Top 7 Reasons Your Team Needs Inside Sales Training

We want you to start out by thinking of three jobs or career paths with limited human interaction. 

Hard to do, right? 

Okay, now think of three jobs or career paths where you might have limited customer interaction. 

We can think of a few off the top of our heads. 

Maybe in publishing, where readers do not necessarily have to reach out to the authors on their own. There is freelance journalism. A lot of the time there, the freelancers are talking to their editors. The editors give them their assignments and then once the writers are done, they return their assignments back to their editors. 

And then there might be something like working in a factory that designs, sews, and manufactures clothing. 

The seamstresses there are probably not talking to the people who buy those clothes. They talk to their shift leads and management a whole lot more than any potential customers. 

But you are in sales. More specifically, you might be in inside sales. You talk to customers every day. And you need inside sales training to keep up with that. You need inside sales training ideas, inside sales training courses, and sales training software that you and your team can understand. 

What Exactly is Inside Sales?

We may have gone through that too fast. We told you that you need inside sales training. But maybe you are new here, and you do not know very much about inside sales. No worries! We can help you out. 

You do need inside sales training. But you cannot really get anywhere with that knowledge if you do not have the basic knowledge to start. 

Inside sales is a part of the remote, digital landscape that you cannot hide from. 

This type of selling is where you identify your leads, then nurture them until you can turn them into paying customers. And the whole sales process is remote. 

Inside sales works for both high-value and high-volume selling systems. Since the advent of the internet, we have all collectively moved toward a remote world, especially when it comes to making online purchases. 

But the frequency of those online purchases picked up a lot more in recent times, in light of the pandemic and countless other current events. 

There have been a lot of different technologies that have emerged in light of that fact. All of them strive to help your business navigate the cosmos of inside sales. This puts technology at the forefront of this sort of selling method. 

And neither technology nor inside sales is going anywhere, with inside sales growing at a rate of 15 times faster than outside sales. So again: you need inside sales training in particular as you look for sales training for your team. 

What is Inside Sales TrainingWhat is Inside Sales Training?

Inside sales training is a sales training course, at first glance. But it goes deeper than that. 

Instead of highlighting a lot of the more standard sales training ideas that other trainings do, inside sales training more so dives into outreach, sales tools, and data

B2B companies, and B2B SaaS companies, are huge proponents of inside sales training. 

And here’s the thing… 

This is remote sales. A lot of your reps are doing the bulk of their work from the comfort of their couches, adjustable beds, or homes. It can be tricky to avoid distractions and fall into messy selling habits when they have that much responsibility in owning their time. 

Enter: inside sales training, in full swing. 

7 Reasons Why Inside Sales Training is the Missing Puzzle Piece for Your Team

The above reason why you need to take advantage of inside sales training programs isn’t half of it. 

But we have the whole of it just below. 

Explore these seven reasons as to why you need inside sales training. And we can help you with the rest after that. 

It Teaches You How to Close More Deals


That’s what drives you, right? 

It’s okay. You can be honest. 

There is in fact a good balance between driving revenue and being genuinely passionate about your craft. We get that. 

But nobody wants to spend money with your company if you tip the scales in favor of making a quick buck. Especially not if you prove to them that you tip that scale all the time

Remember: balance

Inside sales training shifts your focus in two major ways: to your employees and to your customers. The two go hand-in-hand. And you should give them the opportunity to do so. 

A lot of folks in sales (more so in inside sales than almost anywhere else) don’t know where to turn their sights. 

They might read about a selling technique that worked wonders for some other salesperson in some other industry. But that is some other person in some other industry. It’s not your business. So customers are working with reps who do not know or understand how to serve them. 

You start to close more sales after you teach them the right selling approach through the lessons available with inside sales training. 

You Can Create a Top-Selling Sales Culture

You Can Create a Top-Selling Sales Culture

The right sales training programs for inside sales will promote a healthy selling culture. 

You will find yourself with sales team members who want to collaborate and talk about their success. That means you will have more of a team willing to share their tools for success, and their latest success stories. 

There will then be some healthy competition, sure. But more than that, you get a workplace environment where one rep supports the other. And that positive energy keeps coming back around. 

You have new top talent hires who want to fully immerse themselves in your sales process. You have people who are all on the same page with what you expect of them. You have people who are comfortable with your expectations and look forward to clocking in at work every day to bring you more and more sales. 

It Lets You Provide Your Team With the Specific Skills They Need

Every industry is different. Every market is different. All your customers have different needs, different pain points and want different things. 

And inside sales training offers different sales training topics and insights too. 

You will not find the same topics in standard sales training programs as you do from ones that are tailored to fit your industry-specific goals. 

You need various tools and the knowledge of how to use them for inside sales. Inside sales training can also do that for you and your team. 

You Will Strengthen Your Organization

Show your sales reps and sales managers that you are willing to invest in furthering their education and training. Do this and you will find that you increase top talent retention and even acquisition. 

Once you provide inside sales training for your team, you no longer have to assume that people want to stay with your business. They will. 

Your Sales Reps Will Improve Their Communication Skills

Communication is key to any sort of professional success. 

Your reps need to know how to communicate with your internal personnel. But most important of all, they need to know how to communicate with your leads, prospects and current customers. 

Once they start to practice great communication skills in one area of their career, it will reflect everywhere else too. And you can learn these communication skills with your training program. 

It Leaves You With a Better Understanding of Products and Services

A big part of inside sales training is understanding your own products and services. Not to mention understanding your industry’s and competition’s products and services so you can learn to measure up with your own.

Nobody wants to buy from a rep who does not know the details about what they are selling. It looks sketchy. But everybody wants to buy from a rep who is passionate about and can answer all the product- and service-related questions they may have. 

You Will Be Able to Bring in New Clients More EasilyYou Will Be Able to Bring in New Clients More Easily

Word travels fast, they say. And “they” are correct. 

You start by implementing an industry-specific training program for your employees. The skills and tools they learn during that course will reflect in their work with your customers. Your customers notice the attention to detail here. 

They notice it so much, in fact, that they tell their friends and families about your business and all you have to offer. 

And that is more clients that start out already trusting your business. That is more clients who want to buy from you right away. 


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