Tips)

The world of marketing has undergone a complete overhaul over the past decade. No longer is a one-size-fits-all approach effective in presenting your brand to potential clients. Marketing data reveals that today’s customers demand a personalized, interactive experience in meeting their wants and needs. Find out how to utilize 12 high-impact marketing solutions for moving your message to the forefront of today’s ever-changing market.

What Is High Impact Marketing?

High impact marketing simply rises above the noise to get your ideal client’s attention. This method requires very targeted messaging at critical points throughout a customer’s buying experience. High impact marketing responds to key metric indicators to determine consumer trends and create strategies based on this data. 

High impact marketing delivers better impact through personalization. Content is created that meets the customer at every juncture along the purchasing cycle. Once these automated interactions are created, they promise a high return at a relatively low investment of time.

In order to achieve high impact marketing, consider these central goals: 

  • Determine the voice that reflects your message. Do you want to communicate professional knowledge with the tone of an expert? Does a warm, relaxed approach better represent your brand? Tailor your tone to your message for maximum effectiveness. Shape an identity that customers will be drawn to again and again.
  • Keep your message logical and concise. Ensure the progression of thought moves naturally from identifying a need to providing solutions. Keep your text short, meaningful, and fluent. Replace long blocks of text with energizing, easy-to-understand wording. Balance text with intentional white spaces and engaging graphics.
  • Create opportunities for action. Ensure that everything you say adds value to your overall message. Identify the challenges and pain points of your customers by offering ongoing opportunities for feedback. Based on your findings, offer practical solutions and opportunities for relief and personal development. Lead your clients down a guided path toward hope and fulfillment. 

High impact marketing energizes and uplifts the purchasing experience. It creates loyal customers who naturally spread your message to others around them.

What is Low Impact Marketing

What Is Low Impact Marketing?

To fully grasp the nature of high-impact marketing, evaluate strategies that have little to no effect in today’s global market. This type of marketing reflects worn-out and outdated methods that feed generalized information to a mass of potential consumers. Low impact marketing focuses on products and services rather than the consumers. 

Look for and eliminate the following low impact approaches from your marketing management:

  • A voice that does not reflect your brand. Monotone, boring messages are out. Rid your brand of material that does not flow naturally with the essence of your product or service. Instead of sounding like an encyclopedia or textbook, create a sense of talking with a trusted expert or best friend.
  • Walls of words. Modern consumers have limitless sources from which to choose. When met with text that is long and overwhelming, they will quickly keep moving. Avoid providing too much information, too soon. Instead, develop points of interest and continual, responsive interactions over time. Embed text within enticing visuals, videos, and invitations for responses.
  • A lack of direction. You may have an immense amount of information, but it will be ineffective for your potential audience if it does not inspire action. Text that does not motivate a response causes frustration, boredom, and a shift to other sources. Identify and eliminate dead-end strategies.

Low impact marketing gets lost in the crowd and is easily overlooked. It depletes resources and drains momentum from your brand. Replace each low-impact marketing strategy with a high-impact alternative. Review the following innovative ideas for empowering your brand for success:

12 Powerful Tips for High Impact Marketing

1. Find the Right Target.

There is power in knowing yourself. What strengths do you bring to the table and what problems can you solve? Once you clarify the goals of your business in your mind, focus on those clients who need what you offer. Target all of your advertising and energy into finding, serving, and retaining a high-impact group that you are well equipped to serve. 

 2. Nurture Your Existing Customer.

Dedicate yourself to finding multiple ways to serve your existing customers well as you seek new ones. Loyalty is a rare gift, so take care of those who believe in you. Remember that it is much more expensive to gain new customers than to retain existing ones. 

Use innovative marketing communication strategies through timely, purposeful emails and mailings. This form of tailored communication responds to your clients’ demographics and buying history. No longer will everyone receive mass mailings that are often ignored.

Once you tune in to the needs and desires of your existing customer base, you are ready to create multiple responses. Develop reward programs for repeat purchases and offer incentives for trying new products. Invite your existing customers to experience new releases before the general public. Take time to write personal thank you notes or call your most loyal customers. When customers feel valued, they will come back for more.

3. Seek to Help Your Customers and Prospects.

Maximize the high-impact marketing strategies for nurturing your existing clients by finding new ways to serve them. In this way, you assure satisfaction with your loyal base, while developing new methods of service that will attract prospective customers. Invest in monthly or quarterly evaluations to look for trends in strategies that are working well and those that are ineffective. Be willing to let go of methods that are no longer serving you.  

