What is a Landing Page?

10 Design Examples of a Landing Page

A fully functioning lead generation strategy begins with well-designed landing pages. These simple lead magnet forms are the key to filling a sales funnel with quality prospects. Landing pages are so effective that a properly targeted page can increase conversion by 300 percent.

The care taken on your landing pages is perhaps even more important than the lead magnet hiding behind them. Unfortunately, marketers often underestimate the vital importance of landing pages or do not optimize them for the target audience. Without the information it captures, business website traffic goes to waste, even if pages are ranking well.

With the right approach to landing pages, you can make the most of your opportunities to generate leads. Your unique goals should determine how to use the variety of landing page components. This article will explore those components, how marketers use them effectively and some great examples of targeted landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an offer for a lead magnet. Lead magnets are resources, which can be anything from ebooks to coupons, that are exchanged for a user’s information. This information can be detailed or basic but almost always includes at least a name and email address. With that information, you can start top-of-funnel follow-up via an email campaign or other marketing communication.

Good landing pages are optimized for users interested in the resource, so they may not all look the same. Fortunately, a variety of landing page builders are available to build unique, compelling marketing pages.

If you use a content management system, you may already have access to a landing page tool. Using a pre-built or customer template, you can employ A/B testing for different page designs to see what converts.

What is a Landing Page Used For

What is a Landing Page Used for?

Landing pages are used to capture valuable website visitor information in exchange for content, discounts, event access and more. The purpose is to generate leads for future sales and ongoing interaction as well as to boost brand recognition.

Landing pages can be directed toward specific goals and targeted at different customer types. The following are some of the most effective landing page offers to earn leads and represent your brand value:

1. Ebooks and Whitepapers

The most popular resources are ebooks and whitepapers. These are long-form pieces of content that often expand on blog post topics that are popular with your audience. Users view these as more comprehensive, “ultimate” resources that hold a higher value. A landing page can make this informative content available for download in exchange for basic information.

2. Email Newsletter Subscription

If you create exceptional recurring content on a particular topic, you can leverage that to build your leads. Signing up for an email newsletter subscription is a common request, so you can use it liberally throughout the website. You can also include a call to action within blog posts to attract regular readers.

3. Online Course Enrollment

If you offer certifications or run an online learning program, your courses should be represented with attention-grabbing landing pages. You can invite new sign-ups while also injecting your sales funnel with potential relationships.

4. Event Registration

Event registrations are great for filtering out low-quality leads. They also give users a practical reason for giving contact information by offering updates on the upcoming event. 

Like online courses, the time-sensitivity of events builds a sense of urgency, sparking the fear of missing out. Landing pages for event registrations can move visitors to a higher commitment level and turn them into valuable leads.

5. Free Product or Service Trial

Free trials are fantastic offers that put users in the driver’s seat, so they deserve their own landing page. These give you the opportunity to get more detailed information, allowing you to optimize the user experience.

6. App Download

Having an app adds validity to your brand and enhances the customer experience. It makes sense to use it as a lead generator on a landing page. 

5 Important Elements to Make Sure Your Landing Page Is Effective5 Important Elements to Make Sure Your Landing Page is Effective

Landing pages should be uniquely tailored to fit your marketing strategy and target market. Because there are so many different ways to create a landing page, building an effective one can be confusing. To simplify matters, start with the following essential elements to create a high converting landing page:

1. Limit Navigation

The landing page is right where you want your website traffic, so keep visitors attached by decreasing distractions. Adding exit points like navigation bars, extra offers or clickable graphics gives visitors a chance to escape. Keep it simple with a CTA and form to keep the focus on the lead magnet.

2. Enable Sharing

“Share” buttons are easy-to-add components that occupy a minimal portion of landing page real estate. By adding sharing to your landing page, you can push your offering to entirely new audiences. Plus, you get the benefit of word-of-mouth marketing. Sharing is powerful because the user is telling their audience and community of followers that your content is quality.

3. Deliver Value

The most critical aspect of any landing page is the valuable offer it is presenting. The offer must be worthwhile for the target audience and the landing page needs to communicate that value. An effective way to add value is to offer previews of what the user will receive on the landing page. These teasers can set the right expectation and give visitors a visual reference for what they will receive.

Other ways to build value include added rewards and testimonials. Positive reviews of a lead magnet build trust, serving as social proof of its worth.

You must ensure that your resource’s value is equal to or greater than the value of the information you receive. The user needs to believe that the resource is worth the information they are inputting. This is likely to be revealed in A/B testing, as the amount of information you request may change conversion rates.

