Top 12 Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

Leads are an important part of any business, especially real estate. Let’s think of leads like journalistic leads. A lead in an article should contain the important information from that article. Real estate leads contain the most important aspects of business. 

A person interested in your business is a lead. So, in the real estate world, a lead would include someone looking to buy a new home. The more leads you have, the more success you achieve in your business.

Because of that, it is crucial to generate many high-quality leads. Lead generation strategies will help you do that. Your business will thrive by using strategies to help generate leads.

What is Real Estate Lead Generation?

A lead generation is the process of acquiring leads. It is the process of generating leads, hence the name. 

A lead turns a prospective buyer into someone interested in your company. Finding the proper platform and sites to generate leads can be challenging for the real estate industry. 

Because lead generation is so crucial to a business, strategies must be in place. The client is a crucial part to real estate. That means continuing to build your client base is also crucial. Leads help you do just that. 

Top Lead Generation Ideas and Strategies for Real EstateTop Lead Generation Ideas and Strategies for Real Estate

Because lead generation is crucial to your market strategy, you need to have a strategy to get the best results. 

As technology grows and develops, real estate lead generation also grows. With Facebook marketing and Zillow readily available to the public, lead generation becomes a different ballgame. 

To help you work through the different strategies and ways to generate leads, follow these strategies for lead generation. 

Use Your Real Estate Social Media To Promote

For many marketing strategies, social is such a great tool. Social media image is often the first indication of a business for some consumers. Presenting your business well on social media is important for that reason. It will help to increase your sales funnel, which is the ultimate goal of lead generation.

Some of the most notable social media platforms are:

  • LinkedIn.
  • Instagram. 
  • Twitter. 
  • Facebook.

All of these platforms are useful in their own way. It is important that you take into consideration generational differences within the different social media platforms.

LinkedIn is predominantly geared toward professionals. It is a great way to link other professionals with one another. Because of that, it lends to great networking opportunities, making it an important platform for lead generation.

Instagram is a great source for younger generations. Many millennials gravitate to Instagram rather than Facebook, so it is the perfect platform to attract first-time buyers. Instagram is also great for visual marketing. You can create graphics to upload, and you can also create ads from those graphics for Instagram to circulate.

Facebook is perfect for more experienced consumers. Like Instagram, Facebook allows you to pay for ads from your posts, increasing the views and insights. 

Facebook also includes local groups that you can join to help increase your exposure. 

Twitter is a casual platform for social media. It is a great place to share Instagram posts and success stories. 

It is crucial to keep in mind the algorithms for these platforms. They change often, which means the chances of people seeing your posts depends on interactions and activities on your posts. This is to encourage engagement. Keep up-to-date with the changing algorithms to gain the most from your posts. 

Use Segmented Leads

Lead segmentation helps you tailor your marketing outreach to properly reel clients in. Those who are already on your mailing list exist in your leads. So, you can separate them into segments to properly target the individual client. 

Here are a few ways to divide up your segments:

  • How much they interact with your website, content or social media.
  • Demographics (generation, lifestyles or buyer habits).
  • Different consumer behaviors (signing up for mailing lists or downloading specific resources).

With these segments, you can then send out specialized marketing materials to each segment. This will also help decide the frequency of contact with the client.

This strategy helps you invest wisely in your resources to those clients most likely to purchase through you. In the end, this will save you a great deal of time and money. 

Create Newsletters and Magazines

Your subscribed leads need engagement. You must provide them with constant and continuous content.

There are two great ways to engage your audience or subscribers:

  • Newsletters.
  • Magazines.

Newsletters are popular in the real estate industry. There are great resources to get information out to your subscribers. They are easy to produce. Newsletters allow you to give information on current mortgage rates and best listings. 

Newsletters are great for visual aspects. They allow you to get information to your subscribers in a visual format. This ensures the subscriber looks at the information. Unlike blog posts, newsletters are much less wordy. 

Magazines are great for more information. Newsletters must be short and sweet. Magazines allow for more information to get out. You can divide the magazine into sections by showcasing events or customer reviews.

Publish Blogs Regularly

Blogs are a great marketing tool. They allow you to get your business out into the world. You can incorporate the blog into your website.

Many businesses use blogs to get consumers onto their website. So, you could publish blog posts about when the best time for buying a house is. Or, you could post about tips for new homeowners or first-time buyers. 

There is an infinite amount of subjects to write posts about. By incorporating them into your website, you will ensure more traffic. 