Look for ways to branch out with your existing resources and gain counsel for wise moves to broaden your approach. Assess your team members and identify those who will best serve your customer base while equipping those who are ready for the challenge of drawing in quality prospects. 

Maximize Referrals4. Maximize Referrals.

Once you are assured that you have clearly defined your goals and are serving your clients well, it is an opportune time to ask for referrals. Embed various referral opportunities within your advertising. One practical method is to include invitations to share links on social media. Offer referral programs that reward both the one providing the referral about your brand and to those willing to give your service a try. Be willing to directly ask for referrals from those who have given positive feedback to your products. Most will naturally want to share what has worked for them

5. Consider a Joint Venture (JV).

Get the most from your advertising dollars by joining together with businesses that offer complementary services. For example, a dog-grooming service and pet boarding facility provide services that appeal to the same client base. Cross-promotion is a smart way to benefit all partners that are involved. Businesses participating in a joint venture might appear together at a live event or online to feature one another’s products. The possibilities for working together are endless. 

6. Host a Workshop or Event-Related to Your Products/Services.

Your customers are naturally curious. They love to learn more about how to utilize your products and services for maximum gain. They also are intrigued with learning about topics related to what you have to offer. Host a live or virtual workshop and advertise through social media and targeted email, flyers, and posters. Encourage your joint venture partners to join in and reciprocate time for them as requested. Workshops or occasions that prove to be especially popular work well as annual events. Build excitement for highlighted events with heavy advertising, countdowns, and concepts leading up to the anticipated day.                                                        

7. Become a Podcast Guest.

Take advantage of the current trend of developing podcasts as part of educating your customers and prospective clients. Develop your skills as a podcast speaker, brainstorming several topics that you can promote. Consider trying podcasts as a way of outreach by reciprocating appearances with your joint venture partners. Offer your services to nearby businesses within the community or those who provide similar services. Podcasts are a cost-effective and engaging way to interact with your customers while developing relationships with other entrepreneurs.

8. Create Instructional Videos.

Instructional videos provide a similar service as hosting a workshop or educational event. However, there are distinct advantages to creating instructional videos. Embed instructional videos within your website that provide ongoing opportunities for viewing and sharing. Create a series of videos that intentionally bring customers back for further instruction on similar topics. Instructional videos serve existing customers well while opening the door for other seekers to learn something from the instructions that you offer. Begin a library of various related topics attracting many types of customers to your website.

9. Get Free Publicity for Your Business.

Modern marketing practices take advantage of the numerous opportunities of free advertising available today. Ongoing Invitations to news outlets provide local media with impact potential for your business. As you develop your seminars and online events, notify a variety of media formats about all that you are offering. Exude energy that is newsworthy and attractive. Brainstorm outlandish contests or notable guests that attract the attention of the media. Start with coverage by community outlets, while still maintaining regular contact with local radio and television outlets. Seek coverage on community calendars for those seeking activities for the upcoming weekends or holiday seasons. Offer your services as a resident expert in cooking, gardening, animal care, etc. that may be interviewed as the need arises. 

10. Create a Brochure.

While an online presence is vital for success in today’s marketing world, print media remains valuable. Create brochures that include recognizable logos and engaging graphics and pictures. Brochures are inexpensive methods of placing marketing material into the hands of potential clients. List podcasts, instructional videos, and other features that give customers multiple means of exposure about what you have to offer. Make brochures available within your store or website, through partner businesses and other related events.

Create an Email Newsletter.11. Create an Email Newsletter.                                                        

Developing an email newsletter is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customer base while providing those loyal to you with material to share. Email newsletters are easily generated with online software. Create regular features such as highlighting an employee, questions and answers, pictures of new products, and advertising for upcoming events. Embed multiple links to your website and those of your partners. Invite feedback to find out what your customers want. Let them know you are listening by incorporating this feedback into future features. 

12. Apply for Business Awards.

Research local and regional business awards that are available in your area. These awards are a great way to generate positive advertising and build credibility within the community. Apply to several or seek out nominations from frequent customers and business partners. Work hard and then do not stop until you get the recognition that you deserve. 

The 12 ideas listed above demonstrate developing trends in the area of high-impact marketing. There are endless creative development ideas to explore or create to fit your unique business and brand name. The central point to remember is that high-impact marketing is focused, purposeful and interactive. 

Driving high-impact marketing is an exciting undertaking. For many businesses, the process requires a revolutionary approach that rebuilds marketing strategy from the ground up. Moving from low-impact to high-impact marketing takes sharp insight and expertise in developing a cutting-edge, winning plan.

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