4. Keep it Short

Eliminate as much redundancy from your forms as possible. Ask yourself if the information is truly relevant to your goals. Keeping forms concise may take extra effort, but it will directly impact how well the landing screen converts.

Visual adjustments to landing pages can make them seem shorter, making them less intimidating for a visitor. Including several fields in one line can easily enrich the information capture while making the form feel condensed. Try to limit the length, or height, of your forms as much as possible to avoid adding unnecessary fields.

5. Run a Test

Trial and error is the best method of fine-tuning your landing page to maximize conversion rates. Real results tell the whole story, so be sure to play around with different designs. Testing can be used on anything from the font you use to the length of the form you display.

Landing page builders are sensitive to the need for A/B testing and many allow you to tinker with landing page variations. Continue striving for improvement and you will quickly uncover your best formula for generating quality leads.

10 Amazing Landing Page Examples10 Amazing Landing Page Examples

Building a landing page from scratch is prone to creative blocks and finding a starting point can feel impossible. Great marketing templates from every industry exist online, offering creative ideas on how to get visitors to take action. For inspiration, take a look at these ten exceptional examples of landing pages done right.

1. Industrial Strength Marketing

An intriguing headline works for Industrial Strength Marketing. “Don’t Make Me Zoom” points out frustrations that users feel with mobile devices on websites that are not mobile-friendly. The simple monochromatic design leads the eye with splashes of bold red color placed directly on the CTA. This page packages a relevant promise within an expert combination of simple copy and design.

2. Velaro Live Chat

Among the best lead gen landing pages is Velaro Live Chat’s free guide offer, sporting a classic page layout. Along with competent copy that offers industry statistics, the close attention to detail sets this landing page apart.

The PDF logo sets the proper expectation for the user as to what value they are getting. The auto-checked opt-in box is overlooked by some, getting more bulk added to campaigns. Additions to the newsletter may not always stay, but building volume in an automated campaign is rarely wasteful.

3. Nauto

Nauto’s AI software for self-driving car safety is about as niche as it gets. With such new technology, education is a primary goal for the company. To get uninformed consumers up to speed on their offers, Nauto provides a simple yet complete ebook on fleet safety.

With the introduction to their service, the form information is basic and brief. To make it relevant, they add social proof with statistics by noting how fleets benefited from the provided resource.

4. Teambit

Injecting some fun into something as bland as HR software makes for an unexpected and engaging user experience. The marketing team at Teambit presents enjoyable illustrations juxtaposed against their information capture forms. The entertaining cartoons follow users through the landing pages, keeping the visitor fixated.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb knows how to market the passive income opportunity they offer. Visitors are presented with the initial option to start hosting, pushing users who already know they want to host. Just below this, they present a calculator to estimate how much members can earn in their area.

The offer is enticing, as the opportunity to earn more money piques the user’s curiosity. Estimates are customized and Airbnb helps themselves earn more specific information by providing more accurate estimations with more data.

6. TransferWise

TransferWise is an online service to send and receive different currencies. The interactive landing page simplifies the concept for users, removing irrelevant options to keep users engaged on the offer.

Visitors can choose from three large tabs: send money, receive money or use a debit card to sign up for TransferWise. Based on how you would use the service, you can test the form to see the value it offers. Each form breaks down information into simple, digestible pieces, ending with clear CTAs to move onto the next step.

7. Muzzle

Straight and to the point is the marketing team’s dream when it comes to welcome page designs. Muzzle offers an app that turns off notifications for Mac devices. Their landing page reveals all in the fewest number of words.

When visitors go to the page, they are overwhelmed by an endless stream of notifications. The CTA is simple, encouraging the user to download the app to stop the noise. It presents a useful tool in a creative communication of value.

8. Shopify

Shopify blends many effective marketing elements into an incredibly simplistic, modern and carefree design. The details are laid out in as few words as possible, with a brief clear offer meeting the user’s eye first. This leads to an authority-establishing call-out of the volume of businesses that use their service.

The form is a single line for an email address. This is supported by a risk-free, 14-day trial offer. After that, they pull key details about their benefits into readable bullet points that get straight to the point.

9. Wistia

Wistia presents simple, attractive and unimposing lead gen landing pages for their video marketing software on their homepage. They keep the elements minimalistic, asking for a name and account setup information to sign up for a free account. Through savvy use of color and contrast, Wistia visually guides the user to the desired action.

10. Landbot

Perhaps the least intimidating example of all, Landbot, a service that creates chatbot-based landing pages, puts its product front and center. Visitors are instantly greeted by a chatbot format that features emojis and GIFs and strikes a conversational, casual tone. Without any distraction in the background, users can focus on providing their information and feel at ease as they do. 

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