Keep in mind, Google and other search engines also have algorithms, much like social media platforms. Search engines use their algorithms to rank sites based on keywords. The more keywords present in correlation to what a person is searching, the higher the site will appear on the search results. 

Personalizing Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service never goes out of style. 

Personalized customer service is valuable. Even the slightest touch of personalization makes a world of difference. Something as simple as a hand-written note in an online order makes you feel special. 

You want to make your clients feel special. In real estate, this can look like a free consultation or quote. This helps build a relationship between you and the client while also building your client list.

You want to show your customers that you invest in them as people. 

Use Local SEO

Search engine optimization is an important factor when it comes to Google ranking. It also plays a large role in lead generation. 

There are many ways to improve your local SEO, increasing your ranking on a search engine:

  • Create a Google Business Plan.
  • Engage with social media followers.
  • Manage online reviews.
  • Start to build links.

It is critical to have a good balance between quality content and keywords. Your online content should always have important substances. It also should help your visibility online as well. Finding that balance is crucial to your lead generation.

Make Your Website Visually StunningMake Your Website Visually Stunning

We live in the digital age. That means people use technology. It is so immersed in our lives that we often judge a business based on their online appearance. Nowadays, there are many platforms out there that help build a stunning website. 

Your website is the first indication of your business to many prospective leads. That means your site must be intuitive as well as appealing. User-friendly websites draw the client in. 

Modernizing your blog with social media links and blog incorporation helps lead generation. You can include client testimonials to build potential clients’ trust in you. 

Pop-up ads are also a great way to earn more subscribers. Be sure that the pop-ups are not intrusive to the prospective lead’s experience on your site. 

A website that appeals to the eye while also delivering persuasive content will help you build your lead generation.

Don’t forget to Print (Postcards, Business Cards, Flyers)

Print is not as important as it once was. It is not relied on as heavily as it was in the past. However, it is still valuable despite its decrease in popularity. 

Print now serves as an attention-grabber. You can use flyers or postcards to display houses that have just sold or listed. Business cards are still another valuable means of growing your client list. 

Even though technological marketing should remain top priority, that does not mean that print marketing should be null and void. When executed properly, print marketing can be an effective way to improve lead generation. 

Increase Response Rates With Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook is a great opportunity for ads. However, many businesses focus on advertising on the actual pages that they forget about Facebook Messenger ads.

Facebook Messenger ads are similar to email ads, but they are much more likely a person will open them.

Facebook Messenger ads are a great way to send specialized or niched listings to potential clients. You can segment your clients on your Facebook as well, helping to send more personalized ads to them via Messenger. 

This strategy can be even used as a way to get cold clients engaging once again. 

Use a Smart CRM to Generate Leads

Customer relationship management technology is crucial in generating leads. Clients require your attention nearly 24/7. 

The goal of CRM technology is to take potential clients and make them true clients. This technology helps you do so by tracking data and nurturing clients in the proper way. 

There is only so much us humans can do. CRM software allows you to expand your brand farther than ever before. 

AI-powered CRM also helps with the best marketing strategies. With intelligent software, you will not spend additional time on wrong leads. Instead, you will focus more on leads that will lead to success. 

Use Predictive Analytics to Get Leads

With technology, real estate agents do not have to wait in the wings until something happens. They are active participants now because of predictive analytics.

Predictive analytics allows you to become the first agent to get in contact with prospective sellers by using artificial intelligence. Predictive analytics looks through online data and data from your local MLS in order to determine potential sellers. 

Because of this, you can now localize your marketing. Instead of sending marketing to an entire city or town, unknowing of its potential success rate, you can just focus on a smaller group. Not only will this increase your lead generation, this will also increase your success. 

Master Cold-Calling and Email Outreach

Many businesses utilize cold calling to increase their lead generation. Cold-calling is often regarded as much more active than social media posting. 

There is a chance people will hang up on you, but that must be a risk you are willing to take. Cold-calling can become rather effective, especially in terms of sales. 

Email outreach is another great tool. This is a perfect time to utilize your personalized customer service as well. Be sure to learn some things about your clients that you can pull out during these instances. This will flatter the potential clients, allowing you to build a professional relationship with them.



Lead generation is crucial for any business. In real estate, there is a certain challenge to lead generation. However, with proper strategies put in place, you will generate leads effectively. Finding the perfect balance between online and print marketing is important to lead generation. Your online presence also lends to the generation of leads. 

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